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Electric Vs Gas Chainsaw: 5 Differences You Can Relate

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Hey there, I have been a lumberjack as long as I can remember, and working with chainsaws is a part of my daily activity. When I was younger, there was only one power source for the chainsaw, but in recent times, now you have a choice.
Gas powered and Electric powered (corded or cordless) chainsaws can be found in almost all the stores related to tools. Both are great machines, and each has their advantages and disadvantages.
I have used them both for an extended period, and in that time, I was able to notice a lot of differences in the machines. Down below, I will list five significant differences related to the electric vs gas chainsaw debate, that I was able to find.

1. Usability

Us lumberjacks have to travel far and often have to walk for miles to a location to chop the desired tree. Doing so with a massive chainsaw is always difficult. Herein, being old like me doesn’t help either!
But carrying an electric chainsaw does. The electric power chain saw is significantly lighter compared to gas powered chains saws. And, needless to say, make sure it’s a cordless battery powered one since you won’t have any power socket in the woods. LOL.
If you compare the weight between the two; once the gas powered chainsaw is all fueled up, the difference is astonishing.
Next would be the design of the saws. The electric one is much more compact compared to the gas powered one. This was made possible because the electric chainsaw doesn’t need any storage for fuel and an engine to run the blades.
Cordless electric chainsaws depend on a battery which is integrated into the body of the chainsaw and runs the blades with the help of motors within it.

2. Performance

This is a place where both the chainsaws have their zones in which they can perform at their best.
Electric powered chainsaws were designed keeping Yard work in mind whereas its counterpart was designed following the commercial and ranch sawing needs. Thus, each machine excels in the field kept in mind of the manufacturers.
If you are planning to use an electric powered chainsaw to cut a considerable tree, then you are going to have a horrible day.
It’s not like the chainsaw won’t be able to do it, it will eventually, but gas-powered chainsaw would have done the job within a blink of an eye.

3. Runtime

This is where things get interesting between the two chainsaws. Electric powered chainsaws can run for an infinite amount of time without stopping, but!
There is always a but after every exciting thing, isn’t it?
The chainsaw can only do so if it is connected to a power outlet, when the machine is used on its battery, it will last maximum for two hours.
If you find a power outlet in the middle of the woods sure, take the electric powered one. In case the outlet is not there, you better be sure you can get the work done within two hours.
On the other hand, Gas-powered chains saws can only run for a certain amount of time continuously before its fuel runs out. However, you can carry gasoline with you anywhere you go, and you can bring a lot of it at a time.
Eventually, the runtime will depend on you. You will have to understand the area before you start working there. By doing so, you can pick the chainsaw which is going to be ideal for the situation.

4. Emissions

Global warming is a real threat to all living beings including us humans, and to save this world from perishing, we will have to limit the number of emissions.
Electricity doesn’t emit any harmful fumes whereas the gas-powered chainsaw is the complete opposite. The vapors let out of the chainsaw which is being run by gas not only harms individual around you, it also hurts the environment.
You might be thinking I am a crazy environmentalist even to consider the emissions effects on the environment.
Call me crazy if you may, but on our part, we should take any measure which is necessary so that our kids can have a better future. I usually limit the use of a gas-powered chainsaw as much as possible.

5. Fuel Used and Noise

The earth reserves are drying out. In the future, not too far out there, we will face a time where gasoline will become rare to find and expensive to purchase. This being the main reason, we should keep the use of a gas powered chainsaw at a bare minimum.
Electricity, on the other hand, is renewable energy which can be produced naturally. This is why we should use Electric powered chainsaws whenever we can. Our contribution to doing so might be little, but at least we are contributing.
Next comes noise. The gas-powered chainsaw is a boisterous one. If you are using this on your backyard, don’t be surprised if the neighbors start complaining. The electric chainsaw is much quieter. Be sure to assess the area before you start your work.
Before I state the bottom line, here is a summary of all the pros and cons of the chainsaws.

Gas Vs Electric Chainsaw: Pros And Cons

Pros of Electric Chainsaw

• Best for yardwork
• Easy to use
• Easy to Carry
• Minimum sound pollution
• Environment-friendly

Pros of Gas Chainsaw

• Heavy duty
• Better performance overall
• Fuel can be carried
• Wide ranges of Bar lengths are available

Cons of the Electric Chainsaw

• Not suitable for heavy duty work
• Needs a power source to run for an extended period
• Battery supports for a few hours

Cons of Gas Chainsaw

• Very noisy
• Emissions are harmful to the environment and us
• Expensive to buy
• Heavy

Safety is a must

I have seen so many accidents because of this powerful machine. It is great to have a chainsaw for your woodworking project, but it is much more dangerous without proper safety outfit. If you are not conscious enough then end of the day you may leave with a serious injury.
At least you should carry protective pants. You might be thinking what type of protective pants can save you most from chainsaw injuries. I have a great news for you! Chainsaw manufacturers make best chainsaw chaps (chainsaw protective pants) specially for those who works with a chainsaw and this feature special materials that can stop chainsaw immediately.

Bottom Line

As I mentioned earlier, I use both chainsaws almost on a regular basis, and by the time, I know exactly when to use each chainsaw to get the maximum output.
At the end of the day, to wrap up all this electric vs gas chainsaw big standoff, it will depend on you: if you want to use only one kind of chainsaw for your work you may, but to get maximum output, try using both.

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