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Finding The Best Chainsaw To Fit Your Needs

Owning a chainsaw can be a massive convenience on some properties, and on others, it might be an absolute necessity.

Whether you are looking for a chainsaw to make it easier when you’re pruning trees or clearing away dead bush, you want a saw to cut through cords of firewood, or even if you want to perform extensive tree clearing, you’ll need to know about the best models that are available, and what their intended uses are.

Buying a chainsaw is not quite as simple as choosing a price and a size and placing your order.

With today’s options, you’ll need to consider electric corded saws, battery powered chainsaws, or even a gas powered chainsaw.

Each saw type can offer different levels of portability and convenience, and different saws even offer different levels or power to get through light, mid, and heavy-duty sawing tasks.

At Power Tools Ninja, we develop comprehensive articles to give you a complete overview of the various models that are currently on the market, while providing you with helpful information that will let you know whether a particular model or particular type of chainsaw is right for you.

Quick Model Overviews and Buying Advice

Sometimes you might want to get an overview of some of the popular models from a specific brand, without going into our in-depth reviews.

You can start with our chainsaw buying advice.

We cover some of the most popular brands and models to give you an overview telling you what a particular model has been designed for, and how it performs. We also cover off the history of brands, and even look at some of the differences and similarities between certain brands.

Have you heard about electric chainsaws and wondered whether they would be suitable for your needs?

We’ve covered WORX chainsaws in detail, giving you all you need to know about popular 14 inch and 18 inch models.

As you’ll learn, a larger blade can provide more versatility when it comes to cutting different pieces of wood. However, a smaller blade is more manageable, and is a better choice if you’re only going to be performing light pruning and firewood cutting.

We’ll tell you what you can expect from each, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision when it’s time for your next purchase.

Whether it’s the Timberpro model range, or even comparing some battery powered chainsaws, our buying advice guides will allow you to make smarter purchases with your basic needs in mind.

Spare Parts and Accessories

Are you planning on buying a new chainsaw and you want to find out how easy it is to find spare parts for repairs and maintenance?

Maybe you already own one of the chainsaws we’ve covered, and you’re looking to get the best accessories like fuel and bar oil.

Whatever you need, we continue to offer helpful articles detailing common spare parts, the most important features on a chainsaw, and an overview of the accessories that you need to use a chainsaw or get the most out of it.

Take a look at our guide on Husqvarna Chainsaw Parts, which covers common parts unique to the brand, as well as an overview of generic parts that you can expect to find on any quality chainsaw.

Another area of concern that is of big importance, but we all tend to neglect is what has to do with safety.

In this chainsaw safety article, you can read the 10 top tips that we have in our list, as being the most crucial to adhere to.

Continue to View Chainsaw Models at a Glance, and Check Out Our Comprehensive Reviews

In addition to our chainsaw buying advice guides, one of the easiest ways to learn more about chainsaws is to take a look at our quick guide comparison table, which will then take you into our in-depth chainsaw reviews.

The comparison table will let you know about the price range, stats like power and bar size, and from there you can jump to a comprehensive review for any of our featured models.

Our comprehensive reviews are reserved for the most popular and most capable chainsaw models that are currently available.

These are often the best of the best in their respective categories, but each can serve a different purpose.

A GreenWorks battery powered chainsaw offers convenience and zero emission operation, but its 16 inch bar size and power rating will never be able to compete with a Husqvarna 460.

However, it doesn’t need to, because both of these models serve very different niches. Our in depth reviews will go into more details, allowing you to find out exactly what is right for you.

Our chainsaw reviews cover important categories such as:

  • Portability – How easy is it to use a chainsaw on a larger property?
  • Cutting Power – What kind of jobs can you expect to complete with any particular chainsaw?
  • Maintenance – Are there any special steps to keeping a particular model in top condition?
  • Accessories – What will you get in the box with a new chainsaw?
  • Detailed Pros and Cons – What will you love? What features let the unit down?

Other review sections cover warranty periods, where a chainsaw was made, and of course we will cover all of the raw technical specifications.

Most importantly, every in-depth review will be able to tell you exactly what you can expect to get out of a chainsaw, allowing you to discover whether it is matched to your unique needs.

Spend Your Money Wisely!

When it’s time to upgrade or purchase your first chainsaw, make sure you do so with all of the right research behind your decision.

Power Tools Ninja is the ultimate source for chainsaw buying advice and reviews.

Remington Chainsaw Model RangeWhen you’re considering a chainsaw for your home, you need to take some time to think about what you’re going to be using your chainsaw for:

Will you primarily need to cut down small trees or prepare firewood?

Is most of your work light clearing?

Or maybe you simply need a chainsaw for tree pruning and you want something that still feels like it has a high level of quality?

If you fall into any of these categories, then Remington electric and gas chainsaws are worth a closer look. Although these saws won’t be able to compete with the largest gas powered saws, they are highly capable in the light to medium duty niche.

The following models might not be the most versatile chainsaws on the market, but they do offer excellent value and good performance for their respective purposes.

I do hope you  find the right fit for your own needs!

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Tanaka Chainsaw Top 3 Models RecommendedIf you’re looking for quality chainsaws, then there are a few brand names that you will often see advertised and in chainsaw reviews.

Makita and Husqvarna are some of the industry’s most popular, and all of these companies make high quality products across various price ranges.

One brand that you might not see as much, but that is still worth your consideration, is Tanaka. The brand is focused on both commercial and domestic users, and offers quality that can rival some of the more mainstream brands.

Despite a slight dip in mainstream popularity in recent years, the company still makes some very compelling models.

Let’s take a look at three of the best Tanaka chainsaw models that they have, and what they could offer you.

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Husqvarna Chainsaw Parts:Your Complete GuideKeeping your chainsaw in top condition will be critical if you want to get the most out of it.

Whether you use your chainsaw for breaking up cords of wood for your fireplace, or even if you’re performing extensive property clearing; high quality parts will mean that you can work whenever you need to, without running into breakdowns and failures.

Of course, there are times when even the most well maintained chainsaw will develop problems, so it’s always a good idea to keep spares on hand, or at least know what to look for when something goes wrong.

If you’re the proud owner of a Husqvarna chainsaw, then you will know that reliability is one of the strong points of the brand. Even on Husqvarna chainsaw parts that experience wear, you’re likely to get more use and lifetime out of your tool than you would with a budget alternative.

If it’s time to look for popular Husqvarna 350 chainsaw parts, or even Husqvarna 440 chainsaw parts, then this guide will be an excellent starting point for your search, and will even serve as a great reference tool so that you’re prepared for the future.

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