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Champion 75537i Power Equipment Portable Inverter Generator Review

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Are you looking for a new power inverter generator before your next RV trip?

Do you plan to spend an extended weekend at your off grid cabin and prefer to take a little modern convenience along for the ride?

Either of these situations is perfect for a unit like the Champion 75537i Power Equipment portable inverter generator .

If you are in the market or just curious about new portable energy options, you have come to the right place. Get ready for the review!

Product Showcase

Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator
  • Quick Touch Panel - Access all your controls in one spot, plus Champions safe design includes a low oil shut-off sensor and holds 0.6-quarts of oil (recommended 10W-30)
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation - 58 dBA is perfect for RVs, tailgating, your next project or backup power for your home, featuring 3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts with up to 8 hours run time
  • Clean Power for Sensitive Electronics - RV Ready with a 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A household outlets with clean electricity (less than 3% THD) and 12V DC outlet
  • Smart Economy Mode - Can reduce the electrical load, providing quieter operation, extended engine life and better fuel economy
  • Champion Support - Includes 3-year limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support from dedicated experts

First Time Considerations

Have you ever purchased a generator before? Do you understand the difference between your standard generator (you know the big bulky models that can be heard for miles?) and these newer inverter generators?

Learn a little about how each type of generator functions, because even though they are loud, bulky and burn more fuel there are definitely times when you will need them over this portable type.

Usually, conventional generators are chosen when you need a higher power output. Although there is something to be said for the lower cost of the units and cheaper maintenance.

Size- Dimensions

Inverter generators have a reputation for being much smaller and portable than their standard counterparts, which is of course one of the main reasons they are so popular.

The Champion 75537i measures 18×17 x 15 inches, or not much bigger than your average cooler. Of course, at just under 100 pounds it does weigh a bit more than your camping cooler, and this can detract somewhat from its mobility.

Power Output

As far as inverter generators go, this little beauty is truly more of a beast, at 3100 watts starting and 2100 watts running power, this generator has become a go to for many RV camping enthusiasts.

This level of power easily allows running multiple items, even a microwave and RV air conditioning.

Run Time

When talking about run time it is important you understand that the rated run time is always at about 25% capacity.

In other words, while the Champion 75537i power equipment inverter generator  has a run time of 8 hours on one tank of fuel, this time will be considerably less if you are running the unit at 50% capacity or heavy loads.

Noise Level

This question gets asked at least as often, and sometimes more so, than fuel economy questions.

How much noise can you expect from the Champion 75537i generator?

According to the manufacturers website, about 58 dBA (decibels). To put that into perspective, background noise at a restaurant is 60 dBA and most people watch television at 70 dBA. Summing it all up, this generator is not as noisy as your last dinner date or Late Night television show.


If you want any mechanical device to last at least to manufacturers specifications, there needs to be some regular maintenance performed.

On the Champion inverter generator 75537i, this maintenance begins the moment you remove it from the box.

The manufacturer recommends a particular oil viscosity and running times when you first get the unit, basically there are unique instructions for a “break in” period that you should follow.


Do you need a generator? Well, chances are better than average if you have made it this far into the review, you definitely want one!

Generators like the Champion 75537i have multiple applications, such as emergency power outtage and your yearly tailgating party, but where it really shines is as an RV inverter generator.

Do you want to pre-cool your RV before you park? Do you like to spend a week at your out of the way cabin in the woods, but prefer a few modern conveniences? Let’s put it this way, if you need electricity for small or medium duty applications, this is your generator.


This champion comes equipped with a 171cc Champion engine with clean power, which means it is perfectly safe for your sensitive electronics.

This is a single cylinder 4 stroke engine complete with low oil shut off safety feature.

Fuel Efficiency

How much fuel will it take to power your next outing? A lot depends on how many appliances you will be powering, but average use will get you 6-8 hours easy on one tank of fuel or 1.6 gallons of gasoline.

As with many inverter generator models the Champion offers an Eco mode, which decreases engine speed based on the demand placed on the unit which helps save on fuel consumption.

Ease Of  Use

How hard is this piece of Champion power equipment to use? Pretty simple actually, simply un-box, fill with oil and fuel based on manufacturer specifications and start the unit up!

