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Finding Replacement Toro Lawn Mower Parts:A Complete Guide

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Toro lawn mowers are highly popular for both their price and durability. As with any investment, when you buy a lawn mower, it should be durable for the long term. This means being sure that you can find quality Toro lawn mower parts for replacement when you need them. Otherwise, you’ll have at hand a lawn mower that could work perfectly but lacks the adequate parts to do so.

You may think you don’t need to buy replacement parts for your mower – especially if it’s working in optimal condition for now. But even the best lawn mowers have parts that will wear down or fail over time.

It’s not your fault! It’s simply the nature of the parts; wearing down is inevitable when they are used regularly.

You can usually tell that your mower needs some maintenance or replacement of parts when it starts showing the following signs of wearing down;

  • It has difficulty starting or just doesn’t start at all.
  • There are loud, jarring noises and vibrations coming from your mower whenever you use it.
  • The blades in the mower are making blunt cuts instead of sharp, clean ones.
  • The mower dies out in the middle of mowing.

Making sure to keep your mower maintained can help extend the longevity of your tools. But while there are a number of ways you can ensure your lawn mower is up to date with its maintenance, eventually, even the best-maintained parts will also need replacement.

This is why it’s important to make sure you have easy access to the important part. By having high-quality spares on hand, you will save yourself time and hassle when you eventually need to change out parts. You can keep the most common parts at home, or purchase them online as you need them to get them delivered with minimum fuss. Websites like Amazon are great options because of their fast delivery options.

If you’re looking to buy Toro lawn mower parts, always choose  quality first-party or OEM replacements.

At Power Tools Ninja we’ve put together this handy reference guide so that you can learn about some of the most common replacement parts for your mower.

Side Discharge Chute for Grass Clippings

lawn mower grass clippings
lawn mower grass clippings

There are a number of situations where you won’t be using a catcher blade, such as when you want to disperse clippings around your yard to provide additional coverage and nutrients for better lawn growth.

Without the catcher, you’ll want to use the side discharge feature of your Toro lawn mower.

Being one of the plastic Toro lawn mower parts, this particular component is prone to damage or deterioration during the long term because of continuous use.

The good news is that the part is readily available, simple to replace, and you can get an exact replacement directly from Toro. The  Toro Side Discharge Chute is one of the quality Toro lawn mower replacement parts that you can keep at home for easy replacement in case your original fails.

This particular discharge chute is a generic part that fits almost every current Toro model, as well as some older lawn mowers. It’s a suitable replacement for all current walk-behind Toro lawn mowers.

Toro 22” Recycler Blade

red lawn mower
red lawn mower

One of the most common Toro lawn mower parts is a recycler blade. This blade is designed with your lawn’s ultimate health and appearance in mind. It delivers sharps cuts to give you a crisp, clean finish every time. With repeated use, it can get worn out. If it’s still got some life left in it, it can be sharpened to a point where it’s easily usable. If not, it could require replacement to keep performing up to standard.

The Toro 22″ Recycler Mower Replacement Blade is an excellent replacement for a blade that has gone beyond the point of sharpening, or it can even be an upgrade if you feel that your current blade doesn’t perform well when you are using your lawn mower for mulching or basic cutting.

Even if your current blade still has plenty of material left for sharpening, keeping a spare one can provide you with the benefit of convenience so if you ever require a replacement, you don’t need to wait for it.

If you mow a larger lawn where you are sharpening your blade every other week, a replacement can allow you to quickly swap out a dull blade with a sharp one, and there won’t be any downtime in between. This means that you can sharpen your blade at another time when your lawn doesn’t need mowing.

This blade is the perfect fit for all of Toro’s 22” blade mowers.

If you have one of the smaller 21” Toro lawn mowers, you can take a look at the Toro 108-3762-03 Super Recycler 21 Inch Blade.

Keep a Spare Belt When You Buy Toro Lawn Mower Parts

A lawn mower belt is one of the most critical components inside of a lawn mower. It is responsible for connecting the crankshaft pulley to the transmission pulley. It also happens to be one of the most highly stressed components, so even a quality belt will need replacing eventually.

You’ll know when your belt needs replacing because the self-drive function of your lawn mower will no longer work.

All Toro Personal Pace and Variable Speed mowers are self-propelled. Toro drive belts are marketed as V-Belt products, and there are also third-party options available. If you do choose to go with an OEM manufacturer, make sure you choose a trusted name, such as Oregon, a company that produces power tool and garden parts for a variety of manufacturers.

