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Finding the Best Air Compressor for Your Needs

Let’s say you’ve decided to purchase your first air compressor, or even a new one to replace an older model.

When you start your research, what you need to do is look around a study some air compressor reviews that you find either online or offline.

But, in order to appreciate what the reviews says, you need to gain first some background knowledge of some fundamental issues and concepts that are related to the technical aspects of your power tool in question.

That’s where our detailed air compressor buying advice comes into play.

Below you will find a number of informative articles that I think will help you gain a better understanding.

Here’s a brief summary of some article examples.

Understanding CFM

Everything that you do with your air compressor will rely on CFM. CFM is a measurement of how much air a compressor is able move. This determines how quickly you can pump a tire, how effective your airbrush will be, and most importantly, which tools you will be able to use. Our CFM guide takes away the guesswork, and provides a comprehensive list of the most common air tools and their CFM requirements.

Portable Air Compressor Car Tire Buying Advice

You might consider inflating tires to be quite simple. After all, you’re only pumping air into a tire.

We have found that there’s more to it than that.

That’s why our complete portable air compressor guide  breaks down the types of air compressors that will put air in your tires quickly and that are also portable enough to take on the road – or anywhere that you need to go.

Home Use Air Compressors

Whether you need an air compressor for painting, one to do some work on your car, or an air compressor for odd DIY jobs around your home, we have articles that will help you determine what you’re looking for, even before you check out a comprehensive air compressor review.

You might head to our article on air compressors for home use or even the one on the best air compressor for painting or the best air compressor paint sprayer.

We take a look at what you will need to power your tools for specific applications as well as providing recommendations for specific scenarios.

Check Our Top Ten Lists

Noise produced by your air compressor is undoubtedly a big facor when selecting a unit. To help with your selection process, we came up with a top ten best  quiet air compressor list that are available on the market today.

Also, check out our top ten pancake air compressor list, as well as our top ten best gas air compressor list.

Other Articles

Finally, you can check out our articles on air hose fittings and, if you interested in central pneumatics gear, on central pneumatics air compressor parts.

Best Air Compressor For Auto Body Work - Our Top 3 PicksPainting or waxing a car takes more precise application of primer, paint and top coatings than many other painting jobs.

To get the paint or wax applied evenly without drips is best done with the aid of an air compressor. Not all air compressors are appropriate for the job. A key factor to look for in finding the best air compressor for auto body work is the CFM, or cubic feet per meter.

Portability weighs into the choice as it is best to be able to move the compressor around rather than possibly have a hose drag across a freshly painted or waxed surface.

To get the best quality job, we will look at three of the best machines suitable for auto body work. These will include the DeWalt D55146 Hand Carry Compressor, the California Air Tools 5510SE Air Compressor and the Porter-Cable PCFP02003 Pancake Compressor.

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Best Air Compressor For Spraying Texture - Our Top 3 PicksTexturing a wall or ceiling has some specific requirements. The right air compressor is one of them.

To properly spray the texturing material, you need to use the lowest PSI possible that will still move the material through the sprayer. Not every texturing material will use the same air pressure. Some will spray just fine at one PSI while another, heavier bodied material may need a higher PSI.

For this reason, the best air compressor for spraying texture will be one that can deliver lower as well as higher PSI.

Finding the best compressor can be time consuming if you do all the research on your own. You don’t have to, though, as we have done some of the research for you. To help you find the air compressor that works best for you, we are presenting three air compressors along with their features, pros, cons and price.

They include the Bostitch CAP1512 OF, the Makita MAC24000 and the California Air Tools CAT-4620AC.

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Best Air Compressor For HVLP - Our Top 3 PicksUsing a paint sprayer to for any kind of painting or finishing job is much easier and faster.

Having the best air compressor for hvlp possible is important in making the job go smoothly.

Which machine is the best air compressor for hvlp though?

First, understanding what hvlp is and how it is different than using a standard spray gun will help understand why the air compressor you use is so important.




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Best 110V Air Compressor - Our Top 3 PicksWhether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, air compressors offer a range of options of tools and tasks that can be completed.

When it comes to choosing the best 110v air compressor, it will mostly come down to the job that you need to perform. Inflating tires, equipment, as well as toys, will not require an air compressor with a high PSI or CFM.

For jobs that require power tools, you may be in need of a higher PSI or CFM out of your compressor.

