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Briggs Stratton Generators Overview-Our Top 3 Picks

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When looking for a portable inverter generator, selecting the right model will be critical to getting the right price and the features that you are looking for.

In many cases, the brand will be a major consideration, especially with so many well-established and trusted companies in the market place.

Anyone who is familiar with large powered outdoor tools will know the Briggs Stratton name.

They’re a company famous for their high quality engines and parts, and they even produce their own devices based around their engine technology.

They’re continually growing their inverter generator business, and a number of their models are worth a closer look if you want a generator that is reliable and designed to last.

Here are our top three picks of Briggs Stratton generators, and they’re all worth a closer look if you’re in the market for a portable inverter generator.

Briggs Stratton Q6500 – 6500W Inverter Generator

The first of the Briggs Stratton generators that we’ll be looking at, is the powerful Q6500 model.

Although this is still relatively compact and comes in at 128lbs, it packs a serious amount of power and is rated for 6500 starting watts. This is significantly higher than most generators in its class, and it is around 30% lighter than most typical generators at this wattage rating.

Because it packs such a high amount of power, it could be considered as a true home backup generator. This means that in the event of an extended power outage, or even during a natural weather disaster, it will be able to power most of your key appliances while also providing power for the essentials like lighting and device charging.

The fuel tank allows for a generous 5 gallons of fuel, which will be able to power the generator for up to 14 hours while it is running at 25% of load.

This means that even if you were using up to 1600 watts of equipment, you’d be able to get through more than half a day without needing to worry about fuel top up.

Connectivity is key to the usefulness of any of these Briggs Stratton generators, and the Q6500 allows for easy connection with four 120V-20A GFCI power outlets (just like the ones you would use in your home) as well as a 120V/240V 30A locking outlet (can be used with an RV or with a specialized generator hookup to your home supply).

Similar to a number of other portable generators that have entered the market recently, this model also has USB power outlets, with two ports available for charging electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, and portable battery packs.

While this is definitely a portable generator, the 128lbs weight rating makes it significantly heavier than some generators of the same physical size.

The designers have taken this into account by incorporating a full roll cage inside of the housing, as well as a telescoping luggage-style handle, and wheels. This makes it easy to push or pull around your property, so it’s a much more portable generator than the weight would suggest.

One important feature for buyers is the noise rating, and it’s impressive to see that Briggs Stratton have been able to keep the operating noise level down to 66dBA when run at 25% load.

This level is right in the range of comfortable sound and non-hazardous noise, with normal conversation usually producing 50 – 60dBA, or a large dog bark being around 70dBA.

The reliability of this particular model is backed up by a generous 24-month consumer warranty, and with high quality Briggs Stratton components, this is a model that we can easily recommend.

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Briggs Stratton 30545 – 3000W Inverter Generator

A 6500W generator will be ideal for some homes and outdoor use case scenarios, but not everyone will require that much power for basic appliances or emergency backup power.

A 3000W generator will be plenty to run a refrigerator or an electric cooking stove, and the 30545 model is one of the Briggs Stratton generators that slots nicely into the middle of lightweight generators, and the larger portable generators.

This model still offers a number of features like you would find on the larger 6500W model, such as four home-style power outlets, a single USB charging outlet, and a 12V 30AMP locking outlet which can be used as a connection to an RV.

It weighs 85lbs so it’s easy to move around, and it includes a telescoping handle just like you would find on the larger model. The 30545 will run for up to 10 hours at 25% load, and it features a 1.5 gallon fuel tank which can be easily and quickly refilled for extended use.

To run a single refrigerator, emergency lighting, or some outdoor tools, the 30545 is a good option and comes with highly praised Briggs Stratton reliability and their two-year consumer warranty.

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Briggs Stratton 30651 – 2000W Inverter Generator

We recently reviewed the Briggs Stratton 30651 in full detail, and found it to be a high quality generator that can compete with other models in its size range.

The only real negative we found against this model, was that it was priced slightly above some comparative models.

However, the pricing is not always the biggest concern for owners, and with Briggs Stratton generators, a slight price premium can be justified. It features excellent build quality and consistent, clean power up to 2200 watts.

The interior features a powerful Briggs Stratton motor that should last longer than devices that are produced by some of the more inexpensive brands.

Another benefit of choosing this model, is that it comes with the two-year warranty that you would find on larger Briggs Stratton generators, so that increased price could actually pay off over time, as you would be less likely to replace this generator due to failed parts outside of the warranty period.

Like many similar generators, the housing is plastic, which helps to keep the weight down. The plastic is of high quality and will absorb impacts without breaking or denting, so it will be easy to keep this generator in top condition.

2000W is on the lower side of performance, but for emergency backup power and some outdoor work, it will be plenty for most people. Just take a look at the examples of power usage in the next section, and you will see that this generator will be plenty for running a refrigerator, emergency lighting, or for working outdoors with some smaller power tools.

Like all modern portable inverter generators, the maintenance requirements are minimal, and we have no trouble recommending this generator to consumers who wants something small and portable, but that can still provide enough power for the most common use case scenarios.

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Briggs Stratton Generators: Wattage Examples of Devices You Could Use with Your Generator

The Briggs Stratton generators covered in this overview are varied in the output power that they can produce. The devices that can be run from a generator will often be the bottom line for owners, so it’s important to choose a generator that can run the appliances or tools that you would typically be using.

For home backup power, a refrigerator is often the key appliance that will need to be powered.

A typical family sized refrigerator/freezer combo will use around 800 watts of electricity while running, but could surge up to more than 1600 watts, depending on the size of the compressor in the model.

You can check your own model in the documentation or ask the manufacturer for specific details. An electric stove with an 8” element will use a significant amount of power, and requires around 2100 watts to operate.

Items like televisions and computers are highly efficient today, and require around 500 – 800 watts per device. Incandescent light bulbs use between 50 – 100 watts of power, whereas more efficient LED bulbs will only use between 5 – 15 watts of power to provide the same amount of illumination.

If you plan to use a generator for outdoor electric power tools, then wattage requirements are usually modest. An electric chain saw uses around 1200 watts of power, a hedge trimmer around 450 watts, and an electric lawn mower around 1200 watts.

Again, this depends on specific models and their size, so make sure you check the running watts and surge (starting) watts before finalizing your decision on appropriate Briggs Stratton generators.

There’s plenty of choice in the inverter generator market, with different models offering unique advantages and disadvantages.

These Briggs Stratton generators are all suitable for different tasks and use case scenarios, and you can make an informed buying decision by closely comparing any of the devices on your shortlist, and you can check out our full inverter generator reviews and buying guides to learn more about what’s available.

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