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Best Small Portable Table Saws: A Quick Selection Guide

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Just like it is with other tools or appliances, choosing the best small portable table saw is not something you just do on a whim. Since they are investment pieces, supposed to last a long time, you need to consider various factors before going on a limb and purchasing one!

In fact, if you are new to the industry, you will quickly realize that looking for the best portable table saw can be difficult. The sheer number of brands and manufacturers is enough to make you feel overwhelmed with choices. But the journey doesn’t end there.

Once you go beyond the manufacturer, you will discover a plethora of models and makes with varying features, dimension, and accessories. Also, don’t forget the cost of each unit at different resellers.

Don’t worry. You are not alone in feeling this way. There are many individuals across the world currently on a search for the perfect portable table saw. From those who like to make woodcraft to home renovators who need a small and manageable table saw, there is currently a huge market for compact saws.

One of the big problems is determining just how compact you can go. When does a table saw become a toy rather than a tool? Can a micro saw be enough for lightweight cutting? And would a slightly heavier saw be unwieldy for the average homeowner?

These kinds of questions can confuse any of these people, especially if it’s their first time shopping for one. If you are interested in learning more about what you should have in mind before buying a portable table saw, then you should check out the article: 7 things you should know before buying a portable table saw.

Once you have read through that and identified that you do, in fact, need a portable table saw; read the guide below.

What to Look for in a Portable Table Saw

Carpenter Using A Table Saw
Carpenter Using A Table Saw

It’s quite clear that we can all do with a little bit of help when it comes to looking for portable table saws. To lend a helping hand, we have compiled a basic guide along with our top 5 recommendations.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, and whether this is your first experience or one of many, you can use this to get an idea of what to look for. However, keep in mind that everyone requirements and needs vary.

We took into consideration the most basic considerations that apply across needs and industries. You can fit in your particular saw needs to take a better decision. But for the most part, weight and portability are the bottom line as performance needs are subjective.

How Light Should a Portable Saw Be?

Since it’s in the name, portability of a table saw is the first consideration one has during the shopping process. That consideration begs a question regarding how light should the table saw should be.

Typically, a quality table saw is going to have to weight approximately 40 or 50 lbs.

Obviously, the material the saw is made out of will factor into how light or heavy it is. Materials like steel, aluminum, and even hardened plastic will affect the weight of the unit. The heavier the density of the material the table is made out of, the heavier and less portable the unit will be.

You do have the option of going even smaller and get a micro saw that goes right down to single digits on the scale. However, a micro saw won’t cut hardwood and it can even struggle with lightweight flooring materials. Consequently, it’s not going to be usable for jobs like framing.

Sticking to portable table saws, a lighter version will have a smaller table area and will often lack features like a rip fence and a dust port.

Furthermore, you always need to consider portability while weighing a unit against the functionality and usability of the saw. This is why finding the best small portable table saw can be difficult if you don’t consider a few different options.

Is it All About the Weight?

With all that we’ve said above, one might wonder if everything is about the weight. The answer to that question is – No!

The weight of a specific make or model should not be the only determining factor when you’re searching for the best small portable table saw. The reason for this is that there are other factors that influence the portability of a saw.

For instance, the actual dimensions of the unit can affect portability as much as gross weight. Along with that, features like stands and carry handles can also make table saws more practical or easier to move.

With all of these considerations in mind, we have included saws in this guide that weight somewhere around 50 lb. or lower. To put that into perspective, 50 lb. is about the weight of a sack of potatoes, or six gallons of water.

However, that is just an example to give you an idea. Keep in mind that a sack of potatoes or six gallons of water in separate containers would be difficult to carry, but a well-designed and well-balanced table saw would not be.

What else should One Consider?

The first thing would be the use. Will you be using it around your home for DIY projects? Or will you be using the saw for heavy-duty woodwork on a construction site? The answers to these questions will guide you when you look at the features and the performance of the portable table saw.

Jumping off from that, the next consideration will be the features the saw boasts. The features that make the most sense to you will depend on your need and preference. Some of the most common features to consider include:

  • Flat top
  • Fence type
  • Miter gauge
  • Dust collection
  • Power
  • Wing additions
  • Blade factors
  • Bevel capability
  • Safety

The unit you choose will depend on which of these features are most important to you. Just make sure that you have a list of priorities before you begin your search. This way, you will be able to get a saw that meets all your needs.

Five of the Best Compact Portable Table Saws

Closer Look Of A Table Saw Blade
Closer Look Of A Table Saw Blade

Let’s move on to the meat of the guide and discuss the top 5 recommendations for portable table saws. This list is well-thought out and was put together after extensively reviewing a number of industry-preferred small portable table saws. To be more specific in our research, we based our listings on whether each unit is easy to:

  • Use
  • Carry
  • Store
  • Transport

The following five saws run the spectrum from micro to full-sized portable units. It is quite likely that you may find that some units in the list that don’t quite meet or maybe even exceed your needs. With that said, it is more probable that you will find just one of them to be near perfect for all of your requirements.

Mini Electric Table Saw – Sub 10 lb. Hobby Unit

Reading the title above, you might be wondering just how a table saw could get below ten pounds! And as valid as that wonderment might be, just one look at this hobby saw will answer all your questions.

The size of the saw is what makes it so light. Measuring at just about 8.5x8x6 inches, this saw is definitely one of the lightest ones you can find in the market.

Furthermore, the saw is designed for hobbyists rather than professional woodworkers or carpenters. While it is not suitable for any kind of heavy construction work, this portable table saw is still pretty handy for use around the home. It is definitely no toy!

