DeWALT DW745 Vs SKIL 3410-02 standoffWhen it comes down to considering table saws at a similar price point, it makes sense to do a head to head comparison.

While many of the features on top brand table saws are similar, you can usually find some differences that will sway you towards one unit or another.

While there’s no single table saw that is the best for everyone, there will be a table saw that’s right for your unique needs.

Let’s look at the Dewalt DW745 vs SKIL 3410-02 head to head comparison, and find out which one of the two table saws might be right for you.



Key  Dewalt DW745 vs SKIL 3410-02 Features Comparison

  • Both table saws are electrically powered, 110-volt units.
  • The SKIL 3410-02  comes with an included stand, whereas the Dewalt DW745  is the table only.
  • Both are designed to be portable, with manageable weight ratings.
  • 10-inch carbide tipped blades are included with both saws.

Target Market

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Both saws are aimed at professional contractors or home DIY enthusiasts who need a high quality table saw for cutting soft and some hard timbers.

Renovators, carpenters, deck builders, flooring professionals, trim installers, and cabinet makers are just a few of the targeted professionals for either saw.

Are These Saws Designed for Heavy Duty Use?

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You will find in our table saw reviews that we look at continuous use for most power tools.

Although no contractor or home tool can be expected to run for hours at a time (such as in a factory) without interruption, they should be able to stand up to a rigorous workday.

Quality components and 15 AMP electrical motors mean that both the DeWALT and SKIL models are good for intensive professional or casual home use.

Is There a Difference in Portability?

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The DeWALT weighs 53 lb., whereas the SKIL is 67 lb. with the included stand.

Although the difference is noticeable, the fact that the SKIL includes a stand makes the additional weight a non-issue.

For most contractors who are used to working with power tools and carrying materials, either saw would be equally portable.

Because the SKIL includes a quick mount/release stand, it should be more appealing for professionals who will be visiting jobsites.

Power Source

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Both saws draw a 15 AMP at peak load, and should be powered from 20 AMP mains outlets.

Extension cables can be used, and the safest maximum length would be 50ft from a AWG 12-gauge cable.

Is There a Clear Winner in Terms of Performance?

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Performance is critical to any table saw review, and in our individual reviews we have examined both units extensively.

Both saws are relatively compact in nature, and should not be used for large pieces of material. However, they are more than adequate for composites and ply, and they will cut through thinner pieces of hard solid wood.

Both saws would require a blade upgrade for maximum performance, and it is recommended that owners invest in 60 tooth carbide tipped blades to overcome the limitations of the general purpose blades included with either saw.

Comparison of Rip Capacity

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Rip capacity determines the size of the material that can be used with the table and integrated rip fence. Unfortunately for the DeWALT DW745, the SKIL has a much better offering.

While the DeWALT is limited to 15 inches on the right side of the saw blade, the SKIL table has a maximum rip of 24.25 inches. The rip capacity is a critical feature, so if 15 inches is simply not enough, then the SKIL saw is a much better option.

How Good are the Rip Fences?

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Where the DW745 loses out in total rip capacity, it wins with the quality of the rip fence.

The SKIL saw uses a basic clamping rip fence that can be difficult to adjust accurately. DeWALT uses their familiar rack and pinion design which allows for smooth, easy, and accurate movement. Without a doubt, the DeWALT rip fence is superior and will allow better accuracy and ease of use.

Dust Collection

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The DeWALT features a dust collection channel with a 2.5” port for connecting to a shop vacuum or collection bag.

Dust buildup is minimal and there is hardly any cleanup when using one of the aforementioned attachments.

The SKIL 3410 doesn’t feature any kind of dust shroud or collection system, which can make for messy work in a workshop or on a job site. The DeWALT is clearly the better performer in this category.

Safety Features

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Safety features are identical, and conform to the industry standards of including a push stick in the package, along with a blade guard system, kickback pawls, and riving knife.

Is Maintenance Required?

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Power tools for professionals should be easy to maintain, and both of these units are.

Minimal cleaning, dust removal, and lubrication on exposed parts will be necessary. Blade alignment and replacement is also standard maintenance for any table saw.

Is Either Saw Easier to Use?

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Both units are easy to use and feature prominent markings, quality handles, and logical design. There are no major issues with usability on either saw.

Construction Quality Comparison

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Both tables use metal and plastic, but the overall quality of the DeWALT is higher than that of the SKIL.

Some owners have reported cracking on the plastic parts of the SKIL saw. Some basic accessories on both units are of relatively poor quality, especially when it comes to the miter gauges. Overall, both have good construction for the price, but the DeWALT is the more solid of the two.

Do They Include Accessories?

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As has become standard with 10-inch table saws, both units include accessories like a miter gauge, push stick, rip fence, safety pawls and blade guard. The SKIL does have a practical advantage in the form of the included stand.


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Both saws feature quality documentation that covers all necessary safety and usage guidelines, as well as instructions on adjustments and maintenance.

Are There Any Significant Differences of the Pros and Cons?

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The key pros of the DeWALT are the good cutting performance, excellent construction, high quality rip fence, and good dust collection system. The SKIL shares the good cutting performance, and our full review also awarded credit for a reasonable price point and the fact that it included a stand.

Although one con of the SKIL was that its rip capacity was smaller than some larger units, the ridiculously small 15-inch rip capacity on the DeWALT is significantly worse.


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SKIL offers a standard one-year warranty for manufacturing or material defects and malfunction.  DeWALT has a much more competitive warranty, offering three years for materials and workmanship.


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The DeWALT is assembled in Taiwan, and the SKIL is assembled in China.

What do the Consumers Say About These Table Saws?

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The DeWALT is a top seller, and highly popular with owners. It enjoys a 4.5/5 rating on the leading ecommerce website. The SKIL is not as highly rated, but still manages a respectable 3.9/5 on the same website.

Price Comparison

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Both of these two table table saws are in the same price range $200 to $300.

Check below to get their latest price and offers on Amazon.

The Conclusion

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It’s clear from the comparison that aside from an included stand and higher rip capacity, the DeWALT is the superior unit.

However, the limited rip capacity may be a deal breaker for those looking in the $200 – $300 price range. By comparison, the SKIL makes some compromises to reach a low price point, but offers similar cutting performance with a much better rip capacity.

The bottom line is that if the price and small rip capacity aren’t important, then the DeWALT is a better purchase, especially considering the extended warranty.

If you’re looking for a table saw and want the lowest possible price with decent features and a good rip capacity, then the SKIL saw will be highly compelling.

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