Mid-Range Performance Cordless Lawn Mowers

If you’re looking for a lawn mower that offers you quality, convenience, and excellent power, then making the step up to the best lawn mowers under 300 category price range can give you a good midrange product that will take care of the needs of any average sized property.

While you’ll find plenty of capable models in our lower price ranges, spending a little bit more can give you more impressive features and even more flexibility from the lawn mower that you choose.

This is the best price range to shop in if you wanting something that is a step above average, and if you want to start looking at electric lawn mowers that run on powerful lithium ion batteries.

Battery Powered for Portability

Although there aren’t extensive options in this price range, there’s a high quality mower that you can choose that will allow you to take advantage of cordless technology.

The GreenWorks 25322 is a highly capable 16 inch lawn mower that offers the best compromise between size, power, and convenience.

The advantage of having a cordless mower is that you won’t need to worry about being tethered to an electrical outlet.

Although you will have to think about total range and operating time from a battery charge, most people will be well served by the 40V Lithium Ion battery that comes in the GreenWorks 25322.

Using a battery doesn’t just offer an improvement in convenience, but it can also improve safety.

Using an extension cable to mow a lawn will mean that you’ll always have that cable running behind you as you mow the grass.

With a battery pack, it will be just like using a gas mower, without any of the extensive maintenance or fueling that is required.

Even with the model that we’ve reviewed in this price range, you can get up to 120 minutes of operating time in ideal conditions. Even with slightly longer grass, 100 minutes is possible, and this is thanks to the use of a smaller blade that doesn’t require as much power to spin.

Is the Size Enough?

A 16 inch lawn mower is good for the average property, and the long running time means that even a slightly larger lawn can be mown on a single charge. If you’ve ever wondered whether a cordless electric lawn mower would be powerful enough for your lawn, then this price range is a great place to start, and our full review will help to address any of your concerns.

A smaller 16 inch lawn mower also means that there’s less weight, which reduce fatigue and makes mowing easy and stress-free.

Electric powered lawn mowers, whether they are corded or battery operated, are much lighter than gas lawn mower versions and because the maintenance is reduced, they’re perfect for busy families or for anyone who simply doesn’t want to deal with the maintenance requirements of a gas mower.

Take a look at the full review in this category, or if you’re looking for something with more power, or even something that is smaller and more affordable, then you can check out our quick reference model comparison chart for more buying options.

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GreenWorks 25322 battery operated lawn mower

GreenWorks 25322