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GreenWorks 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Electric 160 MPH Blower

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GreenWorks has gone above and beyond to market their approach and thus far, it has made quite an impact on consumers that requires a product with zero carbon emission.

This applies to their entire product line and that is one of their greatest achievements in this industry where gas-operated machinery has undoubtedly left some traces of harmful emissions in the air.

The driving force behind this Greenworks 24012 great electric powered, corded leaf blower is the 7-amp blower motor and to boost the product even more, the manufacturers confidently give a 4-year warranty period to illustrate their confidence in the quality and performance efficiency.

Whatever Mother Nature may throw your way, GreenWorks will have your back.

Check out the review below.

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What Else is There to Know About GreenWorks?

Their global headquarters are situated in Changzhou, China where they manufacture all of their highly efficient products. Sweden is home to their research and development department, while North Carolina in the US, and Sweden are home to their regional offices.

GreenWorks is part of a movement that relies solely on the use of renewable energy instead of fossil energy. They are an innovative, forward-thinking brand that manufactures for smarter, greener and cleaner solutions.

Features of the GreenWorks Blower

A dependable 7-amp electric motor means that your machine won’t require any tuneups or maintenance. The blower contains an integrated cord lock that prevents the cord from disconnecting.

The single-speed motor pumps air at 160 mph and air volume of 150 cfm. This is a great feature for anyone who needs to move their grass clippings or leaves into piles.

A 20-inch blower tube comes in two pieces for extendable reach that allows you to take more distance from the sweeping effect. This machine is so easy to maintain and is easily one of the most comfortable products in its class.


Getting Started

All it takes is a simple plug in and off you go. This is the feature that sits really well with gardening enthusiasts and of course, those who take pride in their property.  Installing your blower tube onto the machine is super easy. Move the slot into the notch area and allow the two parts to ‘click’ in.

The machine does vibrate a little, so your hands might become a bit tired after a while of using it. The GreenWorks Blower requires none of that cranking up. Flip the switch and watch your backyard transform as those stubborn items zap into little piles.

What Makes It Works So Well?

The 160 mph air power makes it easy to work that backyard with ease and as mentioned before, the machine emits absolutely no carbon fumes. That is one sure way to make sure that your eco-footprint remains miniscule.

Even if this GreenWorks Blower costs less than a Toro, you will still find its quality to be on par with the bestsellers. Another reason why it works so well is because its air speed is more powerful that both Toro and Ivation machines.

Accessorizing Your New Toy

A 100-ft. extension cord is always recommended for longer distances and you will be able to do your thing much better if you combine a Worx Pop Up Leaf Bag for less than $20 to scoop up your leaves and grass clippings.

These accessories are optional, but they do compliment the equipment you will be using. Naturally, if you are operating in a tiny space, an extension cord might not be an issue, but a leaf bag does go along way when you are vacuuming.

Replacing Greenworks Parts

GreenWorks knocked it right out of the ballpark with their 4-year warranty. There is no other product line or brand that has been able to offer that sort of guarantee in craftsmanship and quality.

The company will at their own discretion repair or replace any and all parts that are found to be defective, through normal use and with no charge to you as the customer.

Getting into contact with GreenWorks is fairly easy and from your owner’s manual you will find product codes that are essential in replacing parts or returning them.

Items that are not covered by the warranty include:

  • Any part that has become inoperative due to misuse and commercial use, neglect, improper maintenance or alteration
  • GreenWorks will refuse the terms of the warranty if you didn’t stick to what your owner’s manual
  • Normal wear, except at noted below
  • Routine maintenance items such as lubricants and blade sharpening
  • Normal deterioration of external finish due to use or exposure

Important Safety Instructions to Remember

  • Be sure to observe the extension cord knot as displayed in the owner’s manual. This knot will reduce the risk of disconnection while operating
  • When using an extension cord, make sure that you are using one that is in good condition that’s able to carry the current your product will draw
  • Don’t run your equipment without any of the extra features. Be sure to attach the blower tubes before using the machine

It’s advisable not to douse your unit with water. This also means that you would need to store it in a dry area. Using the equipment while it rains is probably not a good idea either.

GreenWorks 24012 Leaf Blower Summary Review

- Electric corded handheld leaf blower
- 7 Amp electric motor
-160 mph and air volume of 150 cfm
-20-inch blower tube
-4 year warranty

-Zero carbon emissions now means that you won’t be choking on toxic fumes and you’ll also be a greener citizen that joins a movement to take better care of the planet
-The GreenWorks Blower is incredibly lightweight and it maneuvers with ease
-160 MPH air speed means you get the job done and you get it done fast
-The safety cord lock ensures that your machine won’t disconnect while you work
-If you want to find other uses for this machine, why not try to dry your car down after washing it? It works like a charm
-Price-wise you might not find an eco-friendly machine like this at the price it’s selling at

-The only disadvantage that really stood out was the intensity of the vibrations that might become a problem for those if they handle the equipment for longer periods of time

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