DeWALT DW745 Table Saw ReviewIf you’re looking for a table saw, or any power tool for that matter, DeWALT is a brand name that is both trusted and respected in the industry.

With the Dewalt DW745, the company is offering a powerful table saw that is competitively priced in the market. Designed for professionals on job sites, this unit is worth a look from any prospective buyer.

Let’s take a look at this Dewalt DW745 review to know exactly what it’s in offer, and find out if this is a top contender for your next purchase.




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Key Product Features

  • Classic bold yellow DeWALT styling.
  • 120-volt operation (110-volt unit available).
  • Rack & pinion type fence rails.
  • Storage for the included accessories.
  • Levelling feed for easy adjustment on different surfaces.
  • Telescoping fence.
  • Metal base for rigidity and longevity.
  • Integrated 2-1/2” dust port.
  • Non friction table coating.


Application – Who Is This Table Saw Intended For?

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DeWALT is a professional brand that caters to contractors as well as home based woodworkers who want top quality from a table saw.

Marketed as a job site tool, this is an efficient and relatively compact unit that would be suitable for general carpenters, renovators, flooring professionals, cabinet makers/installers, and furniture makers.

Is the Saw Designed for Frequent Use?

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This tool DeWALT DW745 is intended for jobsites, so regular use is no stretch.

Obviously, it should not be used continuously (such as in a factory), but this is the nature of all portable saws in this category.

It’s possible to rip through solid red oak (2”x4”) using this saw, with no performance degradation. This is a strong indicator that this unit will keep performing, even in demanding scenarios.

How Portable is the DeWALT DW745?

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As a job site saw, the DW745 needs to be portable and easy to manage.

Unlike some competing table saws of similar capability, this can easily be carried by a single operator, and the casing has been designed for such scenarios. Nicely balanced, it can be carried with one arm, and at 53 lbs. (24kg) it will be easily transported by most owners.

Whereas some saws will require two operators when loading or unloading into or out of a vehicle, the DeWALT only needs one.

Because the included accessories can be stored on the tool body itself, it truly is a portable package.

Power Source Details

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This motor is rated at 15 AMP which means that a 20 AMP main outlet should be used.

To prevent overloading, other high drain units should not be used on the same circuit.

To get the best performance when using extension cables, only high quality AWG 14 gauge cables should be used (up to 25 feet). Cables of up to 100 feet can be used, providing the cable is AWG 12 gauge.

How Does it Perform?

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Earlier in this DeWALT DW745 review it was mentioned that the saw could rip through solid wood. That’s a great indicator of the performance, and it performs just as well with re manufactured wood, composites, and pieces of ply.

Blade adjustment is easy and accurate, and the fence lock is easy to adjust. Overall performance is a strong point with this model, and potential owners who are familiar with DeWALT tools will not be disappointed.

Even with great performance, buyers should consider that this is a compact form factor saw, and will not be able to compete with high quality cabinet saws.

Even so, in this price range and class, units that outperform the DeWALT are few and far between.

What is the Cutting Capacity?

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The maximum cutting depth for a 0 degree bevel is 3-1/8”, while cuts at 45 degrees are limited to 2-1/4 inch. The fence support extends 16” to the right side of the saw, which is an unfortunate limitation of this table saw.

The next step up for a similar table saw would be 24”, and it is up to users to decide whether the additional rip capacity is necessary.

For owners who are willing to make a minor modification to the unit, 2.5” can be added by removing the fence screws and relocating them to the next drilled slots.

The downside to this is that it will make the built-in tape measure inaccurate, meaning that owners will need to perform manual measurements. For most professionals, manual measurements are usually performed anyway, for increased accuracy.


Quality of the Rip Fence

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The rack and pinion rip fence is a step up from models in the same price range as the DW745, and the fence even outperforms fences on some more expensive units.

A geared mechanism is used to extend the fence rail, which makes for smooth and accurate movement.

Many owners have commented on the accuracy of the fence, especially when it comes to remaining parallel with the blade.

This is a significant feature of the overall design and should not be overlooked by potential owners. Fences on some competing units can seem poor in comparison, and it is great to see that DeWALT has gone to such efforts to design their own version.


How is the Dust Collection Performance?

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The DeWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw includes a dust ejection channel with a 2-1/2-inch connector for either dust bags or a shop vacuum system.

Dust buildup within the saw is minimal, thanks to efficient design of the outlet.


What are the Standout Safety Features?

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The blade guard is reminiscent of other systems on modern portable table saws.

It is made from clear plastic and doesn’t hinder visibility when the saw is in operation.

The anti-kickback mechanism will bite down into material on both sides of the cut, and will prevent major injuries should the blade stall in a cut.

The included push stick is another (industry standard) safety device that will be used and appreciated by all owners. DeWALT also includes a pattern in the manual for owners who want to produce their own push sticks.


How Much Maintenance is Required?

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Maintenance of a portable table saw is relatively easy, and will become routine once owners are familiar with the process.

Regular inspection of the unit will reveal any built up dust, which can easily be removed with an air compressor and an air gun attachment.

The blade should be kept clean, and necessary moving parts (such as the height adjustment gear) should be lubricated. The motor bearings have been permanently lubricated and sealed at the factory, so the motor itself is maintenance free.

The unit surfaces can also be cleaned with mild detergent and a lint free cloth. Harsh chemical cleaners should not be used on the DW745.


Is it Easy to Use?

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Being a professional grade tool, it is reasonable to expect that the majority of owners will have familiarity with the operation of the unit.

Even for non-professionals, the table saw is easy to operate and maintain, especially given the comprehensive user manual.

