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Champion vs. Honda Generator: Which Brand is Best for You?

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A portable generator or home standby generator can turn out to be a terrific purchase that makes life so much easier for you. This sort of device can give you a reliable backup option in the case of a power blackout, or else it can be used when camping or for providing energy to power tools when far from home.

Of course, there are a number of different brands for you to choose from. Among the most well-known are Champion Power Equipment and Honda. Which one of these top brands is likely to be right for you? By taking a look at our Champion vs Honda generator analysis, you can get an idea of what they each offer.

All About Champion Power Equipment

This brand has been making tools in the US since 2003. They now have several manufacturing centers across North America and offer a wide range of products. As well as a number of different Champion generators, you will also find the likes of engines, log splitters, and winches made by them.

Their own site says that they have sold more than 2.5 million generators in the North American market since starting out. They also say that their new range of V-Twin engines are “unparalleled in power, performance and durability.”

When you look at the range of products that they offer at Champion, you will see both portable generators and home standby generators for sale. In total, there are a massive 102 portable generators and 15 home standby generators listed on their site at the time of writing. As you can imagine, this means that you can find something for every possible situation and need.

The portable options range from compact 1,200 watt models with an 11-hour run time and a 65.0 dB noise level all the way up to a massive 12,000 watt generator that has a run time of 9 hours and produces noise levels of 78.0 dB.

Turning our attention to the home standby generators, we can see that the starting point is with an 8.5 kW model with a 50 amp indoor switch. This product has a 439 CC engine and produces 59.5 dB. At the highest end of the product range, they offer a 14kW generator that comes with a 200-amp whole house switch. In this case, it has a 754 CC engine and the noise level is 63.5 dB.

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All About Honda

While this company is best known for its cars and motorbikes, they offer a far greater range of products than just this. Based in Japan, Honda has a long and proud history, with their move into power equipment starting in the 1960s.

Among the extensive range of power equipment from this brand are a number of generators. These are divided up in their site between work, home, and play categories to make it easier to make the right choice.

Right now, their official site has a wide range of generators covering both portable and home-use models. The lowest watt generators come with the EU1000i model. These come with 1,000 watts of power and run for around 7 hours on 0.6 gallons of gas (3.2 hours on a tankful). The noise level is 50 dB and it has a 49.4cc motor.

At the opposite end of the scale, the EB10000 generator offers 10,000 watts. This model runs on a Honda commercial GX engine and is described as providing the “best fuel efficiency and lowest noise rating in its class.” The motor is 630cc and it produces 73 dB of noise when running.

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Which Brand Should You Choose?

Both of these brands offer excellent generators and have solid reputations. So, how can you hope to make the best possible choice? By taking the following points into account, it should be easier to choose wisely.

The Quality

It is fair to say that both of these brands offer high-quality generators. If you look up online reviews for both you will see that Honda and Champion generators enjoy excellent reputations among customers and critics. None of the models made by these companies are likely to let you down.

The Range

As mentioned earlier, Honda and Champion have both got extensive ranges. No matter what you are looking for, you are almost certain to find it with either of them. In this respect, Champion has a larger range, with models that are higher in watts than Honda. Having said that, Honda has a lower-powered model than Champion at the time of writing.

The Warranty

It is no surprise to see that both of these firms offer worthwhile warranties with their generators. In the case of Honda, most of these products come with a 3-year warranty when registered in the US, although less is offered on the EU1000i, EB2800i, and EG2800i models. As for Champion generators, a 3-year warranty is also pretty standard, although some home standby models have a 10-year warranty.

The Cost

For many of us, this will ultimately come down to a question of price. How much are you willing to pay to get a quality generator that you can trust? It is clear from checking out the models that Honda generators are more expensive, often a good deal more expensive. Therefore, if you want the cheapest model, then Champion is probably going to appeal to you.

Champion vs Honda Generator: Summary

You are going to get an excellent generator no matter which of these brands you settle on. Given that both companies offer a wide range of models, it makes sense to work out what you need first of all.

Does it have to be extremely powerful, or is it more important to you that it runs smoothly and quietly? Perhaps you are most interested in getting a generator that has a long run time?

Once you have worked out your exact needs, it will be a lot easier to choose a model or two from each brand to compare. In this way, you can comfortably compare like for like. Whether you choose Champion or Honda, you can expect to get a reliable generator that gives you years of faithful service.

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