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Finding the Best Air Compressor for Your Needs

Let’s say you’ve decided to purchase your first air compressor, or even a new one to replace an older model.

When you start your research, what you need to do is look around a study some air compressor reviews that you find either online or offline.

But, in order to appreciate what the reviews says, you need to gain first some background knowledge of some fundamental issues and concepts that are related to the technical aspects of your power tool in question.

That’s where our detailed air compressor buying advice comes into play.

Below you will find a number of informative articles that I think will help you gain a better understanding.

Here’s a brief summary of some article examples.

Understanding CFM

Everything that you do with your air compressor will rely on CFM. CFM is a measurement of how much air a compressor is able move. This determines how quickly you can pump a tire, how effective your airbrush will be, and most importantly, which tools you will be able to use. Our CFM guide takes away the guesswork, and provides a comprehensive list of the most common air tools and their CFM requirements.

Car Tire Air Compressor Buying Advice

You might consider inflating tires to be quite simple. After all, you’re only pumping air into a tire.

We have found that there’s more to it than that.

That’s why our car tire compressor buyer guide breaks down the types of air compressors that will put air in your tires quickly and that are also portable enough to take on the road – or anywhere that you need to go.

Home Use Air Compressors

Whether you need an air compressor for painting, one to do some work on your car, or an air compressor for odd DIY jobs around your home, we have articles that will help you determine what you’re looking for, even before you check out a comprehensive air compressor review.

You might head to our article on air compressors for home use or even the one on the best air compressor for painting.

We take a look at what you will need to power your tools for specific applications as well as providing recommendations for specific scenarios.

Check Our Top Ten Lists

Noise produced by your air compressor is undoubtedly a big facor when selecting a unit. To help with your selection process, we came up with a top ten best  quiet air compressor list that are available on the market today.

Also, check out our top ten pancake air compressor list, as well as our top ten best gas air compressor list.

Other Articles

Finally, you can check out our articles on air hose fittings and, if you interested in central pneumatics gear, on central pneumatics air compressor parts.


portable car air compressor for inflating tiresEven though an air compressor can be used for everything from powering a brad nailer, to running a concrete vibrator or even a demolition tool, one of its most common functions is as a household or portable car air compressor.

Even a relatively small unit can take out the tedious and strenuous labor of pumping a tire manually, so it can be useful to know what to look for in a portable air compressor for car tires.

Whether that machine is going to predominantly stay in your garage, be carried around in your car or truck, or even stored on an RV, there are plenty of options that are not only affordable, but versatile too.

In this article, I want to first give you a short description of the setup and the different accessories you need to be able to inflate your  car, bike, or motorcycle tires from the convenience of your home.

Then, I will present to you my selection of the two most popular bigger compressors and my top two recommendations for the best 12V air compressors and best tire inflators to inflate your tires, so you will be able to make the best possible decision based on your budget and other requirements.

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best air compressor for paintingAs we move in to summer, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about projects around the home. These could range from re-spraying the faded panels on your project car, finishing some furniture or craft projects, or even painting a particularly weathered section of your home.

With these projects the main obstacle is always time, but you can cut down on the time and inconvenience by making use of an air compressor for painting and a spray gun.

When you use an air compressor for painting you can save on material while also ensuring that you achieve a perfectly even coat. The only problem you will have then, is selecting the best compressor for painting cars, furniture or your home.


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best air compressor manufacturer brandsWhen searching for the best air compressor brands or units online, you’re going to be met with tens, if not hundreds of options to choose from. Even before you start narrowing down individual units, you will probably have some questions about the air compressor brands or manufacturers, and which of these you can trust for your purchase.

After all, a compressor is a workhorse tool. Even if you will only be using your air compressor intermittently, you need to make sure that it is ready to go every time, and also that it is durable for the long run.




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Best Home Air CompressorKnowing what makes the best home air compressor will help you to choose one that suits your own unique needs.

Compressors are used in all areas of industry, from construction, to auto-repair, and even in professional kitchens.

While some industrial compressors can cost up to $30,000, there are also highly capable and versatile units designed specifically for home use.

These units are small, portable, and in some cases they are even surprisingly quiet.



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Understanding Air Compressor CFMWhenever you’re thinking about buying an air compressor or pneumatic tools, there are a number of important specifications that you will need to consider.

These specifications are important not just for determining the use of a compressor, but for determining if a particular compressor is suitable for the jobs that you want to accomplish. This could be in relation to the tools that you already have, or even the tools that you are thinking about buying.




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