From box to power production in 20 minutes or less, how could it be any simpler?

Power Outlets

  • 120-Volt 30 Amp RV
  • two 120-Volt 20 Amp household
  • 12-Volt DC

Environmental Friendliness

Is this unit environmentally friendly?

What makes a mechanical device environmentally friendly in the first place? The phase literally means earth friendly, so something that is not harmful to the earth.

One way this inverter generator is definitely earth conscious is in fuel consumption, less burning gasoline means fewer harmful chemicals released into the air.

Plus, the longer fuel lasts the less demand there is on the fuel supply as a whole, which means less damage to the earth to extract oil and refine it into gasoline.


The Champion 75537i power equipment generator  is covered under manufacturers warranty for two years. Keep in mind this means the unit must be purchased from an authorized seller, so do your homework if you are shopping online.

Also bear in mind, if you are utilizing the unit for commercial applications the warranty is only good for 90 days.

What consumers say

Overall consumers are thrilled with the Champion 77537i inverter generator. Consumers will tell you they choose this particular model regularly, thanks to the positive experience they have learned about from others.

Basically, reviews of the product and brand recognition.

Once the purchase has been made, they discover the hype wasn’t hype at all, it was just basic truth. Here are a few of the comments you will hear on the street:

  • If you own an RV you NEED this generator!
  • Love the remote start key fob.. best feature hands down.
  • A 28ft camper trailer with air is no challenge for the Champion
  • Wheels around easily!
  • Took care of all our power needs, without overloading us with noise

Not all the news has been good, a few consumers have purchased this unit only to receive damaged goods and report low or non-functioning on board battery.

A weak battery means no remote start and a potential host of other issues. Thankfully, most of these are issues that can be handled under warranty.


As with any commercial product, where you buy the Champion 75537i will have a direct impact on price.

For instance, many times Amazon will have these units available several hundred dollars cheaper than your typical brick and mortar retailer. (this is not always the case, but often).

Currently these models sell for anywhere from $800 -$900. A price that is well within the boundaries for this caliber generator.

Operational Warnings

Using these machines is pretty easy, but that does not mean you never have to utilize caution. A few warnings you should be aware of:

  • Allow unit to cool for a few minutes before removing fuel cap
  • Never fill unit directly at the gas station – instead put fuel in an approved container.
  • Do not move generator while its running
  • Provide 3ft of clearance around generator for proper air flow around the unit.
  • Keep inverter at least 5ft from any combustible materials
  • Do not start or stop generator with electrical devices plugged in

Champion 75537i Portable Inverter Generator Review:Our Final Verdict

If you have gotten this far, it is clear you are in need of a generator and by now you will have a much clearer picture of whether this is the unit for you or not.

According to all reports and reviews the Champion power equipment definitely lives up to its reputation. The 75537i provides power to spare while not breaking the bank in fuel costs or annoying you and others in the immediate vicinity.

Whether you want to enjoy a little air conditioning on your next summer camping trip or you live in an area prone to natural disasters and you want to stay prepared, the Champion is a great little portable generator.

Champion 75537i Power Generator Summary Review

-Remote start capability
-Built in handle and wheel kit
-Low oil shut off sensor
-Lifetime technical support
-Comes travel ready with RV outlet
-Auto Idle control
-Automatic voltage regulation
-120-Volt 30 Amp RV
-two 120-Volt 20 Amp household
-12-Volt DC
-171cc Champion engine
-Fuel efficiency 6-8 hours on one tank of fuel or 1.6 gallons of gasoline
-58 dBA noise output
- 3100 watts starting and 2100 watts running power

-Easy to start and operate - touch panel
-Enough power for 10,000 – 13,000 BTU RV air conditioning
-Quiet enough not to bother the neighbors at the RV park or on the lake.
-Decent fuel life at 8 hours per tank @ 25%
-Small enough to be unobtrusive in most applications
-Environmentally friendly

-This little bad boy may not be huge, but it is not light either. Most generators of this physical size are closer to 60 pounds, but the Champion power equipment is a whopper at 96.
Thankfully it is still light enough one person could handle it if need be, but just to be on the safe side if you have to lift it, team lift, your back will thank you.

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