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Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Lawn Mowers Buying Guide and Advice for Future and New Owners

Knowing how to choose the right lawn mower for your needs is essential, and our lawn mower buying guide will help to ensure that you end up with a lawn mower that suits your immediate needs and any that you might have in the future.

If you’ve never owned a lawn mower before, or if it’s been some time since you’ve had a look at what’s on the market, then some helpful lawn mower buying guide and advice can be an excellent starting point.

In addition to the Power Tools Ninja lawn mower reviews, and our helpful model comparison guide, these buying advice articles will ensure that you know everything that is required to choose and maintain a lawn mower for your home.

Knowing What Kind of Lawn Mower You Should Buy

Purchasing a lawn mower will mean looking at the benefits and disadvantages of different types of mowers.

In today’s market you will find battery powered lawn mowers, corded electric lawn mowers, and gas lawn mowers.

In our Gas Lawn Mower Models and Battery Lawn Mower Guide, you’ll find out about the key design features and advantages, along with specific information that will relate different technologies to different needs.

We even offer some of the top models with overviews that will help you to choose from what’s currently available on the market.

You can even learn about riding lawn mowers and find out about some of the top models that can be used for large properties.

Learn About Parts for Your New Lawn Mower

Are you the proud new owner of a gas or electric lawn mower? Even if you haven’t purchased your mower yet, you’ll still need to know about the parts that you should buy to maintain or repair your lawn mower in the future.

From blades and grass chutes, to the right type of fuel and other accessories, our guides cover specific brands and some of the most common lawn mower parts.

You don’t need to be an expert on the inner workings of a lawn mower to be able to perform basic maintenance at home, and our guides will help to ensure that you can stock up on necessary replacement parts that will make your life easier.

Our guides cover popular brands like Troy Bilt, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Toro, and more.

Make Better Decisions with Better Advice

At the end of the day, making the right decision for a new lawn mower or lawn mower parts will be much easier when you have all of the right information.

These guides will help you to become confident regarding lawn mower brands, technology, and terminology.

You’ll learn why it’s important to keep a sharp blade on a lawn mower, and what a spark plug is used for in a gas lawn mower.

With this information you’ll not only become more knowledgeable about lawn mowers in general, but you’ll also become a smarter consumer when it comes to making your next purchase.

Lawn Mower Maintenance-A Quick GuideIt’s funny how most of us will obsess over every slight change in the way our car engine sounds and consult a professional if there’s even a hint of a hiccup, but will remain frustrated pulling at a lawnmower’s starter cord while furiously wondering why the damned thing won’t start up again.

If you take only a fraction of the time and interest you devote to keeping your car running smoothly and apply them to your lawnmower, you’ll have an immaculate lawn every time, and a well-running machine to maintain it with too.

As the humble lawn mower is in essence a vastly simplified version of a car with deadly blades mounted underneath, setting up a routine that will ensure its peak performance shouldn’t be that hard.

We’ve condensed the most helpful lawn mower maintenance suggestions into this informative guide, so you’ll always have a point of reference to turn back to if need be.

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Best Troy Bilt Lawn MowersAs one of the most popular brand names in outdoor power equipment, Troy Bilt lawn mowers are worth a closer look if you’re looking for a high quality gas powered lawn mower.

Manufactured by the MTD company that also makes Cub Cadet and Yard-Man, there are a number of competitive Troy Bilt lawn mowers models that are suitable for the average homeowner, and there are even models for commercial use.

If you’ve seen our in-depth lawn mower reviews and are still looking for more options, then this round up of five of the best Troy Bilt lawn mowers could be exactly what you’re looking for.



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Best Riding Lawn MowerHow big is the property that you live on? Do you perform commercial mowing on large sections where a push lawn mower is taking too long on the job?

If you’ve reached the stage where a push lawn mower is simply not enough for your needs, then it’s time to take a look at some riding lawn mower models.

These mowers come in tractor and zero turn designs, and they can make short work of even the largest property.

If you’ve wondered about the suitability of a riding mower for your needs, then this guide and some quick riding lawn mower reviews will help you to make the right decision with your next purchase.