The Toro 91-2258 V-Belt is suitable for any model that uses a 35” belt.

This includes the 2001 2004 model, the 20012 2003, and 20003 2006 models.

If you want to check out one of the Oregon belts, then take a look at the Oregon 75-939 Replacement Belt for Toro.

If you’re unsure about the size of the belt that you need, you can consult your user manual for exact specifications.

Replacement Traction Control Cable

Another possible reason for a mower not self-driving, is a failed traction control cable.

The traction control cable engages your belt and ensures that the mower gets drive from the spinning blade. If a cable is damaged or snapped, then the belt won’t grip correctly.

You’ll be able to feel the difference in a faulty cable, because the hand adjustment will feel slack with little or no resistance.

You can buy Toro lawn mower parts like the Toro 105-1845 Traction Control Cable.

This is a cost effective spare part, so it can be a good idea to keep one at home in case your cable fails in the future.

This will mean that you can get up and running quickly, without having to wait for the delivery of a new cable. Like most Toro standard parts this particular traction cable will fit a range of lawn mowers.

You can cross reference your model when you buy online, or you can consult your user manual for the specific replacement part.

Replacement Wheels for Recycler Series Mowers

The Toro recycler and personal pace models are popular for their ability to mulch as well as perform standard cutting.

Mulching allows you to leave finely cut clippings on your lawn to be used as instant compost for healthy and great looking lawns. The recycler series uses Toro’s self-drive technology, utilizing the drive belt and traction control cables that we’ve already mentioned.

In addition to those parts, you’ll also need your wheels to be in good working order. The powered wheels use specially designed gears to allow for safe and smooth movement.

If you find that your mower has become harder to push, or if it is making grinding sounds when being turned, then you may have wheels with worn out gears.

8” wheels can be directly replaced with the Toro 115-4695 8 Inch Wheel Gear Assembly.

Parts for Your Toro Riding Lawn Mower

freshly mowed grass
freshly mowed grass

If you need Toro riding lawn mower parts, you can get quality spares, just as you can for a standard push or self-propelled lawn mower.

Ride on mowers are mechanically similar in many ways to a push mower, and if you’re performing simple maintenance like blade replacement, you usually won’t need the help of a professional technician.

For 42” riding mowers like the Toro TimeCutter, you’ll be able to use a dual blade kit like the Toro 131-3939-03P Timecutter 42″ Blade Kit

Riding lawn mowers use a dual blade system, to achieve a large mowing deck, and using blades specially designed for your TimeCutter will ensure that you always get the results that you would from a high end Toro lawn mower.

For larger 50” TimeCutter models, take a look at this Toro 79016P 50″ Timecutter 3 Blade Kit.

For your riding lawn mower to stay in top condition, you’ll need a quality maintenance kit.

A maintenance kit will allow you to replace oil, filters, and even your blades (depending on the kit that you buy). You can save money from buying Toro riding lawn mower parts kits, especially when compared to buying all of the parts individually.

This TimeCutter Z riding mower maintenance kit is an excellent option if you need replacement blades for your riding mower, and if you also want to be able to perform general maintenance at the same time.

The kit comes with a quality Kohler air filter, a Kohler oil filter, 10W-30 viscosity engine oil, a Champion branded spark plug, and two Toro blades for a 42” mowing deck.

This would be a great kit if you’re going to be maintaining your riding mower for the first time, and simply need an all-in-one solution for a tune up.

Is There an Easy Reference Toro Lawn Mower Parts List?

lawn mower at work
lawn mower at work

Due to Toro producing a variety of walk behind and riding mower variants, there is unfortunately no universal Toro Lawn Mower Parts List.

If you’re looking to buy parts for your specific mower, most of the user-replaceable parts are simple to find and match (such as blade sizes), and for complex spares you can call the Toro helpline directly.

Before searching online for a part, or before calling Toro, you’ll need to find your model serial plate.

This plate is easy to spot, and contains all information including the model and serial number for your mower.

On Walk-Behind mowers, the most common location is at the rear of the mower, or on the chassis just below the engine assembly. On riding mowers, you’ll find the plate on the chassis just below the chair, or underneath the chair on some Rider, Z Master, & TimeCutter models.

In the United States, you can call Toro toll free on 866-214-9807, or on 866-214-9808 if you’re in Canada.

For warranty enquiries and faults, the direct help line is your best option after basic troubleshooting. For all of your general maintenance and basic part changes, you’ll find buying Toro lawn mower parts online is the most convenient and most affordable way to keep your mower in top operating condition.

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