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Coolis 150Wh Portable Solar Power Inverter Generator Review

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If you have been searching for a power inverter generator, you have likely seen at least a hundred different makes, models and brands, not to mention a plethora of sizes.

It really is enough to make your head spin, isn’t it? Just about the time you think you have seen it all, you come across this little gem and think that for the price, this has to be the right one for me!

Not so fast, sparky! It could very well be exactly what you are looking for but as far as inverter generators go, this one is definitely a different animal.

Read on the  Coolis 150Wh solar power generator review!

Product Showcase

COOLIS 150Wh Portable Power Inverter Generator Power Station, Power Supply Source with Silent 110V AC / 12V DC / 5V USB Output, 40800mAh Lithium Battery
  • Powerful AC 12V DC,5V USB output: 110V AC output limited to 100W, 12V DC ouput limited to 180W, 5V USB output, capable of powering lamps,phones,laptops,TVs,printers,fans,car pumps,toast maker,coffee machine... please refer to the description page for working time calculation.
  • EASY RECHARGABLE by SUN,WALL SOCKET and CAR: (1)By 18V under 100W compatible solar panel, For Solar panel ,you can refer to the following description details of suggestion. (2)By wall charger(included). 3)By 12V car charger(included). Please note: Its take ~7 hours for full charge by wall charger, but maybe take 3 days by solar panel.
  • LED SCREEN PROTECTION FILM and BMS: LED screen is covered with a film for protection,Its normal if any scratchs on the protection film (please remove it before using). Battery Management System (BMS) to improve battery utilization, prevent over current, over voltage and over temperature, prolong battery life.
  • ATTENTION: (1)Make sure AC device does not exceed 100W, otherwise it will be auto switched to DC output for self protection; (2)Make sure your DC device power does not exceed 180W(better under 120W), otherwise the generator will be temporarily dead,you need to recharge the battery some seconds for revival; (3)Its will have some slight sound while be charged by solar panel,its normal as an voltage regulator inside..
  • WARRANTY: 12 month warranty, please send email to us freely for any problem or question. (We also provide the MC4 solar panel connector adapter cable for separate Asin B06Y3SR2BS On the child of this listing. Wall charger separate listing by search Aisn :B07BL41RWF)

Size- Dimensions

The first big difference you are going to find with the Coolis 150Wh portable solar power inverter generator (say that three times real fast) is the size.

Not only is it a mere 4.3 pounds, it measures 6.3×3.1×6.8 inches.

This is considerably smaller than most of the inverter generators on the market today and for good reason. This unit does not contain a gasoline powered engine.

Power Source

So, just exactly how does the Coolis inverter get its juice?

From its on-board 40800mAh lithium polymer battery.

In all actuality, this unit could be better described as a power bank, rather than a generator because on its own, it does not generate any electricity, but simply stores it for future usage.

Power Output

Power output on this unit is standard American 110 volt, 60 Hz, which means, theoretically, you could plug any 110 device into this unit.

However, since it is such a low wattage inverter, you want to limit the devices to those that are low load.

Run Time

Again, compared to generators as a whole, run time is not exactly an accurate description. The Coolis 150Wh portable solar power inverter generator offers a maximum discharge.

As one reviewer put it, you have approximately the equivalent of 5-6 recharges for a Mac Book Pro. Of course, one big plus is this unit has absolutely no noise output at all.

Calculate Working Time: Lets say your device is rated for 60w. Your calculations would be- 150Wh * .8 / 60w = 2 hours run time.


Since there are no moving parts in this unit, the maintenance is much simpler than the average inverter generator.

No oil or fuel requirements and no break in period required. Basic maintenance for the Coolis 150Wh portable solar power inverter generator is keeping it clean, free of damage and clear of water.


Where would this unit be useful?

Since you can charge it on any house outlet and now it comes with a solar panel connector, it can easily be kept ready for a multitude of applications.

Anywhere you may need to charge your phone, laptop or power other small devices is a good place for this unit.


Inside the Coolis 150Wh portable solar power inverter generator is a lithium polymer battery. Now days, most people are at least somewhat familiar with the lithium line of batteries, such as the lithium ion batteries present in most cellular devices and some rechargeable devices.

Lithium polymer batteries differ somewhat from their ion counterparts.

For starters, they are lighter and can be molded into different shapes. These batteries also offer a larger power output than the ion battery. On the down side, they are more expensive to manufacture.

Ease Of Use

Nothing could be easier to use.

Simply ensure your Coolis 150Wh portable solar power inverter generator is fully charged and you are good to go.

It is recommended that you do not discharge this unit 100%, as this can be hard on the battery and shorten its overall lifespan.

Environmental Friendliness

If there is one thing the Coolis 150Wh inverter is, it is environmentally friendly.

It burns no fossil fuels and therefore produces no exhaust fumes to pollute the environment. If you are looking for a simple way to do something green, this is a good start.

Customer Satisfaction

There is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and their expectations going into the purchase.

Those who understood the limitations of the Coolis 150Wh portable solar power inverter generator were happy with the purchase.

However, those who expected a lot more from the unit were not.

Customers who bought it for casual use seemed to be the most satisfied as it suited their lighting needs at the campsite or emergency charge for their laptop and cellular devices.

Click here to read actual reviews from real users.


  • DC – 180 watt max
  • AC- 100 watt max
  • 3 pounds
  • Battery management system to prevent over charging or discharging
  • LED read out
  • 3 DC ports-12V DC
  • 2 AC outlets
  • 2 USB ports


One area you absolutely cannot go wrong with this unit on is price.

These are very affordably priced at under $150 on Amazon and other online retail sites. This is a vast departure from your traditional inverter generators that top the price charts at nearly $1,000.

Click here to check the latest price.

Our Coolis 150Wh Solar Power Inverter Generator Review: The Final Verdict

Whether you are searching for a new hair dryer or a power inverter, you should always take the time to determine what you need before you begin comparing products.

Overall, the Coolis 150Wh portable solar power inverter generator is a good choice for casual use in out of the way places.

If you need to power small devices while out in the middle of the lake or during your hiking trip, this is the device for you.

If you need to power life sustaining equipment during bad weather or other power outage situations, get something bigger. It all comes down to what you expect to need from a power inverter, so do your homework.

Coolis 150Wh Power Generator Summary Review

-Dimensions 6.3 X 3.1 X 6.8 inches
-4.3 lb weight, mounted on wheels
-Solar powered, power source 40800 mAh lithium polymer battery
-Power output 110V- 60 HZ
-2 110V AC outlets, 2 USB ports
-Minimum maintenance
-No noise production
-LED Read out

-Whether you are backpacking in the Grand Canyon or traveling the world, this inverter can go along for the ride. It is small enough to fit in almost any pack and light enough not to burden the user.

-Plus, if you are in another country, you do not have to worry about frying your sensitive electronics.

-Another positive aspect of this inverter generator is the fact that you can use it indoors or out with no worries. Since it does not burn any fuel, there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, even if you have it operating underneath your bed!

-Since this unit is small and not “generating”, you do not have to worry about grounding the device or any risk of electrocution.

-Finally, your neighbors will have nothing to complain about when you power it up at 3 am to charge your iPhone.

-No engine means it makes no noise. Ditto for the campsites that ban generators due to noise pollution.

-Lightweight, easy to carry and simple to use, but it will not power a hair dryer or other devices with a significant power draw.

-If you are looking for a device to help power your air conditioning in the RV or the refrigerator during a storm, this is not the unit for you.

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