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High Quality Poulan Pro Chainsaw Parts:All You Need To Know

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With a gas powered chainsaw, it’s possible to keep a saw in perfect working order for a lifetime, just as long as you follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance, and always use the best parts and accessories.

If you’re the proud owner of a Poulan Pro chainsaw, or even if you’re considering buying one in the future, then knowing about the various Poulan Pro Chainsaw Parts will ensure that you’re always prepared to purchase spares or replacements.

Replacing the Chain on Your Gas Powered Chainsaw

By far the most common part that needs replacement, you should always keep a spare chain on hand for your chainsaw, or you should at least know what to look out for so that you can easily order a replacement when yours starts to give up.

The most obvious sign of a dull or damaged blade is that you will start to get bogged down when making cuts that are within the capability of your chainsaw.

It is possible to file your chain to keep it sharp, however this can only be done so many times before purchasing a new blade is necessary.

Some owners will choose to simply replace a blade instead of filing one, especially considering the fact that chainsaw chains are highly affordable and easy to come by.

Replacing the chain also ensures that any wear on the links can be avoided, so you will avoid dangerous breakages that could occur.

Poulan, like many chainsaw manufacturers, uses OEM chains that are produced by Oregon, the company that leads the market when it comes to bars and chains. Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available.

  • If you’re using a larger Poulan Pro saw that uses a 20” bar, then you’ll be able to use the . It uses a 3/8” pitch, so make sure your chainsaw is compatible by checking the specifications in your owner’s manual.

This blade is one of the recommended Poulan Pro chainsaw parts, and offers excellent cuts with less kickback. Because it’s an OEM chain, it meets or exceeds the quality of the chain that would have been provided with your chainsaw. If you’re the owner of a PP5020AV (check here to read the review we made) then this is the recommended chain replacement.

  • For a smaller saw, such as a Poulan Pro PP4218A, you’ll need to use an 18” chain. For this model, you can buy branded Poulan Pro chainsaw parts, such as the Poulan 18 Inch 3/8” pitch chain saw chain.

Made to exacting standards, just like Oregon chains, this is the best option to go for if you have any Poulan model that uses an 18 inch bar.

For other sizes, always look for a Poulan branded or Oregon branded chain, and make sure that both the size and the pitch match up to your particular model.

You’ll be able to find replacement chain specifications in the owner’s manual that came with your product, including other important safety and Poulan pro chainsaw parts information.

Want to Get Deep into Servicing Your Chainsaw?

If you’re someone who loves to tinker, then you might even want to take on some of the more intensive tasks related to chainsaw maintenance.

Many owners, myself included, will simply take their chainsaw to a service center when it comes to something like replacing a carburetor or a fuel line, however, if you have the mechanical aptitude, then you will find that there’s an extensive range of Poulan Pro chainsaw parts available for all of your home maintenance.

Take the as an example. This kit is designed for an extensive range of Poulan models, including the popular PP4018, PP3416, and PPB4218. It includes air filters, a mounting gasket, fuel filters, and replacement fuel lines, as well as a single spark plug.

This would be ideal for anyone who wants to perform their own chainsaw maintenance using high quality Poulan pro chainsaw parts.

For a larger rebuild, there’s a kit that includes all of the same components, with the addition of a complete carburetor assembly.

Also made by HIPA, the meets the quality standards of Poulan Pro chainsaw parts that are used in the factory, and is designed to fit a number of Poulan models.

Keeping Your Chainsaw Running Perfectly with High Quality Accessories

In addition to Poulan Pro chainsaw parts to keep your unit in excellent running condition, you should not forget to keep stock of the most common accessories that keep your chainsaw operational. Products like fuel mix and oil are absolutely essential, and your chainsaw literally won’t run without them.

Bar and chain oil is used with the automatic oiling system on most Poulan Pro chainsaws, and it helps to ensure smooth cuts by keeping the chain and bar constantly lubricated.

Without oil, you’ll quickly eat through a chain and will spend more on regular replacements. The good news is that bar and chain oil is affordable and you can easily order online. Poulan produces their own brand of oil, the .

This is a high quality oil that will ensure performance and reliability of your chainsaw. If for some reason you can’t get Poulan branded oil, you can use high quality oil from other leading manufacturers, such as Husqvarna, without any adverse effects on your chainsaw.

For fuel, your chainsaw will require a mix of fuel and lubricant oil. The mix is burned inside the cylinder without causing friction that would lead to a loss in power or damage to the piston or other internal components.

While you could make your own fuel mix at home, this is mostly inconvenient and can sometimes lead to an incorrect ratio. The best way to keep your chainsaw powered is to purchase a quality premixed fuel.

All two stroke chainsaws use the same type of fuel mix, so you won’t have any trouble finding an option from a leading brand.

Husqvarna makes their own 2-Strike Fuel and Oil mix, which can be purchased in a single pack, or a more convenient so that you’ll always have backup.

TruFuel also makes a quality mix for use in your Poulan chainsaw, and their is slightly more affordable than the Husqvarna option, without any difference in overall quality.

Whenever you’re buying fuel for your chainsaw, ensure that it is a 40:1 or 50:1 mix, which are the correct ratios for two stroke engines.

Always Use Quality Poulan Pro Chainsaw Parts and Accessories

With plenty of Poulan Pro chainsaw parts available directly from the company, and from OEM manufacturers, you’ll find that it’s always possible to keep your chainsaw in top condition.

While some are happy to maintain their blade and leave other repairs to the professionals, you will always be able to find options, even if you want to do something trickier like replacing a carburetor.

Always use original Poulan parts, or equivalents from a trusted OEM, and when it comes to fuel and oil accessories, always rely on top brands from other manufacturers or independent fuel/oil companies.

Using trusted products will mean that you can keep your chainsaw running perfectly for many years to come.

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