Lawn Mowers Under $100:Budget Friendly Options for Small Properties

If you want to be able to mow your own lawns and stop shelling out for a local lawn mowing service, then you’ll need a reliable lawn mower that is not only capable, but also affordable, even as low as in the Lawn Mowers under $100 category!

If you’re on a tight budget it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to buy one of the best lawn mowers for your home, and we’ve looked at some of the best options on the market that come in at under $100, while still providing you with plenty of options.

While you’re not going to be getting the same capabilities of a mower that costs two, three, or even four times as much, the compromises aren’t as significant as what you might imagine, and there are three mowers in this category that we have reviewed extensively, and found each one to be worthy of a purchase, depending on your needs.

Options for Manual and Electric Mowing

In the Lawn Mowers under $100 price range you will see two hand propelled reel mowers.

Before you start thinking that these are relics of the past, it’s important to recognize that these are high quality modern versions of classic mowers.

They might be inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean that they’re of poor quality, and both the Great States 415-16 and American Lawn Mower 1204-14 could be a good option if you have a smaller lawn, or if you simply want the most affordable lawn mower that money can buy.

Both of these mowers use high quality steel components, and some people even prefer manual mowers to gas powered or electric lawn mowers.

They require less maintenance, they are more environmentally friendly, and they take up almost no space to store.

Whereas a gas or electric lawn mower could develop a fault and require repairs that would interrupt your normal lawn mowing schedule, a manual push lawn mower only needs to be regularly sharpened and will be ready to go any time that you want to use it.

Check out our in-depth reviews for both of these models to find out why they’re more than just budget options.

Electric Mower and Trimmer with the Black+Decker MTE 912

If you are in need of a compact lawn mower under $100 but don’t want a manual mower, then you could take a look at the Black+Decker MTE 912.

This is one of the most interesting lawn mowers that we’ve ever reviewed, and it’s also a standard trimmer / edge trimmer.

The modular design allows you to quickly adapt it to your needs, and you’ll find that this is a great tool to have on a small property where a large mower wouldn’t be necessary. It’s electrically powered and uses a string trimmer instead of a standard blade, so the maintenance is minimal and you’ll never have to sharpen it.

The three mowers in this category are some of the best options that don’t sacrifice capability. Make sure you take a close look at each review, whether you’re on a budget or simply in need of a small and lightweight lawn mower.

If you’re looking for even more options in every price category, be sure to check out our helpful lawn mower model comparison tool.


Great States 415-16 Push Lawn Mower

Great States 415-16

Black & Decker MTE 912

Black & Decker MTE 912

American Lawn Mower 1204-14

American Lawn Mower 1204-14