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Attention DIY Hobbyists: 4″ Mini Electric Table Saw Review

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Hobbyists looking for a reliable table saw will often find that larger saws, especially the portable job site types, are excessive for their needs.

When making micro cuts on small pieces of stock, a smaller blade is necessary to get a good amount of control and precision.

Choosing a smaller saw also brings the benefit of saving money, and this 4″ Mini Electric Table Saw with 2 Blades is one of the most inexpensive options currently on the market.

It’s small, and is in no way intended to compare to the larger power tools, but is this mini saw more than just a toy?

Let’s take a look at the following review to study the features and performance and find out.

Product Showcase

Outdoor Sport 01-0819 Mini Electric Table Saw, 4 in
  • Includes Two Blades: 24 Tooth Carbide Tip Blade & Diamond Coated Tile Blade
  • Wobble-free blade design for precision cuts
  • Tool-free hand adjustable table height
  • Sliding cross cut guide bar with 2 table channels
  • Improved blade guard

Who is this Table Saw Aimed At?

This 4″ Mini Electric Table Saw is not a professional construction table saw, and that should be evident by the small footprint and blade size.

Instead, it is aimed at home hobbyists, model builders, and woodworkers. The blade and motor are most suitable for quarter inch stock.

Frequency of Use

As a small tool with a small motor, this mini table saw is designed to be run intermittently for non-intensive cutting jobs.

Extended use could potentially overheat the motor, and it should not be run continuously. Although the vendor does not specify running time limitations, short breaks of 5 minutes after every 15 minutes of cutting will help to preserve the motor for long lifetime.

The blade itself will also impact how regularly the tool can be used, and new owners should take care to ensure that blades are sharp and aren’t stalling during cuts.

How Portable is This Table Saw?

Portability of this unit is effortless, and it’s as easy as carrying around any hand power tool or even a manual saw.

Hobbyists will have no problem moving this tool around a workshop, or around different rooms of the home.

When powered down, it is easy to pick up and relocate, and the low weight of just 8.2 lb. means that anybody can easily lift and carry the tool. The tool doesn’t include any areas for storing accessories, so if it were to be used at different locations, a carrying bag or a box would be recommended.

The tool is small enough to be carried around in a sturdy sports or duffel bag, and will even fit into some larger tool boxes or general purpose plastic storage boxes.

What are the Power Source Requirements?

This power tool has a small motor that draws 0.8 AMP at maximum operation.

This is similar to other small household appliances, and is much less than a refrigerator, washing machine, and other large appliances.

Buyers will have no problem running this tool from standard household circuits, and extension cords up to 100ft can be used with the device.

The saw runs on standard North American AC mains power. Because of its low amperage, this tool could also be used from a generator power source, providing it meets household voltage and safety standards.

What is the Performance Rating of This Mini Table Saw?

4" mini electric table saw in action
4″ mini electric table saw in action

The actual performance of the tool depends on the type of stock that is being worked with.

Many owners have had success with hardwoods, but only with thin pieces of stock. Most owners recommend ¼ inch thickness as the maximum, especially when working with hard woods.

With harder wood and grained wood, the blade will have a tendency to slow down and possibly stall, which could create excess strain on the motor or create wood burns on the material that is being worked with.

For most hobby and craft purposes, ply and balsa wood will be the ideal materials. Lighter pieces of MDF and other composites could also be cut with this saw. When paired with lightweight materials, this saw will have no problems making fine cuts at reasonable speeds.

The blade can spin at 4500 RPM with no load, and the maximum cut depth is 5/8”.

What is the Rip (Cutting) Capacity of the Table Saw?

The table on this saw is small, and could even be described as tiny, but there is no technical limitation on the rip capacity. With additional table supports, it would be possible to cut through longer pieces of stock.

However, most owners will be working with small pieces that don’t greatly extend over the edges of the table.

The table surface measures 7-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches, and most owners will need to work within that space. For hobbyists and those that are not experienced with a table saw, extending stock over the edge of the table can be dangerous without the right support, and should only be done by experienced woodworkers.

Is There a Rip Fence Included?

This mini table saw doesn’t include a rip fence, which is likely because the table is so small that a fence would be unwieldy or take up too much of the space on the table.

Some potential owners might see this as a downside, but considering the size and the price of the unit, it’s not unexpected.

One way to get around the problem of having no rip fence is to fabricate one using square aluminum tubing, or some owners will be able to use a piece of tubing or wood that has been hand clamped to the table. A carpenters square can be used to ensure that any improvised rip fence is parallel to the blade.

Does it Have a Dust Collection System?

There is no dust collection system on this saw, and considering the size there would be no ideal place to incorporate one.

Dust will build up below and around the unit, which means that cleanup is necessary.

Because owners will be working with miniature pieces of stock for models, hobby craft, and other small pieces, the actual amount of dust produced will be minimal.

Buyers should note that because the dust is ejected below the table, this unit should be used in an open space, and adequate breathing protection should be used when cutting light plastics or composite materials. Eye protection should also be used.

Does This Saw Include Safety Features?

As a basic and bare bones unit, there are no advanced safety features that would be found on a larger contractor saw.

The only safety features that this tool incorporates is the on/off switch on the front of the unit, and a removable blade guard assembly.