You can use the saw for light DIY-style woodwork. You can use it to cut ply and can also work with some (very) light flooring or cabinet making materials.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Delivers precision with soft materials
  • Easy to use
  • No special power requirements


  • Small table size
  • No rip fence
  • No proper miter gauge
  • Blade height or angle can’t be adjusted

You can find a full review of this unit here.

And you can check the latest price and discount offers below.

Non Circular Rockwell BladeRunner Tabletop Saw

For anyone that wants a bit more than what a micro saw offers but definitely not a full-fledged table saw, this mini electric circular saw is the perfect solution. This Rockwell masterpiece sits somewhere in between the spectrum of portable table saws.

We will go as far as to say that this unit is a rare example of a saw that bridges the gap between a truly micro saw and a larger saw from prominent power tool manufacturers. A woodwork enthusiast with some carpentry skills can work with this saw perfectly.

Consequently, the features of the saw are such that they allow extremely light construction work along with DIY craftwork around the home. However, it could never stand up to a proper DIY table saw.

It’s not a circular saw as you will often see, making it quite unique. It can cut wood up to 1-1/2”, 3/8” aluminum, and even 1-1/4” PVC pipe. Plus, at only 17lb. in weight and with dimensions of 16.1×17.5×8.3, it is portable in every sense of the word.


  • Small and lightweight
  • All-rounder tool
  • Easy to use
  • Has a basic rip fence


  • Small table size
  • Not contractor-grade

Check out the latest price and offers below.

DeWalt DWE7480 10 Inch Table Saw

Moving further up in performance and weight, this DeWalt portable table saw weighs approximately 45 lb. However, this weight is perfect for a portable table saw as it is ideal for carrying around and transporting.

This saw comes without a stand, but includes a steel roll cage/base that makes it extremely portable and relatively easy to carry. Don’t be fooled by the small size of the saw as it offers excellent performance for both its size and price range.

It offers high-accuracy of cuts and works with hardwoods. Furthermore, it has the power to spare when cutting composites or ply. With that, there shouldn’t be complaints of performance.

This finds its way onto the list not only because it is extremely portable, but because it has one of the best rip fences that can be found on a portable saw. It has been well received by consumers, and favorably reviewed.


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • High-quality rip fence
  • High accuracy


  • Low-quality miter gauge
  • Possible issues with blade alignment

Check out the latest price and offers below.

Craftsman Evolv Table Saw

This particular portable table saw is a unique addition to the list as it already comes with a stand in the package. For anyone who is looking to make a more economical purchase, this one is the perfect one.

Even though the stand doesn’t have a quick-release function, it can still be a good purchase if you don’t want to invest in a separate stand later. As a result, this saw is one of the most affordable ones when compared to other similar models.

The saw is definitely a high-end power tool that offers decent performance to be used by contractors on jobsites. With a maximum of 5000 RPM and 15 AMP motor, the saw works well for composite and ply. However, with a carbide blade, it can cut hardwoods as well.

The unit weighs 50lb in total, which makes it comparable to the DeWalt and Bosch units in terms of portability. However, since it is attached to a stand, portability of the saw can be a little difficult.

Another benefit this particular saw has, is that it is highly affordable, check our full review here.


  • Low cost
  • Good cutting performance for lightweight jobs
  • Comes with a stand


  • Poor quality safety key
  • Incompatible with a dado blade
  • Accessories for dust collection, table extension etc. not available easily

Bosch GTS1031 10 Inch Table Saw

Keeping to the trend, this Bosch table saw is heavier than the Craftsman model we mentioned before this one. Weighing in at 52 lb without accessories, this saw is only slightly heavier than the DeWalt saw. However, despite weighing a few more pounds, the table saw is just as portable as the other ones.

Based on customer reviews and experiences, the saw is highly-praised for being well-balanced when carried with the integrated stand. Besides that, the power and performance capability of the saw is perfect for home improvement projects. Collectively, you will be able to move around various locations around your property.

Overall, the Bosch GTS1031 is made for carpenters to provide professional-grade performance. It features a 4 HP motor, a gives out 5000 RPM with no load, and has a saw that rips through ply and composite wood materials with ease. It can also be compatible with certain hardwoods, depending on their type and size. You can find a more detailed review of this portable table saw here.


  • Highly-portable and can be carried with one hand
  • Supports Dado blade
  • Features a perfectly squared miter gauge/blade
  • Provides storage clips for the unit and all accessories


  • The plastic used in the build can limit its lifespan
  • It can project volume at around 96dB while idle
  • Bad arbor bearing

Here’s our detailed review of this table saw. You can also check out the latest price and offers down below.


Seeing the top of a saw from a different angle
Seeing the top of a saw from a different angle

With the five portable saws mentioned above, our list of recommendations comes to an end. After reading through this list, it should be fairly evident that there is quite a jump between the smallest possible saw.

What we mean by this is that the first best saw on the list might be a smaller one that is designed for hobbyists but the next could be a heavy-duty table saw that is designed for jobsite usage.

For many DIY jobs, particularly flooring and framing, a jobsite saw will be necessary. This means that the latter three or two of the list will be much better options for you. However, the portability and size of the saw can sometimes compromise its usability. In this case, the first two portable saws and others like them are considerable options.

If a micro table saw less than 10lb. is all that you need for your home craftwork, then that’s exactly what you should buy. If you need something larger, you can choose from some of the best compact portable table saws, many of which weigh in at less than 50 lb. Along with that, you always have the option of finding a saw somewhere in the middle as well.

Before we wind up this article, we would remind you to consider your individual needs before making a selection. Each unit included in the above mentioned best small portable table saw guide has a list of pros, cons and highlight features. Read through their detailed reviews, compare them with each other, and then make your purchase.

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