Are you looking for a chainsaw that is capable while also remaining portable and inexpensive? In the past, you’d have to spend a significant amount of money for basic cutting and pruning tasks around the home, but this is no longer true.

Advances in manufacturing technology mean that even a relatively inexpensive saw can offer good performance.

Sure, you’re not going to be able to compete with a professional saw when you’re looking in the sub-$100 price range, but you can still get something that will satisfy most of your basic needs.

This category has been designed to introduce you to budget orientated saws that won’t leave you with buyer’s remorse.

As we grow this category with new models, you’ll find that you’re able to separate the bad purchases from those that are actually worth your time and money, allowing you to make the right investment when it comes time to buy.

Do You Need to Compromise When You Buy a Sub-$100 Chainsaw?

We know what you’re thinking… how is it possible to get a quality chainsaw for such a low price?

The reality is that a budget saw won’t be able to compete with saws that are two, three, or even five times as much in price. However, the right model can allow you to perform light cutting tasks around your home or small property.

You’ll find that saws in this category don’t use gas power, but instead run off of mains electricity. The WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chainsaw is a great example of a cost effective unit that is actually worth a look.

It’s perfect for pruning and tree shaping, and you’ll even be able to use it to break up firewood from medium sized material.

While this won’t be the type of workhorse that you’ll use for tree clearing, it will perform commendably when you keep your expectations in check.

Tools in this category will have a number of things in common, such as using plastic for the saw housing, and they’ll be offered with very few or even no accessories.

This is something that you’ll have to accept in this price range, but you will find that you’ll still get value for your money when you buy the right saw.

Because saws in this price range will be mains powered, you’ll also sacrifice some portability.

Of course, if you’re not looking for something that you can take out to the track, or to use for clearing around a large property, then this is a compromise that will be easy to make.

In short, the things you do give up are easily outshone by the affordable price, which is one of the most important factors for people who are buying an entry level chainsaw.

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WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chainsaw

WORX WG303.1