The blade guard is small and relatively flimsy, and most verified owners prefer to work without the guard. There is no push stick included, and due to the size and precision of the cuts that are likely to be made, a push stick would not be appropriate.

Due care is required whenever using this mini table saw, and new owners should always keep in mind that it is still a power tool with a potentially dangerous blade.

Are There Maintenance Requirements for Owners?

The motor on this unit is sealed, and the only exposed moving parts are the blade itself, and the turn handle for adjusting the height of the table surface.

Maintenance is minimal and only includes replacing the blade when necessary, and ensuring that the table is free of accumulated dust. An air compressor can help to remove dust from the assembly, as can a household vacuum on the blower setting.

Is This Tool Easy to Use?

4" mini electric table saw closeup
4″ mini electric table saw closeup

There’s nothing complex to understand or learn when using this table saw.

It’s a simple device that suits its purpose of making small cuts for hobby purposes.

New owners will be able to use the saw almost immediately, with no prior training required.

Safety is the only major concern for new owners, and it is important to always work within the limitations of the saw, and adhere to all safety instructions on the safety sticker affixed to the front of the table.

Below you can watch a nice video showing showing this little table saw in action!

General Construction Quality

Some buyers might expect to receive a flimsy tool for the low price that this table saw is offered at, however, that’s not quite the case.

While the included miter stick is incredibly flimsy and only good for pushing the material being worked with, the actual table is made from solid metal, as is the base.

Rubber feet are incorporated into the bottom of the unit to help stop vibrations, and the table height adjustment handle is made from sturdy plastic. For the price, the construction quality will likely be a surprise for most owners, but that is not to say that it is perfect.

There’s a design issue with the table itself, where the underside of the table has ventilation openings. The problem is that with no shroud around these openings, the spinning blade is exposed.

Gripping the table while in operation could lead to accidents, and some owners have resorted to covering the openings with duct tape to avoid any such incidents. Although this is more of a design choice rather than an actual construction issue, it’s still something that new owners should keep in mind.

Are Accessories Included?

The table comes in a basic package, with the only accessories being the blade guard, the miter stick, and the two included blades. One blade is a toothed blade for wood cuts, and the second is a flat blade for cutting of ceramic or stone tiles.

The miter stick included is not a gauge as such, and is more of a basic crosscut guide. It has no angle markers, and is simply a slotted piece of aluminum with a swiveling guide affixed with a wingnut.


The documentation included is basic, with safety information and an exploded diagram of the table components. It provides sufficient information to get started, but is not up to the quality of full featured table saws.

Tips for New Owners

New owners should take extra precautions regarding the open areas of the chassis where the saw blade can be accessed. The duct tape solution has worked for a number of owners, and serves as a tactile reminder to be careful when handling the unit.

For additional security, the table can be mounted to a surface. The rubber feet are screwed in, and with matching thread the saw could be bolted or screwed to a workbench.

What are the Customer Ratings?

Customers have been mostly positive when it comes to reviewing this table saw, and it currently has a high star rating on the leading ecommerce site.


The price is one of the best things about this device, and it can currently be purchased well below $100 without shipping.

Recommended Extra Accessories

Because this is not a professional grade tool, standard accessories won’t be suitable for use with it.

However, a quick clamp will be helpful when improvising a fence to make square cuts.

The IRWIN QUICK-GRIP Handi-Clamp is a great clamp for small projects, and is highly affordable.

Shipping & Packing

The unit is shipped in a simple cardboard box with polystyrene and plastic wrap to protect it. Because of its small size and lack of moving parts, damage in transit should not be a problem for buyers.

Manufacturer Support and Warranty

This is an unbranded tool and any support will be provided by the vendor.

Customer reviews indicate positive experiences with online vendors, even with obtaining replacement units. As an unbranded tool, warranty period is not specified, and should be confirmed with the vendor before purchasing.


Origin of the devices is not stated on either the packaging or by the vendor.


  • Arbor Diameter 12mm
  • Blade Size 4”
  • Power AC 0.8 AMP – 110V
  • Motor Speed @ no load                 4500 RPM
  • Maximum Cut Depth 5/8”


Total product footprint is 8.5 x 8 x 6 inches.

Our 4″ Mini Electric Table Saw Review: Final Thoughts

Any negatives of this tool are easily overlooked when considering its price and purpose.

The lack of a rip fence is not a major issue, and even without a proper miter gauge, it will be able to serve the needs of its target market.

There are few tools that compete with the size, functionality, and cost of this device, making it an easy recommendation for hobby woodworkers and model builders who need an inexpensive miniature saw for projects.

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4" Mini Electric Table Saw Summary Review

-Aimed at home hobbyists, model builders, woodworkers
-8.2 lb weight
-Small motor 0.8 AMP
-Blade spin at 4500 RPM
-Accessories included:blade guard, miter stick, blades
-Maximum cut depth 5/8"
-Blade size 4"
-Integrated 2-1/2” dust port.
-Dimensions 8.5 X 8 X 6 inches
-Extremely small and lightweight
-Good precision cuts when working with soft materials
-Easy to use
-No special power requirements
-Includes blades in the package

-Small table size with no rip fence
-Possible safety issue with openings in the chassis
-No blade height or angle adjustment
-No proper miter gauge
-4” blade replacements can be difficult to find

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