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Briggs Stratton Generator Parts:All You Need To Know

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Being the proud owner of a Briggs Stratton generator means that you’ll have reliable portable and backup power for many years to come.

The advantages to Briggs Stratton models are numerous, and we’ve even covered some of these in our generator reviews, and also in our buying advice guides.

One of the best advantages for any new owner, or even for someone who has had a generator for a few years, is that there are readily available Briggs Stratton generator parts for performing repairs and general maintenance.

If you already own a generator and want to perform your own maintenance or repairs, or if you’re thinking about buying one and want to know about some of the spare parts that are available, then this is the guide you’ve been looking for.

Basic Maintenance Tips from the Manufacturer

The best way to avoid damage to your generator, and to ensure that it will run for as long as possible without requiring repairs or replacement Briggs Stratton generator parts, is to follow the basic maintenance tips as recommended by the manufacturer.

Generators are often used for backup power, and that means that a generator needs to start quickly, any time that it will be used.

For various reasons, generators may not be started for weeks or even months at a time, and this could be problematic if the right maintenance products are not used.

Although not technically a Briggs Stratton generator part, fuel stabilizer is something that any generator owner should use.

Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer is a must-have for any owner who wants to keep their generator stored and ready to go in any situation.

The product can keep fuel fresh for up to 36 months, which will be far longer than most domestic requirements. If you plan to use a generator only once or twice throughout the year, during power outages and emergencies, then using a high quality fuel stabilizer will prevent stale fuel ever becoming a problem for you.

Regularly oil change is also an important aspect of maintenance, and will help to reserve your Briggs Stratton Generator Parts.

Small portable generators are much simpler to maintain than larger generators or similarly sized outdoor hardware. Oil levels can be checked any time that a generator is run, and it’s easy to top up oil levels before running a generator.

Unlike fuel, oil doesn’t go stale, but it is important to use the right oil for your unique conditions. Temperature will impact the viscosity of oil and will alter performance values.

For most temperatures between 0 and 100 degrees F, a 10W30 oil will be perfect. For temperatures below zero, a 5W30 can be used.

Synthetic oil is particularly good for areas that have temperature extremes throughout the seasons, and a 5W30 synthetic will offer lubrication from -20 up to 100 degrees F.

Branded Briggs & Stratton oil will give you the confidence that you’re purchasing a safe and effective product. If you’re someone who has maintained generators, cars, or other products like lawn mowers, then you may be familiar with high quality lubricants.

It’s safe to use your favorite brand with a Briggs Stratton generator, as long as the rating meets your particular model and your climate.

One popular option is Castrol GTX Magnatec.

This is a fully synthetic 5W30 motor oil that is used in high performance vehicles and in other engines. Magnatec can provide superior engine protection in harsh conditions, as the oil has been scientifically proven to make better contact with internal parts.

This helps to prevent damage on cold starts, and will allow for easier starting in cold weather extremes. If you want an oil that has slightly higher performance than the branded Briggs Stratton oil, then this is a great starting point.

You’ll also be able to use this same oil in any other equipment that requires SAW 5W30 synthetic oil. High quality oils from other brands like Valvoline, Total, and Mobil 1 would also be suitable and compatible with a Briggs Stratton generator.

Briggs Stratton Generator Parts – Spark Plugs

Portable inverter generators use small single cylinder engines to generate electricity. For fuel to be ignited in the combustion chamber, you’ll need the right spark plug installed.

Spark plugs can last for hours of operating time, but they will eventually wear and will need replacement. You’ll notice that your generator does not run smoothly, and it may even fail to turn over, misfire, or show other erratic behavior. Thankfully, replacing a spark plug is an easy and quick job, and Briggs Stratton Generator Parts are available directly from the manufacturer, and also from a number of third parties.

To find out what kind of spark plug you will need for your particular generator, you can check your user manual (look for “Common Service Parts).

Using the Briggs Stratton P2200 Portable Generator as an example, we can find that it uses an NGK CR7HSA spark plug. This is a standard part used for generators and other small engine devices, and you will have no trouble finding this model, no matter where you are in the world.

Order the NGK Spark Plug online and you’ll get the best price and delivery to your door.

Replacing the Air Filter on Your Generator

The air filter is another one of the Briggs Stratton generator parts that will need eventual replacement.

Air filters are important for combustion engines because they ensure that clean air is taken in and mixed with fuel. The cleaner the air, the more efficient the combustion will be, and this will allow for you to maximize the hours running hours that you get out of your generator.

Much like the spark plug, you will be able to find specific part number requirements in your Briggs Stratton operator’s manual.

Again, we will use the P2200 Portable Generator as an example. This is a model that we have reviewed in detail, and it’s also one of the most popular portable inverters on the market for lightweight usage.

For the air filter, it uses special foam known as part number 311388GS. This filter foam is affordable and can be easily ordered online.

There are two parts to the filter foam setup used on the P2200 model, and part number 311389GS may also be required, depending on the servicing that you are performing.

Remember that regular cleaning of your air filter is an important aspect of maintenance, and replacement is only required when the filter foam can no longer be adequately cleaned, or when it starts to deteriorate and break down.

Keep in mind that there are countless styles of air filters, and it’s not simply a case of one-fits-all.

You can use these model numbers only of you own (or plan to buy) a P2200 model generator, however, for other models you will need to first confirm part numbers in your owner’s manual, or by calling Briggs Stratton for support.

Briggs Stratton Generator Parts Maintenance Packages for Larger Models

The maintenance requirements on smaller generators are kept to a minimum, to ensure that the products are user-friendly and accessible for all consumers. Smaller portable generators can be used for home backup power, camping, tail gating, and emergency power.

If a smaller model doesn’t quite meet your needs, then you could look for a larger generator, such as a 7000W+ standby model.

Briggs Stratton offers kits for their larger models, including this 6034 Standby Generator Maintenance Kit.

It includes a cartridge style air filter, a spark plug, a replacement oil filter, and 5W30 replacement oil and an easy fill nozzle. This is the perfect kit to get if you want to have the most common replacement items on hand for your next maintenance session.

Of course, you could also choose your own individual parts, and create a maintenance package of your own.

Why It’s Important to Use Original Briggs Stratton Parts

Just like the generators themselves, not all parts are created equal.

If you want to ensure that your generator is in top condition, and that any chances of failures or breakdowns are minimized, then you should always insist on authentic Briggs Stratton generator parts, or OEM parts as recommended by the manufacturer.

If you ever have concerns about a spare parts brand, or whether the part you’re looking for is right for the job, then Briggs Stratton will be able to provide expert assistance and provide part numbers that are suitable for your specific model.

If you need to contact Briggs Stratton regarding repairs, maintenance, or even a warranty claim, then you can reach them on (800) 743 – 4115 during normal business hours. For more buying advice and breakdowns of the most common generator parts, make sure you check out our other guides.

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