To help you find out which air compressor best suits your needs, we have compared three of the top air compressors and reviewed them to help you decide on the best 110-volt air compressor for you.


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Best Air Compressor For Home Automotive Work - Our Top 3 RecommendationsFinding a good compressor for your garage needs goes a very long way. That is why we went through the trouble to list three of the most amazing air compressors suitable for your home automotive work needs.

There are many features to be considered for the homeowner when selecting the right compressor, including how compact it is, the cfm, its horsepower and of course, the required capacity in the pressurized tanks to fill those nasty flat or under inflated tires.

Additionally, a heavy-duty compressor is capable in offering the force to car lift your vehicles for maintenance purposes or drive pneumatic wrenches.

We shall examine the three air compressor models that have made it on our list, delivering a detailed breakdown of their technical perks.

Since electric-powered air compressors are the safest bet when it comes down to the enclosed environment of a garage for the home mechanic, our reviews shall be limited to air compressors that are of the electric variant, which are safe, high performance and fulfills the power requirements of your tools, such as impact wrenches.

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Best Air Compressor For Framing Crew - Our Top 3 RecommendationsChoosing the right air compressor for your carpentry needs is important to speed up your installation processes by providing the right amount of pneumatic power to your tools.

The air compressor depends on the type of framing gun that is used for the project and is dependent on its air pressure requirements (framing nailers function with the average of 2.2 cfm at 90 PSI).

We understand how frustrating it is to buy air processors that simply fail to deliver. To this end, we have decided to review three of the most suitable air compressors for framing crews in the construction business, carpentry and even regular folk working on crafts in their homes.

Always consider the best cfm requirement for tools when considering your air compressor for your framing needs, which involves selecting between using multiple tools or one at a time. It is essential to always pick a compressor that provides more cfm than its desired specs.

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Best Air Compressor For Sanding - Our Top 3 RecommendationsSanding is a tedious process that requires a combination of factors:

a reliable air hose, a durable sander and perhaps most importantly, a high function air compressor to provide the ideal pressurized air for a high-level pneumatic performance.

We will review three of the best air compressors suitable for the sanding process to afford users the most comfort and convenience possible in their trial of patience within the workshop.

Primarily, when using a sander, it is important to pick the right air compressor based on the sanding tool needs.

A standard orbital sander is a massive air consumer, requiring an output of around 5-6 cfm at 90 PSI for an ideal pressure flow even when labels tell you otherwise, or a huge pressurized air tank capable of providing the immense quantity of air for your work needs.

With that kept in mind, let us look at the air compressors that match up with the demands of the formidable sanding tools.

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Best Portable Air Compressor For RV tires - Our Top 3 PicksTraveling on the road with a trailer and RV might seem like a really tempting idea, being away from the humdrum of the sedentary life.

But before anyone gets any ideas about becoming a bona fide RV/trailer nomad, special care should be taken to ensure that the maintenance of the tires is always met, especially in the case of an emergency.

Poorly pressured RV tires risk blowouts that will give you and your travel companions more adventure than you would ever hope for.

We shall review three impressive best portable air compressors for RV tires that will keep you running down that high road unhindered and safe from harm.


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Best Air Compressor For Semi Truck Tires - Our Top 3 PicksSelecting a reliable air compressor for your semi-truck tires is a serious matter.

One never knows when a tire might go flat while coursing along the interstate or traveling down a desolate highway.

With heavy vehicles like trucks, which run on massive tires, it is essential to acquire an air compressor that can consistently produce a high level of PSI (pounds per square inch), no less than 60 PSI.

We shall look at three popular models of air compressors on the market ideal for your semi, and provide you a quick fix solution to the crisis in the event of a dreaded breakdown of air pressure.

The products are all available online. A final verdict will be specified at the end to pick out our personal favorite within the group.

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Best Oil Lubricated Air CompressorsWhile not everybody is a fan of oil lubricated air compressors, they do have their advantages.

Yes, they require you to fill them up with oil every now and again, plus, running them with a low oil level can be disastrous for the machine itself. However, we think that oil lubricated compressors are worth checking out and worth having on the jobsite.

The fact that are much more durable and are less noisy than their cheaper, oil free counterparts make them the most attractive option for people who are more serious amateur DIYers and professionals

The trick is to find a good model, the right model for you. Yes, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. Of course, there are those which are much better than others.

At any rate, we want to help you find the best oil lubricated compressor for you. Here we have three of the best models for you to take a closer look at.

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