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Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Parts All You Need To KnowWhether you’re the owner of a Troy Bilt riding mower, a walk-behind push mower, or even if you’re considering buying one in the future, knowing about the most common Troy Bilt lawn mower parts will mean that you’re always ready when it comes to perform repairs or maintenance.

Troy Bilt lawn mowers are of excellent quality and are highly regarded around the world.

Despite the quality in design and components, some key elements can wear or fail over time, but having the right spares will mean that you’re able to extend the life of your mower, potentially for decades into the future.

Here are some of the most common Troy Bilt lawn mower parts, what they’re for, and some specific examples that you can buy today.

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Best Gas Lawn Mower ModelsIf you want your property to look its best, then you’re going to need a high quality lawn mower.

There are a number of options on the market today, including corded electric, battery powered, riding lawn mowers and gas lawn mower models.

Although electric corded and battery powered mowers are becoming more popular with each passing year, there is still a huge market for gas mowers, and some specific scenarios where they are more suitable.

If you’re new to lawn mowers and you’ve taken a look at our electric lawn mower reviews and buying guides, then it’s now time to learn about the gas powered alternatives.



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Husqvarna Lawn Mower PartsHusqvarna makes some of the highest quality and most reliable riding lawn mowers in the world.

Models like the Husqvarna Z254 are used by a number of commercial operators and private landowners who have large properties to care for.

Husqvarna also makes walk-behind lawn mowers for the average homeowner or professional landscaper, and they incorporate popular features like self-propelled rear wheel drive, as well as a multi-cutting system that allows for mulching and regular cutting.

If you own a Husqvarna product then you will know firsthand just how good they are, and you will also know that some husqvarna lawn mower parts need to be replaced from time to time.

No matter how well a mower is made, it’s an inevitability that you’ll need spare parts to perform repairs or maintenance in the future.

You can take a look at some of the most common Husqvarna lawn mower parts to see what’s available, and to get an idea of what you might need to purchase in the future.

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Best battery lawn mowers - battery powered operatedChoosing a lawn mower for your home is more complicated than it was a couple of decades ago.

In addition to traditional gas lawn mowers, we now have electric corded mowers, as well as battery powered lawn mowers. Each different mower type has a number of advantages and disadvantages, and the best one for you is the one that is best for your unique needs.

Let’s take a look at why battery lawn mowers have become so popular, what they can offer you, and then take a look at three models that could be perfect for your lawn care duties.



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Best electric lawn mower to buy. Our top 10 listKeeping your lawn in good condition will make your property more presentable, and in the summer a well-maintained lawn will make you want to spend more time outside.

If you want to keep a good lawn then you’ll need a quality lawn mower, which means finding the right mower to meet your needs.

We’ve covered an extensive range of manual and electric mowers in our full reviews, and now we’re going to take an ‘at a glance’ look at 10 of the best electric lawn mower models for home use.

All of these mowers meet our criteria for quality, competitive pricing, and excellent cutting features that all combine to make a worthwhile investment.

Although we’ve listed 10 mowers, these are not ranked in an order of best to worst, because we consider all of these mowers good options in their various niches.

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How to sharpen lawn mower bladesJust like a good quality chainsaw, the performance of your lawn mower will never be at its best if the blade is not regularly sharpened.

A dull blade on a lawn mower will mean that grass is ripped out rather than cut with precision, which will lead to root damage, poor regrowth, and a patchy and unpresentable lawn.

If you want to have the best experience with your lawn mower while ensuring that your lawn gets the best cut and looks great, then you’ll need to learn about one of the most basic and most important lawn mower maintenance tasks – how to sharpen lawn mower blades.



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Craftsman Lawn Mower Parts For Replacement A Complete GuideCraftsman is a brand that has long been associated with quality and reliability, and they’re widely known as America’s most trusted power tool and outdoor tools brand.

If you are the owner a Craftsman lawn mower, then you’ll know exactly why they have a reputation for quality and performance.

A lawn mower can last for decades when properly cared for and maintained, which means you’ll need to know about the best Craftsman lawn mower parts to use when you need to perform maintenance or repairs.

Here’s an overview of some of the most common Craftsman lawn mower parts, including examples to get you started if you need to perform repairs or maintenance in the near future.

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