Best Air Compressor For Semi Truck Tires - Our Top 3 PicksSelecting a reliable air compressor for your semi-truck tires is a serious matter.

One never knows when a tire might go flat while coursing along the interstate or traveling down a desolate highway.

With heavy vehicles like trucks, which run on massive tires, it is essential to acquire an air compressor that can consistently produce a high level of PSI (pounds per square inch), no less than 60 PSI.

We shall look at three popular models of air compressors on the market ideal for your semi, and provide you a quick fix solution to the crisis in the event of a dreaded breakdown of air pressure.

The products are all available online. A final verdict will be specified at the end to pick out our personal favorite within the group.

Option 1: Slime 40031 Pro Power Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

The first on our list is a product by Slime, a trusted manufacturer of safe, eco-friendly, quality-assured tire products since 1989.

The Slime 40031 Pro Heavy-Duty Tire Inflator keeps up the reputation of the company, providing testament that they truly understand what motorists want.

Important Features

With the capacity of inflating the average tires of a car in just under 3 minutes, this heavy-duty compressor works like a charm with the higher demands of semi truck tires.

Additionally, with integrated LED light, the product is easily viewed and accessible under night light and dimly lit situations. This acts as a signal to other motorists of your presence and prevents you from having to rummage for your tools in the dark.

The compressor has a 12 V power outlet.


  • Wave goodbye to the problems of overheating with a special built-in thermal break mechanism.
  • The most affordable model on our list with decent design specs. Get the required tire treatment without busting your budget.
  • LED light feature provides great accessibility and additional safety during dimly lit situations.
  • The product comes with a fancy bag exclusive for Slime customers, sleekly storing and compartmentalizing the air compressor.


There have been some complaints of a defect hose, which seems to wear out after prolonged usage from overheating or poor screw fitting. It is recommended that buyers prepare spares in advance.

Why do we recommend the Slime 40031 Pro Power Heavy Duty Tire Inflator?

With an inflation capacity of up to 35 PSI in 3 minutes, the compressor is a superior model and is nothing short of perfect in traffic situations where time is certainly not a luxury. However, be advised that the hose should be checked thoroughly upon receiving the product.

The compressor is available here on Amazon:

Slime 40031 Pro Power Heavy Duty Tire Inflator
List Price:$69.99
You Save:$13.92
Price Disclaimer

Option 2: Audew Dual Cylinder Air Compressor Pump

Audew is the brand that touts itself as a provider of high-quality automobile parts that keep your vehicle running while making your life better.

The model offers a heavy-duty air pumping rate of up to 60L/min, with 150 PSI pressure and the provision of three nozzle adaptors, which enable users the versatile application for a variety of purposes, such as the inflation of toys, mattresses and miscellaneous items.

Important Features

The air compressor is made from a lasting and durable metallic material, complete with an anti-vibration mat that prevents any unwanted movements. A well-secured nozzle for the hose reduces the chances of a leakage to a bare minimum.


  • The power air compressor maxes out at P195/R15 from 0 – 35 PSI in 2 minutes or less along with heat protections shield to prevent overheating and anti-slip rubber mat that keeps the product in place during emergencies.
  • An ergonomic handle allows users easy transportation.
  • With a pressure gauge of precision display, never lose track of pressure capacity.


The air compressor is excellent at topping up air in depressurizing tires but seems to work at a less effective rate when pumping air into a deflated tire, inconsistent as a result.

Why do we recommend the Audew Dual Cylinder Air Compressor Pump?

The air compressor is easy to use, functions without much noise and the product is covered by a superb product warranty.

This product, similar to the Slime 40031 Pro Power Heavy Duty Tire Inflator, comes with a LED light but in a red glow.

User friendliness is a crucial point not to be disregarded during emergencies, which allows potential passengers to operate the product if necessary.

Purchase the product on Amazon here:

Option 3: Kensun AC/DC Swift Performance Portable Air Compressor Pump

Kensun is known for its production of superior quality automobile tools and parts.

User-friendly and highly portable, the air compressor is a powerful air compressor that is versatile enough to be used for home needs (AC) and vehicular performances (DC).

Important Features 

The inflator has a Black woven hose with an outer length of 31.4in (80cm).

The cable length for the DC is at 10ft 9.9in (3.3m) and AC at 3ft 3.4in (1m). There is a maximum current of 10A with an Air flow rate of 4.8/5.3gpm (18/20L/min).


Screw-on hose ensures tight fit without leakage.

Easy to use with the inclusion of power cables that are easily deployed both indoors and outdoors.

Quick-inflation time.


There have been reports of struggling from the DC output above 60 PSI usage if prolonged use is applied.

Why do we recommend the Kensun AC/DC Swift Performance Portable Air Compressor Pump?

With the use of the relevant adaptor, the air compressor is efficient and highly effective both indoors and out.

The model is purchasable here on Amazon:

Final Verdict

All three items provide great PSI output and fulfill the high-performance needs of semi truck tires, but our favorite must be the Kensun AC/DC Swift Performance Portable Air Compressor Pump.

The air inflator is safe, easy to use and Kensun offers quality customer service for users to ensure that your semi is kept running smoothly on the road.

Additionally, due to the unique feature of the product, which allows users to operate with AC or DC current, customers can expect to use the compressor for a variety of purposes while they are on the go without any concern over the type of current.

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