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Generac Portable Generators: Our Top Three Recommendations

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If you’re looking for a home backup generator, or even a portable generator to use on a campsite or a jobsite, then Generac will undoubtedly be one of the brands that you will come across.

A well-respected name since 1969, Generac is currently one of the most popular power equipment names in the United States and in other key markets. Along with brands like Champion, Yamaha, and Honda, Generac is thought of as an industry leader.

Generac portable generators have come a long way over the decades, and they now have a comprehensive range from lightweight portable generators, all the way up to multi-megawatt generators for commercial and industrial use.

Generac can be found in data centers, hospitals, and schools across the country, so there’s no doubt that a smaller model would be great for your home.

If you’ve been looking at the range but are finding it hard to pin down the models that would be right for you, then this overview of the top three Generac portable generators will be a great starting point, and you may even find your next purchase right here.

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet 2000 Watt Gas Powered Generator

Want a generator that is small, easily portable, and also CARB compliant for use in California?

The iQ2000 could be one of the Generac portable generators that you’re looking for. Generac has gone to great lengths to make this model quiet and lightweight, but with respectable power figures that will meet the needs of a light-duty user.

2000 starting watts and 1600 running watts would be suitable for a smaller refrigerator or freezer, and would be plenty for running lighting, electric fans, and devices like televisions and computers.

Charging devices like cell phones and tablets will not be a problem with this generator, so it’s a great backup to have for a power outage or even for use on a campsite.

Noise can depend on how close you are to the unit, but it will never exceed 70 dB even if you are right next to it. In normal use, where you would likely be more than a few yards away from the generator, it would be quieter than normal conversation volume.

Weighing in at 46.2 lbs. this is a portable generator that doesn’t take two people for carrying or loading into a car or truck.

The inverter inside the generator is of the same high quality that you’ll find on larger Generac generators, which means that you will get clean and constant power for any of your sensitive devices. The inverter is a digital type, which means it can regulate engine power depending on how much electricity is drawn from the device.

This results in better fuel efficiency and longer running times. If you are using this model at just 25% load, then you’ll be able to get almost 8 hours from a full gas tank.

This Generac portable generators model can even be run in parallel with another generator to increase your power output, which would be helpful if you need more than one of these (e.g. for at work and at home), but still want the option of increasing the total power output when necessary.

Power outlets are exactly what you would expect on a generator of this size, with dual 120V household style outlets. There’s no RV hookup, simply for the fact that 2000 watts would not be enough power for even the smallest RV.

If you’re looking for something that you can use at an RV campsite or out in the wilderness, then take a look at the third option on this list, or even check out our Top 3 RV Generators overview.

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Generac 6719R iX 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

You don’t always need to look for the latest generac portable generators models when you are searching for generators. This Generac 6719R is an existing model that has been factory reconditioned.

Think of it like a used device, except that it has been thoroughly inspected and maintained by certified Generac technicians. The result is an affordable generator that still takes care of all of your light-duty power requirements.

As far as performance goes, the 6719R is similar in most respects to the iQ2000 model. The power output is identical, and the noise levels are comparable.

The loudest this generator will get is around 80 dB when running at near full load, and you would have to be right next to the unit to get the full volume.

Like most generators and most scenarios, you’ll usually be some distance from the unit, so noise shouldn’t be a problem.

Although the design isn’t the latest, the iX2000 is still a good looking generator with a solid aesthetic. Like most models of similar size, it uses plastic housing to protect the internals.

With a smaller unit, steel caging is not necessary, so you will find this to be durable in any domestic scenario. The high quality plastic could even take some impact if you’re working outside with power tools, so don’t let the construction materials make you feel like this generator isn’t made to last. It definitely is.

Overall, if you don’t mind buying refurbished equipment, then this model can be recommended when it’s on sale for a good price. Always keep in mind that factory reconditioned models go through the same checks and inspections as brand new units. Any worn parts or parts at risk of failure are replaced, so what you are getting is almost identical to brand new.

When there are savings to be made, there’s no reason not to choose reconditioned Generac portable generators.

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Generac 6672 5500W Portable Inverter Generator

We’ve covered two models that would be suitable for running an essential appliance (like a refrigerator) and lighting during a power outage. The smaller generators could also be used for outdoor work with lightweight power tools.

If you need something with more capability, then you may want to consider stepping up to a generator that provides over 5000 watts of power.

The 6672 model is one of the more powerful Generac portable generators, offering 5500 watts of running power and up to 6875 watts of starting power from the AC outlets.

This gives you a significant amount of electrical headroom to run even the most demanding appliances and power tools. For many homes, this would be a true backup generator for use in emergencies, powering consumer appliances, lighting, and even electronics like computers and televisions.

The additional power of this unit is hinted at when you look at the design. It’s a solid industrial design without the plastic covers that are found on some of the smaller models. It incorporates a full steel roll cage as well as a folding handle and wheels for easy transport.

If you’re someone who likes to maintain power tools and small engines, then you’ll find that everything on the larger model is easily accessible.

The front panel provides all of the necessary outlets for use at home, on a work site, or even for camping with an RV. This Generac portable generator is like most modern inverter generators in the way that it can provide both 120V and 240V power. There’s a L13-30R twist lock outlet which can be used for power hookups on RV’s and other large devices.

There are also dual 120V 20A outlets, just like you would use in your own home.

Even if you’re not inclined towards serious repairs and maintenance on a small engine device, you’ll find that the Generac 6672 requires only basic maintenance for domestic use. Keeping oil topped up, changing the oil as per the maintenance schedule, and cleaning or replacing air filters is the only serious user maintenance that you’ll need to do.

This is comparable to any other generator of similar size and power rating.

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High Quality, Powerful, and Reliable Generac Portable  Generators

Everybody has different needs and there’s no single ‘perfect’ generator on the market. What you will get with Generac is trusted quality and a long history of excellent engineering and construction.

If you are looking for a power backup generator or even a portable for outdoor use, then the three models listed here could turn out to be right for your needs.

If you still haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, then make sure you check out all of our portable generator buying guides, as well as our in-depth portable generator reviews of some of the best models that are on sale today.

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