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Metal Workbench With DrawersI keep a small workshop in my home basement for doing odd DIY home jobs and I spend there quite a portion of my free time. As you probably guessed it, this workshop is a constant source of enjoyment for me and more or less acts like a relief valve for me, letting go of all the pressure I accumulate through the day in my day job!

The other day I had my son visiting over (he is 28 years old now and lives with his own family at the other end of the town) and I seized the opportunity to give him the “grand tour” of my workshop. Needless to say, I was quite proud to do that!

My son in general sounded very enthusiastic when I asked him about his first impressions, but one thing that he didn’t like was the wooden workbench I have standing in a corner of the shop. And I don’t blame him for not liking it, I bought it quite some time ago and it has really started looking it’s age. I looks worn out and faded and its drawers (I have two running the whole length of the bench top underneath) are hard to open needing some serious work to get them to work smoothly again!

The idea of looking for a new work table had been on my mind for quite a while, but it was my son’s remark that gave me that final push to put my idea into action!

As for what I was looking in particular, my preference was pretty solid: This time I would like a metal workbench with drawers. By metal I am refering to the frame, about the top I wouldn’t mind being either wood or metal.

It should certainly be made of a sturdy construction and be wide and long enough so I could have a lot of ample space to work on. I am not sure about the number of drawers as long as it has minimum two either side by side under the top or wide across.

Please see below the results of my online research, it includes my five top picks, I hope you find them useful as well!

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Work Stools With BackThe other day I had a few guests from my close family over in my workshop in my home basement. Although I had it set up for quite some time, I never felt the need of making sure that people who visited me would also like to sit down and feel comfortable.

As for myself, I really never needed to sit down for a prolonged time as I am mainly working on my table saw,  a job that I can do standing up.

But, I really felt embarrassed the other day not being able to offer my visitors a chair or a stool to sit down.

So, in order to avoid putting myself in a similar embarrassing situation in the immediate future, I really needed to start looking for seatings.

But the question is, what type of seating would that be? I could really go for some nice and comfortable chairs but the thing is my workshop space is quite restricted so I should be better looking for stools rather than chairs, as they take up less space and are easier to move around. The way I see it, stools are more suitable in a workshop environment such as mine.

So, I started researching online for work stools with back. I am not sure what brand to go after, but I had a pretty good idea of the minimum requirements: They should be comfortable to sit for a prolonged time, have a robust construction that can easily withstand the harsh conditions of a workshop and on top of all I had to make sure they had a good support for the back. I know first hand about back pains and I would hate the idea of having my guests (or me) sit on a stool for a long (or even short time) without a proper support for the back!

So, to cut a long story short, I finally concluded my research and here below you can have a look at my top 5 picks! I hope you find them helpful.

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Work Aprons With PocketsI am a guy who loves doing woodworking in the workshop that I have set up in my home basement. Don’t think I am a professional by any means, this is something I enjoy doing in my spare time.
One thing that it took me some time to realize (I really cannot get it how I didn’t think of this much earlier!) is that the most important virtue of a good DIY kind of guy like me, is efficient organization!

Getting all the right tools in place, having them arranged in easy to access places around my shop is already half of the job!
If somebody asked me to list the top five accessories that I need, then the work aprons with pockets would definitely be in that list. I have to confess that if you asked me the same thing two years ago then the idea of wearing an apron while working would be the farthest thing from my mind!
The idea of buying an apron so I can carry my tools around was planted in me from my wife. When she saw me how I struggled with searching for my tools such as hammers or screwdrivers around, while I was busy trying to mend a chair or a table, she suggested I should look for an apron.
So, I was finally convinced to do my research online. And the good thing is that I have a pretty good idea of what the minimum features of a work apron should be: It should be made of a highly durable but light material, have lots of big, easy to reach pockets, padded shoulder straps so it won’t hurt my shoulders, fit nicely over my clothes and most importantly it should keep interference with my moving around the shop to a minimum.

I would absolutely hate the idea of trying to bend down to pick something from the floor or try to reach the top shelf and have a hard time doing this!
Here I am proud to present to you my top five picks! I do hope they will help you find what you are looking for as well!

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Insulated Coveralls For MenOur last winter was quite severe, with temperatures dropping in the low 10s and even near freezing point for a long stretch of days. The snow kept piling in our front yard, and for more mornings that I can remember, I had to stay outside shoveling snow so I could get my driveway free so that I could drive my kids to school.
What made the situation even worse, was that I had nothing heavy in terms of clothing to wear. To be honest, that was all my fault and I had my habit of procrastinating things to blame!

My wife kept telling me all through the whole sales season before winter to go to a store to buy myself a nice, warm coverall, but I kept putting it off thinking that winter was too distant in the future to care about!

Now in hindsight, I see how wrong I was. I immediately have to go look for one of those nice looking insulated coveralls for men that I see in shops and online.

As for what features I should go after, they should be definitely warm, have lots of easy to reach big pockets, rugged and most important of all, they should fit nicely over any type of clothing I will be wearing underneath, so it will be easy to move around and sit or bend.

And it should also be easy to get in or out of it and the zippers should be robust and top quality, I had a nasty experience with similar clothing in the past with the zipper remaining stuck in the down position most of the time!

These are my top 5 picks that I would like to share with you!

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Bib Overalls For MenI have been doing some occasional DIY stuff around the house and woodworking and my wife keeps complaining that I am doing an awful mess with my clothes. That’s especially true when I power up my dewalt table saw in the workshop!

So, she finally convinced me I should do my research about bib overalls for men and get myself one. I more or less had a pretty good idea what I was looking for, a bib overall which would be soft, comfortable, with lots of big pockets and strong clasps to keep it in place! It should also be one size bigger so it would fit perfectly over my clothes and not restrict my movements around my workshop and my yard.

Instead of going around in the local shops, I found it was more convenient to look for one online. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were plenty of choices to choose from, as a matter of fact more than I could handle!

I finally came up with these five choices that I am after.



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