Whether you’ve already checked out some of our comprehensive lawn mower reviews, or if you’ve simply taken a look at some of our buying guides and now want to see some more models to take a look at, this Compare Lawn Mowers at a Glance reference guide is your starting point for finding the right lawn mower for your needs.

There’s no ‘perfect’ lawn mower for everyone. You may have a smaller lawn and might be wanting a small corded lawn mower, or you could be someone who has a slightly larger lawn and want the flexibility of a cordless battery lawn mower.

This “compare lawn mowers” list will allow you to take a look at some of the most popular models, including some important stats that will tell you more about a mower, even before you take a look at the full review.

Item Weight of Each Lawn Mower

Item weight relates to the mower as it comes packaged, and is a close representation of how much the mower will weight once it’s out of the box and all set up.

A heavier lawn mower can sometimes be harder to manage and may create more mowing fatigue, but it’s not always guaranteed that a heavier mower will be harder to use.

Because lawn mowers are wheeled tools, you’ll never feel the full weight when you are pushing one around your lawn.

Generally speaking, a lighter mower will create less mowing fatigue, but even a mower that weighs up to 60 lbs. will not be overly difficult for the average person to maneuver.

Comparing Cutting Inches

One of the most important stats / features when you compare lawn mowers is the cutting width.

The bigger the cutting path, the faster it will be to mow your lawn. A larger mower will be more efficient.

But it may become inconvenient if you have only a very small lawn, or if you don’t have a lot of space to store your mower.

The smallest mower that we’ve ever reviewed is the Black+Decker MTE912.

This is a multifunction mower that also functions as an edge trimmer, so it’s highly versatile and might be the ideal mower for you, despite its small cutting path.

We’ve also looked at large mowers like the battery powered Poulan Pro and Ego Power+ models, which have 20 inch cutting decks. These are more capable for larger lawns and can allow you to work faster.

As with virtually every feature that a lawn mower offers, cutting width will depend entirely on your needs and preferences, so don’t be afraid to choose a smaller mower if it falls within your price range and has the features that you need.


Compare Lawn Mowers: Easily Arrange Our Top Reviewed Models by Cost

At the end of the day, you need to get the best mower that you can find within your budget, and we’ve made that easy by allowing you to arrange all of our top lawn mower reviews by price range.

For your own convenience, we have grouped all lawn mowers reviewed in four groups, based on price on Amazon that is valid at the time of writing the respective post. These are:

Lawn Mowers under $100

Lawn Mowers between $100 – $200

Lawn Mowers between $200 – $300

Lawn Mowers between $300 – $400

Click through any model to get an in depth overview and review, and don’t forget to check out or lawn mower buying guides for general advice on lawn mowers and lawn mower parts, as well as quick reviews of a range of popular lawn mowers.


ModelOriginItem Weight
Price RangeDimensions
Cutting Width
American Lawn Mower 1204-14 China20Under $10042.5 x 24 x 2014
Manual Push
Ego Power+ Lawn Mower China56.22$300-$40016.14 x 21.65 x 37.420Battery Operated
56V Li-Ion
Poulan Pro 967044401 China41.7$300-$40037 x 20 x 57.520Battery Operated
40V Li-Ion
Sun Joe iON16LMChina33$300-$40042.9 x 17.7 x 48.416Battery Operated
40V Li-Ion
Indonesia & China13.1Under $1007.38 x 36.56 x 15.3112Electric Corded
6.5A Motor
Great States 415-16 China25.38Under $10013.8 x 10.6 x 23.116Manual Push
BLACK+DECKER EM1500 Indonesia & China36.25$100-$20017 x 18.38 x 30.1915Electric Corded
10A Motor
GreenWorks 25322China37.5$200-$30038 x 16 x 49.516Battery Operated
40V Li-Ion
GreenWorks 25142China37.5$100-$20020.3 x 15.75 x 28.416Electric Corded
10A Motor
GreenWorks 25022China56$100-$20018 X 26.13 X 26.8820Electric Corded
12A Motor