DeWALT should be applauded for the information provided in the manual, which even includes instructions on making specific cuts. This is something that not every manufacturer provides in a basic instruction manual, and makes this a product that is easy to recommend when it comes to usability.

Performing actions like adjusting the angle, using the miter gauge, and moving the rip fence, are all easily achieved. Large contrast colored labeling on the device also means that necessary measurements and adjustments are easy to read.

Here’s a very interesting video review from a user that I would like you to see:


What is the Construction Quality Like?

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DeWALT is known for near-bulletproof construction, and for the most part, this table saw lives up to the reputation. Hardened plastics and metal are used in the construction, and the unit has an overall solid feel. However, it is not perfect.

The unit excels where it comes to the construction and assembly, as well as the motor being reliable for the vast majority of owners. The table surface is smooth and the non-friction coating allows for easy use.

Right down to the gears used for moving parts, the construction is top notch.

Where some owners will be disappointed, is in the miter gauge accessory.

A number of owners have complained about too much play with the gauge in its slot, and the overall cheap construction of the plastic miter gauge.

Numerous third party alternatives are available, but it would have been nice to see DeWALT include a higher quality example in the box. The choice of materials is likely due to cost constraints, so the poor gauge is by no means a deal breaker.


Accessories Included in the Package

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DeWALT has packed in the standard accessories that users will need to start operating the unit, right out of the box.

  • Transparent blade guard.
  • Push stick.
  • Miter Gauge.
  • A DeWALT branded, carbide tipped, 10-inch blade with 24 teeth.


Quality of Documentation

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The DeWALT instruction manual is a great example of how all power tool manuals should be. It includes comprehensive details of operation, maintenance, and cleaning, and includes illustrations for complex parts and explanations. New owners should read the complete manual before operating the unit.

DeWALT offers a digital copy of their DW745 manual here.



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  • Smooth rip fence adjustment and locking mechanism.
  • High quality blade protector assembly.
  • Overall high quality construction.
  • Mounts on the frame for the included accessories.
  • Efficient dust collector with a standard hose attachment.
  • Lightweight for carrying.



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  • Low quality miter gauge won’t be suitable for high precision.
  • The push stick, while adequate, is not the highest quality. Professionals will likely wish to upgrade.
  • Relatively short rip capacity.
  • No dado blade support.


Are There Any Tips for New Owners?

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Besides reading the full instruction manual before operating the unit, users should also ensure that they have adequate eye protection when operating the device.

Owners looking to extend the rip capacity by a couple of inches can try relocating the fence using the attached bolts.


What is the Consumer Response to this Table Saw?

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Testament to this positive review is the excellent customer feedback and ratings for this saw. On the leading online retailer, the average review score is 4.5/5 stars, from over 700 customer reviews.

Only 6% of all reviews are 3 stars or less, which reaffirms the fact that DeWALT has presented one of the best table saws in this price range.


How Much Does the DeWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw Cost?

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For around $299, this table saw can compete with some more expensive units, and makes a compelling argument for skipping entry level units that are half the price.

Check below for the latest price and offers.


Key Accessories for New Buyers

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The DeWALT DW7450 is a no frills, affordable option for mounting this saw on a stand.

Customers could also invest in a packaged set of 32 and 60 tooth DeWALT blades.

Although DeWALT offers dust collection bags as accessories, Bosch has a larger option TS1004 saw dust bag with a port that will fit right onto the DW745.


Quality of Shipping and Packing

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The packaging is well protected with heavy packing cardboard and foam, and customer feedback indicates that online orders are received intact, without damage.

Here’s another interesting video that shows how to unpack and assemble your Dewalt DW745:


How Good is the DeWALT After Sales Support?

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DeWALT has a competent and friendly helpline, and there are many cases where problems can be resolved over the phone, especially if they are simple setting or configuration issues, rather than faults. DeWALT can be contacted on 1-800-4-DeWALT in North America.


Technical Specifications

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  • Amperes 15 AMP
  • Miter Angle 60 degrees L + R
  • Bevel Angle 0 – 45 degrees
  • Blade Size 10”
  • Max Cut Depth 3-1/8” @ 0 degrees bevel – 2-1/4” @ 45 degree bevel.
  • No Load RPM 3850 RPM
  • Unit Weight 53 lbs.

Where is the Unit Made?

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The unit is produced in Taiwan with some components sourced from the United States.



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Freestanding, the table saw measures 25.8 x 26.5 x 13.9 inches.


Warranty Details

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DeWALT offers a competitive three year limited warranty that covers materials and workmanship. One year’s free service is also included for maintenance related to normal use.

Fine Tuning for Owners

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The rail lock, rip scale, blade alignment, and fence alignment can all be fine-tuned after receiving a new unit. The DeWALT manual covers these functions in detail, on page 9 of the English instruction manual.

For a precise tool, adjustments are easy to carry out. An example would be the blade alignment, as described below.

  • Measure the blade on opposing sides, up to the miter slot. Uneven measurements indicate misalignment.
  • Locate the two Allen (hex) locator screws on the bottom rear of the table and loosen them to allow blade movement.
  • Align the blade and measure at both ends to ensure parallel alignment before retightening the trunnion assembly.

Our Dewalt DW745 Review: Final Thoughts

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DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity – 120V saw receives high customer praise for a reason – it is simply one of the best saws in its price range.

It is suitable for professional jobs, has high quality construction, a rip fence that beats most of the competition, and all of the typical DeWALT reliability that professionals have come to expect.

Despite a small rip capacity and some other problems like entry level accessories, it is still worth the price and can compete with other units that cost more.

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