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Champion Vs Honda Generator - Which One Is The Best?A portable generator or home standby generator can turn out to be a terrific purchase that makes life so much easier for you. This sort of device can give you a reliable backup option in the case of a power blackout, or else it can be used when camping or for providing energy to power tools when far from home.

Of course, there are a number of different brands for you to choose from. Among the most well-known are Champion Power Equipment and Honda. Which one of these top brands is likely to be right for you? By taking a look at both of them we can get an idea of what they each offer.



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Portable vs standby generator-How Do They DifferRapid climate change isn’t only an abstract concept scientists are worried about anymore – as the previous few seasons have shown, increasingly volatile weather activity is something more and more households are faced with.

As greater portions of the country are becoming more susceptible to power outages which can last from anywhere between an hour or two to more than a couple of days, it is imperative that you have a backup plan to keep your appliances running should the misfortune of a prolonged power outage ever befall you.

Until a few more breakthroughs in the field of green energy directly start reaching consumers, about the only viable alternative to being reliant on the national energy grid is a good generator.

Getting one is a no-brainer as the assurance that it will tide you over until things are in order again is worth every penny. The question is – should you buy a portable or a standby generator? In this article we’re examining how both types of generator perform, what to expect from and consider before buying each.

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Champion generator partsIf you’re the proud new owner of a Champion generator, or if you’re considering buying one in the near future, then knowing the available champion generator parts can keep you on top of maintenance and repairs.

Modern generators require less maintenance than ever before, but there are still times where you will need to change the oil, replace a filter, or maybe even replace a high-use part such as a starter pulley.

Knowing some of the most common Champion generator parts in advance can help you to prepare for any situation, and some of these are so affordable that you can even keep them on hand in case they are needed in the future.


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Best Generac portable generatorsIf you’re looking for a home backup generator, or even a portable generator to use on a campsite or a jobsite, then Generac will undoubtedly be one of the brands that you will come across.

A well-respected name since 1969, Generac is currently one of the most popular power equipment names in the United States and in other key markets. Along with brands like Champion, Yamaha, and Honda, Generac is thought of as an industry leader.

Generac portable generators have come a long way over the decades, and they now have a comprehensive range from lightweight portable generators, all the way up to multi-megawatt generators for commercial and industrial use.

Generac can be found in data centers, hospitals, and schools across the country, so there’s no doubt that a smaller model would be great for your home.

If you’ve been looking at the range but are finding it hard to pin down the models that would be right for you, then this overview of the top three Generac portable generators will be a great starting point, and you may even find your next purchase right here.

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Best RV generatorsOwning an RV can give you the freedom to travel whenever you want, visiting some of the best camping spots that the country has to offer.

An RV gives you many of the conveniences that you would have at home, even when you’re out on the road or deep in the wilderness. Of course, if you want to get the most out of your RV, then you’ll need to have a reliable power source.

RV’s can take power directly from the engine and alternator, but this is not always the most cost effective or efficient way to do things.

Any RV enthusiast who has some experience, will tell you that a portable generator is the way to go. RV generators need to be powerful enough to run all of your key appliances, as well as any portable consumer electronics that you might be traveling with.

If you’re in the market for a generator today, then these are three highly capable Champion models that you’ll want to take a look at first.

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Best portable generator for homeA home generator can be a massive convenience during a power outage or an emergency situation.

In some cases, a generator could even be your primary source of power. Finding the right generator requires more than just looking at the different models that are available on the market, because you’ll also need to find the right technology that suits your needs.

Portable gas generators can provide plenty of power but require a steady fuel source, while solar generators can provide power that is charged any day when there is sunlight.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each option. This guide will help you to become familiar with what’s currently on the market and help you choose the best portable generator for home.


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Best Portable Solar Generators - Our Top 4 RecommendedA gas powered inverter generator can be a convenient thing to have at home, however, some people don’t need all of the power that is delivered by a gas generator, and need only a simple device for lighting and charging mobile devices.

Smaller and more convenient devices can also be used for camping where cooking with electricity will not be a requirement.

Solar energy is one of the best ways to get portable electricity without relying on a fuel source, and there are a number of compelling portable solar generators on the market that could be perfect for your needs.

If you think that you could make use of a solar generator, but haven’t started to check out your options, then these four recommended models will be a great starting point.

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Quiet Portable Generators Top 10 ListA portable generator needs to be more than just small and lightweight.

It should also have decent output power, and should run at low volumes so that any disturbance is kept to a minimum. A quiet generator is particularly important if you will run one at home, or even on a campsite.

We’ve taken a look at some of the very best quiet portable generators that you can buy today, taking into account all of their best features, noting noise output in particular.

If you want to buy your first generator or a replacement generator and you are particularly sensitive about their noise output, then we are proud to present to you our top 10 list.

This will provide you with plenty of options across the range in both power and price.

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honda generator parts portable inverterKeeping a portable inverter generator in top condition will be simple when you have the right parts and accessories.

If you’re the owner of a Honda generator, then you already have one of the most reliable generators on the market. Honda engines are made to last, and the company takes great care to use high quality components and easily replaceable components wherever possible.

Honda is one of the go-to brands for people who want uncompromising quality, and who don’t mind paying a premium to get it.

If you’ve recently bought a Honda generator, or even if you’ve had one for a while and want to perform some basic maintenance, then this guide will help you to get familiar with all of the basic Honda generator parts and accessories.

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honda portable generators our top three picks best you can buyHere at Power Tools Ninja we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some of the very best generators that are currently on the market.

Models can range drastically in performance and price, and it’s always interesting to see what different manufacturers can achieve within the relatively small footprint of a portable inverter generator.

Being able to look closely at so many different models means that we are able to see which brands are leading the way in terms of performance and quality, and Honda is definitely up there with the very best manufacturers.

For anyone who has had experienced with a Honda generator, lawn mower, or any other power tool, this will be no big surprise. The company are well known for producing high quality equipment and some of the strongest small engines in the industry.

The brand receives the same kind of praise that is often attributed to competitors like Briggs & Stratton and Yamaha, and once you own a Honda generator, you will know why.

It’s time to take a look at three Honda portable generators, ranging from the small EU1000i, all the way up to the Honda 7000W Inverter Generator, and see which model might be right for your next purchase.

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