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Buy in Confidence with In-Depth Air Compressor Reviews

When making any significant purchase, especially when it comes to air compressors, there are a number of factors that you need to consider when you are looking for air compressor reviews.

What do you need a compressor for, do you need it to be portable, and are you going to be using it in on a professional jobsite?

These are all questions that you need to be asking, and the right kind of review will have no trouble answering these questions, and many more.

Power Tools Ninja is here so that you don’t have to go digging to find accurate information on the air compressors that you’re considering for purchase.

Our detailed air compressor reviews look at numerous technical features, from the type of hose connectors that a particular compressor uses, all the way through to electrical requirements and the power that a compressor produces. If you want the full picture before you lay your money down, then these reviews are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Key Aspects to Look for in Any Review

The motor on an air compressor is hugely important, because it determines how quickly air can be compressed and stored. Of course, for demanding usage, the motor won’t be able to produce enough air to power tools in real time, so a storage tank is used. No matter how powerful a compressor is, make sure that you also pay close attention to the tank section in any air compressor review.

The tank should be large enough for your needs, and it should also be of high quality, without leaks or design flaws.

If you’re using a compressor for more than just inflatable objects and vehicle tires, then you’re going to need some decent output.

Our reviews look at the CFM and PSI ratings on air compressors to determine how much air can be moved on any particular setting, and the pressure at which it will be released. If you’re using pneumatic tools, then you will be able to quickly find out if any particular air compressor is suitable for powering them.

Another key consideration, and you should always look for this in an air compressor review, is the usability of any particular unit. Large dials, clear labelling, and even portability should all be considered.

You may also be concerned with noise, and our reviews cover decibel ratings for the majority of the compressors that are reviewed.

Some Featured Power Tools Ninja Reviews

We reviewed the Porter Cable C2002, a 150 PSI compressor with a six-gallon tank. You can check our full review to find out why it is one of the best compressors for $150.

The Makita MAC700 was another portable compressor that we found to be good for brad nailers, stapling guns, smaller impact wrenches, and airbrush attachments. You can check all of the details in our detailed review.

When we reviewed the Makita MAC2400, we found it to be more expensive than some of the other models, but for good reason. It has a high CFM rating of 4.8 at 40 PSI, making it compatible with some serious tools. Find out what else we liked, and didn’t like, in the comprehensive review.

Another model reviewed was the DeWALT DWFP55130, a unit marketed as a heavy duty trim compressor. We found it to be relatively lightweight, easily portable, and good for lightweight nailing and stapling with pneumatic tools. Learn more about it in our full write-up.

Make the Right Decision, With The Best Information

If you want in-depth, then Power Tools Ninja is your source for quality air compressor reviews.

From performance to price, and even warranty information, no detail has been spared. Covering the most popular brands and models on the market, you’re just a single click away from beginning the research for your next air compressor purchase.

Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 ReviewA little while ago we looked at the MAC2400 2.5 HP compressor from Makita. That was a unit that impressed us with superior CFM output, heavy duty construction, and overall excellent build quality.

Today we will look at what appears to be a similar compressor in our Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 review. With comparable CFM output, a similar design, and a highly trusted brand name, will the P1IU-A9 be the air compressor for all your DIY work? Read on and let’s find out.





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Rolair JC10 Air Compressor ReviewSmall compressors are great for getting all of your smaller air jobs and trim work done, and as long as you are willing to compromise on power you will find that they are adequate for most home DIY tasks.

In this air compressor review we are taking a look at a unit that is becoming quite popular, the Rolair JC10 1 HP Oil-Less Compressor.

This compressor comes with some modest specs, and an extremely modest sound signature. In fact, it’s one of the quietest compressors you could own. Does that mean it is the perfect compressor for small tasks?

Let’s take a closer look with our Rolair JC10 review and find out.



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Dewalt DWFP55130 ReviewOn Power Tools Ninja we’ve reviewed a variety of compressors at not only different price points, but different performance levels. Recently we went in depth with an extremely capable unit, the Makita MAC2400, but we’ve also looked at smaller units like the Porter Cable PCFP02003.

This air compressor review focuses on the DeWalt DWFP55130 Heavy Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trip Compressor.

