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Honda Portable Generators: The Best You Can Buy

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Here at Power Tools Ninja we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some of the very best generators that are currently on the market.

Models can range drastically in performance and price, and it’s always interesting to see what different manufacturers can achieve within the relatively small footprint of a portable inverter generator.

Being able to look closely at so many different models means that we are able to see which brands are leading the way in terms of performance and quality, and Honda is definitely up there with the very best manufacturers.

For anyone who has had experienced with a Honda generator, lawn mower, or any other power tool, this will be no big surprise. The company are well known for producing high quality equipment and some of the strongest small engines in the industry.

The brand receives the same kind of praise that is often attributed to competitors like Briggs & Stratton and Yamaha, and once you own a Honda generator, you will know why.

It’s time to take a look at three Honda portable generators, ranging from the small EU1000i, all the way up to the Honda 7000W Inverter Generator, and see which model might be right for your next purchase.

Honda Portable Generators: Starting Small with the EU1000i Honda Portable Generator

There’s no shortage of smaller generators on the market, and we’ve already looked at a few of them in our portable inverter generator reviews, and also in our generator buying guides.

Honda portable generators cover every segment of the market, and this EU1000i model is one of the most compact that we’ve seen so far.

It has only moderate power output at 1000W, and it has a small physical footprint and weighs just 32.9 lbs.

Is this a worthy generator, or is it simply too small and under powered?

The straight answer is that, yes, this generator is worth buying, but it depends entirely on your scenario.

There are other small 1000W generators on the market that produce the same amount of power, so there are definitely use cases for this type of generator.

It’s a good emergency inverter generator for home lighting, charging electronic devices, or for running a computer or television. It is also a great camping generator because it’s so small and easy to move around.

While it won’t be suitable for running appliances like large refrigerators and freezers, it can perform well for any lightweight duties, and will even run some smaller electric power tools.

The main concern with this model is the price. It’s significantly more expensive than some comparable models, which is something that you need to expect when purchasing a Honda.

The price is justifiable with the build quality and the fact that this is a model that will last for years to come, but it all depends on whether you want to make a relatively large investment for a small generator that will likely only be used a few times every year.

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Stepping Up to the Eu2000i Honda Portable Inverter Generator

The EU1000i is a capable if slightly pricey portable generator, but the 1000W rating won’t be enough for everybody.

If you need something more powerful but still portable and relatively affordable, then you can take a look at the EU2000i.

Out of all of the Honda portable generators, this is one that we find to be in a sweet spot of the market, and it is one of the most popular models with consumers.

This model weighs 50 lbs., produces 2000W of power, and can run for up to 6.2 hours at 50% load.

At full load, running time will be an average of 4 hours, which is quite impressive for a generator this small. This model features only a single 120V outlet to directly connect an extension or your tools/home appliances.

Most generators of this size include two 120V standard outlets, and some even include USB outlets for direct device charging. The EU2000i omits all of these options but it does have a single 120V twist lock outlet for hookup to an RV or other power system.

You might be wondering what makes this model special if it lacks the output variety that other small generators do.

While it’s not the most feature packed generator, it does have the advantage of providing highly regulated and clean power, with low noise output and classic Honda reliability.

Honda portable generators, like models from other leading brands, are often sold at a premium price.

The fact is that Honda puts more research and better materials and mechanical design into their products, especially when compared to some of the more wallet-friendly brands. This model is noticeably quieter than most of a similar size, and produces just 53 dB of noise.

It uses cast iron and high quality polycarbonate in the construction, and will typically hold up to more physical stress than more affordable models.

Another important consideration is that this model is CARB compliant, which means that it is suitable for use in the state of California.

CARB compliance certification requires a high level of efficiency and reduced emissions output, providing evidence for the technical advantage that Honda has over the majority of its competitors.

1600 operating watts and 2000 surge watts will be suitable for an electric lawn mower, chainsaw, a well pump, a standard garage door opener, items like television and computers, home lighting, a .5HP air compressor, or a refrigerator/freezer combo.

If you’re comfortable paying slightly more than the average price of a 2000W generator, then the Honda EU2000i is definitely worth your consideration.

It doesn’t have the latest features like you’d find on some generators, and even lacks when it comes to power outlets, but it makes up for it with top quality construction and proven Honda portable generators reliability.

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High Performance Honda EU7000is Efficient Generator

The two generators we’ve looked at so far would be considered on the small side for some people.

While 1000 or even 2000 watts would be plenty for most users, there are some in the market who need something bigger for home backup power for powering outdoor equipment on large jobs, or even for using at events like outdoor concerts and other shows.

A 7000W generator would be able to power up a number of heavy duty pieces of equipment simultaneously, and will be plenty for providing power to a home that needs electricity during a storm, or during an extended power outage.

This would also be an ideal generator for an ‘off the grid’ home that needs occasional power for running water pumping systems or other large appliances.

While the EU7000is is considered to be a portable generator, it’s significantly heavier than most other generators that we’ve looked at in our in-depth reviews.

Because of this, it uses a full steel roll cage design and there are two heavy duty wheels and folding handles mounted on the unit.

At around 250 lbs. total weight, it’s not going to be simple to lift this generator and two people will be needed. However, when pushing it on wheels, the actual lift is less than 30 lbs.

So, while this generator is not portable in the sense of smaller generators that can be picked up and carried, it’s still portable enough to be pushed around a property, or loaded into a truck as long as there are two people available for moving it.

For such a powerful generator, there will be few household tasks that it can’t perform, and having 7000W of total power means that even the surge rating of large appliances won’t be a problem for this model.

It could run air compressors, refrigerators and freezers, cooking stoves, home electronics, home lighting, water pumps, and it could easily power a large RV. From a full tank of gas, the generator can run for up to 18 hours at 25% load, so it’s safe to say that this is a highly efficient generator.

Maintenance requirements are relatively low, and are comparable to a large lawnmower. Regular maintenance should include replacing oil, filters, and general cleaning.

If you’ve been looking for a large generator for heavy duty work, or if you want to run multiple appliances simultaneously, then this model is definitely going to be able to do the job.

There are ample power connections with 20A outlets for standard appliances, and there’s a 30A outlet for an RV hookup or home backup power hookup.

Unlike most smaller Honda portable generators, the EU7000is includes an LCD display readout for quick information on voltage, engine speed, wattage, and hours of operation. The display can also be used as a diagnostic tool by authorized repair centers.

This larger model represents a significant investment and won’t be the right generator for every household, however, for those that have higher power requirements and want a no compromises Honda generator, this can produce reliable power and rounds out our picks for the top three Honda portable generators.

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