Power Tool Reviews

Searching for detailed power tool reviews and advice to help you get your hands on a new power tool such as an air compressor, table saw or chainsaw for your home DIY project or for professional work?

Or, are you looking for other type of power tools that will help you do other chores inside or outside your house, such as lawn mowers?

Or, are you looking for a portable generator to power up your home appliances when the power grid fails or you are outdoors in a remote area where no power is available and you are staying in your RV?

Unsure where to begin, or even how to determine which is the best power tool to meet your needs?

Well don’t worry, you have come to the right place to get all your questions answered!

Hi, my name is Nicholas Stiles and welcome to my site!

Power Tools Ninja was started after I realized that there was no true ‘all in one’ resource where you could not only learn about various power tools and how they can satisfy your needs, but also compare some of the best products on the market that satisfy the most common user requirements.

I continually strive to achieve this this by offering you in depth power tool reviews, detailed comparison tables and informative articles to assist you in making the best purchasing decision possible.

I must say I feel very excited offering you the best buying advice; because I want to empower you to make an informed buying decision.

My intention is to construct and host an interactive website, for people who are interested in buying assorted power tools.

My aspiration is to raise the bar on typical product review sites by encouraging visitors to discuss their concerns and positive (as well as negative) experiences.

Here, you will find not only detailed and unbiased product reviews but also general information such as explanation of features and tips that will even help you better to make the best buying decision possible.

So, in a nutshell, how can the Power Tools Ninja help you?

Maybe you’re a first-time user of a power tool. You’ll find valuable product details about mega-portable units.

Are you perchance ready to kick-up your DIY projects to the next level? If you’re interested in using power  tools occasionally, you can check out the low end power tools that you are interested in.

What about the Big Guys? The pros who frequently use power  tools for jobs ranging from roofing to automobile painting and repairs.

Serious work calls for serious equipment. Whether you’re upgrading to industrial grade power tool, or replacing a worn out unit, you’ll find what you need here.

The major mistake people make when buying their first power tools such as an air compressor is settling for a model that is too small for their needs. Compact compressors may be just the ticket for home use, yet totally worthless on the job site.

Power tools  can be a sizeable investment. Ninja’s product reviews, combined with input from consumers who have used the product in question, will help you put your money to best use.

After all, you don’t need a unit that burns out in the middle of a rush job!

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Furthermore, realizing the fact that price is an important factor to consider when purchasing, I have grouped the different products reviewed according to their price tag (as published on major vendor sites).

On the top menu, you can see the price groups ranging from “under $100” to “over $500”.

Featured Offers

To serve you even better, I have also added a new category under “Reviews”. I called this “Featured Offers” and this is where I include reviews of products or offers (either digital or physical) that I have personally tested and feel confident enough to promote to you.

These are products that I personally like and would like to share my experience with you.

Here’s a link to that category : Featured Offers 

To give you an example here’s the Teds Woodworking Review I prepared for you.

This is a product that will be appealing to those of you who love woodworking and are looking for new plan ideas for your projects.

A Work In Progress

Please, consider our site as a work in progress.

Having all the DIY enthusiasts and professionals in mind, I am committed to continually updating Power Tools Ninja with unbiased and comprehensive reviews and information about a wide range of power tools such as power drills, electric saws etc.

All the information contained here will be regularly updated to reflect all the additional material that we will publish from time to time to help you have the best browsing experience possible.

So, stay tuned!