Immediately you will notice some important words in the name. First of all there’s ‘Heavy Duty’, but then there’s also ‘Quiet Trim Compressor’. Can a compressor be both heavy duty and suited for lightweight tasks? Let’s find out in this Dewalt DWFP55130 review.



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Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor ReviewOil-less compressors are some of the most popular units available on the market. Air compressors from manufacturers like Senco and California Air Tools have even featured right here on Power Tools Ninja. These electric devices offer convenience because they’re lightweight and virtually maintenance free.

Of course when you choose a compressor you need to think about longevity and how a particular unit can meet your needs.

Oil lubricated compressors are known to last longer, be slightly more reliable, and in most cases they are quieter than oil-less units.

In this review we will take a look at the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore compressor. It’s oil-lubricated and may be just what you need for home DIY and automotive projects. Read on to find out if this is a compressor that will work for you.


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Makita MAC700 Air Compressor ReviewIf you’re looking for an air compressor to use at home or on a small worksite you have probably seen a few of the oil-less units available on the market.

In fact, we’ve reviewed a few of them right here, including models from Senco, DeWalt, and California Air Tools. In our Makita MAC700 review we will be taking a look at something a little bit different. The MAC is an oil lubricated compressor aimed predominantly at home DIY use.

Does a lubricated compressor mean a superior unit, and is the additional maintenance going to be too much for you? Let’s find out as we go in depth with this Makita compressor review.



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California Air Tools Air Compressor CAT 6310 reviewYou want a smaller air compressor for home, and maybe light professional use, but you want something that still has the capability to stand up to some serious work.

It’s a dilemma faced by many when they’re in the market for a new compressor, but there are solutions.

California Air Tools have produced what is in many ways a stand out product with the CAT 6310 Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 1.0 hp 6.3 gallon Air Compressor, and in our CAT 6310 review we’re going to tell you everything that you need to decide if this is the compressor for you.



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Dewalt DWFP55126 Air Compressor ReviewIf you like the idea of a portable compressor, but are skeptical about small tanks and low capabilities, then the DeWalt DWFP55126 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor could be a model that turns your interest.

A leading manufacturer, a larger than usual tank capacity, and a strong power output do sound good on paper. Let’s find out all of the details as we move through our DeWalt DWFP55126 review.






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Porter Cable C2002 Air Compressor reviewFinding the right portable compressor can be a daunting task, especially when you want one that allows for a little bit more than just the most lightweight tasks.

It just seems that at this end of the market there’s always a compromise to be made, with little available in that space between light DIY and full industrial use.

Are you getting tired of constantly having to wait for your small compressor to refill each time you do a job at home that is more demanding than say inflating a toy but would not require you to use an industrial compressor on the other hand (like for instance rapid fire nailing)?

In our Porter Cable C2002 review that we’re doing today might just be the perfect choice to fill the gap between a small and an industrial air compressor, because at first glimpse it seems to be a tool up to more serious work, while still not sacrificing the advantage of being relatively lightweight and portable.
So let’s take a deeper look and see if this 6 gallon pancake air compressor is up to the job.


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Senco PC1010 Air Compressor reviewYou’ll love the Senco PC1010 air compressor if you do just one thing first – make sure you understand it’s perfect operating environment and buy it only for that purpose.

In my review of this popular model I’ll explain why some people love it and why others think it’s useless (hint: that latter group misunderstood its purpose!).

You can’t just buy the air compressor that has the best online ratings and think you’ve made a good choice. You have to buy an air compressor suited for the tasks you need the air compressor to handle. This lightweight, 1 gallon Senco is one of the best options for a very narrow range of tasks. Buy it for one of those reasons – heaven. Buy it for something else – like thinking you’ll run your automotive impact wrenches – disaster!



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Porter Cable PCFP02003 Air Compressor ReviewWhen you’re looking for a portable, yet reliable and powerful air compressor there are a number of key considerations.

Price is one thing, but almost more important is the build quality and the features. When you’re busy on a project you don’t want to be using a pump that requires strict operating conditions, and you also need one that as essentially maintenance free.

Whether you’re using the pump around the home, on a work site, or as an emergency compressor on the road, I have found one that ticks all of the right boxes with very few compromises, and it’s in the form of the Porter Cable PCFP02003.

Please, go ahead and read below the Porter Cable PCFP02003 review I prepared for you, so you have all the information you need!


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