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Common Honda Generator Parts and Accessories: A Complete Guide

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honda generator parts portable inverterKeeping a portable inverter generator in top condition will be simple when you have the right parts and accessories.

If you’re the owner of a Honda generator, then you already have one of the most reliable generators on the market. Honda engines are made to last, and the company takes great care to use high quality components and easily replaceable components wherever possible.

Honda is one of the go-to brands for people who want uncompromising quality, and who don’t mind paying a premium to get it.

If you’ve recently bought a Honda generator, or even if you’ve had one for a while and want to perform some basic maintenance, then this guide will help you to get familiar with all of the basic Honda generator parts and accessories.

Basic Accessories – Replacement Oil and Fuel Stabilizer

The best way to ensure that your Honda generator parts are protected, is to always keep your generator lubricated with high quality oil.

Using a fuel stabilizer will also help to eliminate the risk of problems like fuel separation/sedimentation, and a stabilizer will also mean that you can store your fuel for up to three years without having to worry about it going stale.

Although Honda does make their own fuel stabilizer, we have found that the Briggs & Stratton stabilizer is a good choice for Honda generators, and it’s also highly effective and affordable.

Whether you own a Honda or any other kind of generator, this Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment is worth buying.

Oil is a simple accessory to buy, but it will help to protect and improve the efficiency of all Honda generator parts inside the engine.

Oil allows for smooth running, a high quality oil can improve efficiency, and oil will also ensure that a generator starts in difficult conditions like those in extremely cold or warm climates.

As with most things when it comes to tool and appliance maintenance, not all oil is created equal. There are specific ratings of oil that should be used depending on your circumstances, so let’s take a look at what those are.

For most climates that average between 0 and 100 degrees F, the recommended oil is SAE 10W-30. This is a general purpose engine oil that will work perfectly for the majority of consumers.

A higher quality fully synthetic oil could also be used, and is actually recommended for colder temperatures. If you will be operating in a climate where temperatures are regularly below 30 degrees, then a SAE 5W-30 synthetic oil will be your best option.

Oil can be purchased with Honda branding, or you could use oil from leading petroleum product manufacturers.

  • This synthetic blend 5W-30 oil comes directly from Honda and is one of the recommended options for small motors, like those found on Honda generators.
  • An automotive oil could also be used, as long as it meets the SAE specification. As an example, this Mobil 1 Synthetic 5W-30 could be used in cold climates. Automotive oil in larger containers will typically be more affordable, and is perfectly safe for your Honda generator parts.
  • When conditions aren’t likely to be extremely cold, you can use a 10W-30 oil, such as this Honda Genuine Oil.

Oil should be changed after the first 8 hours of running a Honda generator, and then should be changed every 200 operating hours. Oil levels should also be regularly checked, as small generators can burn through oil, which would require top-ups between oil changes.

Replacement Spark Plugs

Out of all of the Honda generator parts, the spark plug is the one that is most commonly replaced. A spark plug is a simple device that performs an integral function.

It creates the electrical spark that leads to ignition within the engine, and a faulty spark plug could mean an inefficient, underperforming, or non-functional generator.

To determine the exact Honda generator parts needed for your particular model, make sure that you consult the Honda owner’s manual. If you no longer have your manual or are unable to fund the specific information, then you can also contact Honda customer care directly.

We have covered the Honda EU2000i model in our guide to three of the best Honda generators, and found it to be a reliable model with premium-level build quality.

Using it as an example, the specifications state that it uses an NGK spark plug, with model code CR5HSB. This is a common part that is used in other small Honda engines, and engines from other manufacturers.

No matter where you are in the world, this spark plug will not be hard to find, and the same will be true for other common spark plugs used in Honda generators.

These plugs can be purchased directly from Honda, such as in the 2 Pack Genuine Honda Spark Plug kit, or you could order singles directly from NGK. Buying in sets or even in bulk packs of ten is the most economical way to get these spark plugs, and a large pack would be a lifetime supply for most generator owners.

Air Filter Honda Generator Parts

The air filter is another one of the most important Honda generator parts.

A clean and efficient air filter will ensure that the generator gets the right air/fuel mix, which will help to improve efficiency and increase power output.

A dirty filter could lead to poor performance, and continually running a dirty filter could even lead to damage over a long period of time.

Thankfully, air filters are one of the easiest Honda generator parts to clean and replace. Filters on small Honda models are simple pieces of foam that can be easily removed, cleaned in water and detergent, and placed back when dry.

Over time, filters can become damaged and will degrade in performance, so replacing your filter every 200 hours (or when visible damage exists) is the best idea. Timing your filter replacements with oil changes will make your maintenance schedule easier to follow.

The exact filter depends on the model of generator that you own, and we will again look at the Honda EU2000i as an example.

This simple air cleaner/filter can be purchased online, and it’s a good idea to purchase a double pack, so that you’ll always have a spare for your next scheduled maintenance.

Always check the owner’s manual or contact Honda directly if you are unsure about replacement part numbers.

Service Packages with Oil and Air Filter Parts

Most user maintenance involves simple cleaning, replacement of basic Honda generator parts like spark plugs and filters, and changing oil.

If you are sticking to a regular maintenance schedule, then you might like to purchase everything that you need in a single convenient package.

We’ll use the EU2000i model as an example again, and take a look at the Genuine Honda Generator Oil Change Kit. This includes a full quart of 10W-30 Honda oil, as well as an NGK spark plug, and a genuine Honda air filter.

That’s everything that you need for your 200-hour maintenance cycle, and it all comes in a convenient package that means you won’t have to shop around or look for specific part numbers.

This package would not be suitable for extreme cold climates (due to the SAE 10W-30 oil), but it would be perfect for most moderate climates, and the price makes it worth buying if you want everything in a simple kit.

Honda offers similar kits for other generator models, including ones that are compatible with generators that use cartridge style air filters. This Genuine Honda EU3000 Generator Oil Change Kit is made for models like the EU3000 Super-Quiet inverter generator, and includes 10W-30 oil, a cartridge air filter/cleaner, and an NGK spark plug.

Maintenance kits are not available for every model, but if you do find one that is compatible with your particular Honda generator, then it can be the simplest way to get everything that you need to perform routine maintenance.

Performing Repairs Under Warranty

Every new Honda generator comes with a two-year warranty period, which allows for repairs to be made without charge for diagnosis, Honda generator parts, or labor.

General maintenance is the responsibility of the owner, but all major repairs should be left to a qualified service technician. With Honda providing excellent service through dealers in almost every country in the world, taking advantage of their generous warranty will be simple and stress-free.

If you want to learn more about Honda generators, or even generator parts and models from other manufacturers, then make sure you check out our comprehensive reviews, and generator buying advice.

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