Makita 2705 Table Saw ReviewIf you’re looking for a professional table saw for home or professional use, then one option that’s worth investigating is the Makita 2705.

Unfortunately, not every saw is created equal, and if you’re going to be making a significant investment, you should know as much as possible about any tool before making your purchase.

In this Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw review, we will be looking at a device from one of the most trusted names in consumer and industrial power tools.

This particular saw comes highly recommended from both consumer and professional reviews, but is it the right one for you?

Let’s find out…

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Features Quick Overview

  • 15AMP motor up to 4800RPM.
  • Cutting capacity up to 3-9/16” @90° angle or 2-1/2” at 45° angle.
  • High quality construction, including an aluminum table for precision and durability.
  • Extendable table design.
  • Completely adjustable with large easy visibility measurement indicators.
  • Modular blade guard.
  • Electronic brake.
  • Compatible with dado blade up to 13/16” for groove cutting.
  • Storage options designed for portability.
  • Unit originates from and is assembled in the United States.

What are the Typical Applications of this Table Saw?

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This Makita 2705 is a versatile table saw that has been designed with contractors in mind.

Carpenters, cabinet installers, professional re modelers, and outside decking and interior flooring contractors are all within the ideal target market for this saw.

Portability means it can be taken around job sites, but it would be equally at home as a semi-permanent bench top tool.

While it can be used for basic ply cutting, it can also be used for groove cutting, since the tool has support for a dado blade of up to 13/16”.

To get a good glimpse of all the important features of this Makita saw, here’s a nice a video I found on youtube:


Is it Designed for Heavy Use?

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Makita 2705 Table Saw

Makita 2705 Table Saw

Most contractor tools are designed for moderate duty/infrequent use, and the Makita 2705 is no exception.

Because of the size of the tool and the limitations on the size of your work pieces, it is not a realistic expectation that this tool would be used continuously (i.e. as manufacturing line equipment).

Infrequent use with rare periods of heavy use are sustainable, and Makita does not specify any limit on tool operation time or cool down periods.

How Portable is the Unit?

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Makita 2705X1 Table Saw – Easy to carry around

Makita is marketing this tool as a portable unit, and providing you can handle the weight, that is exactly what it is.

The table alone weighs around 65lbs. This would be safely manageable by most construction and renovation professionals, depending on stature and strength.

The unit includes some storage within the housing, allowing you to carry the saw blade, power cord, and other common accessories. For a 4800RPM 10inch table saw, this portability is right on what could be expected.

Also, in case portability is something you are serious about, you should know that there is a portable version of this table saw, equipped with a stand which is can easily be folded and carried around.

This model is Makita 2705X1.

Power Source Details

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This Makita table saw runs at 4800RPM from a powerful 15AMP motor.

It is essential to ensure that the total power draw on your outlet doesn’t exceed the amperage rating of the table saw and any other power tools that are connected.

A surge protector is also advised. The power plug is polarized, so ensure that you have a compatible outlet with an asymmetrical prong input.

How Does It Perform? Cutting Capacity and Rip Fence Quality

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The highlight of this Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw Review is definitely the performance.

After all, performance is key to any power tool that you will be investing in.

Testing has proven that the unit can comfortably rip up to 3 5/8” depth. It is also important to note that cuts are perfectly square, and that it is able to displace dust efficiently for fast operation.

It is possible to cut up to four pieces of material in a single cutting pass, and the extendable table design definitely helps in this area.

With the extension of the rip fence, it is possible to have up to 25” of total length on the right side of the blade.

This makes it possible to rip large pieces of material, and the locking levers on the rip fence are of high quality.

Unfortunately, some consumer reviews have found problems with the rip fence on earlier manufactured units.

Because the rip fence is so important for saw accuracy, this resulted in some initial negative reviews. The majority of the most recent reviews and current testing suggest that the table is solid when extended, and stays square.

Unlike some competing units, Makita is using cast aluminum in the construction of the fence and table. This adds to the sturdiness and overall strength of the unit.

The rip fence may be of concern if purchasing a secondhand unit, but new units on the leading shopping sites should have no significant usability or stability problems.

The remaining major complaint about the rip fence is that it tends to be difficult to set if adjusting. When using the unit, ensure that the table is extended correctly, is parallel, and locked into place with the sturdy cam locks.

The blade break is notably powerful, and has been mentioned as a standout feature by most owners of the unit.

Is the Makita 2705 Contractor Table Saw Easy to Use?

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The 2705 has obviously been designed for ease of use, both for professional contractors and home woodworking enthusiasts who need a reliable table saw.

The blade guard has been designed in a way so that the material can be seen as the blade makes contact. This makes for more precise cuts and increased overall confidence when using the saw.

Measurements are critical for any cutting job, and all of the labeling on the Makita table saw is bold and clear, which will make for easy sighting for most users.

The operation of the unit is smooth, right down to lowering and raising the blade. This is important, especially for contractors who will be using the machine often.

It all makes for a premium feel that again instills confidence in the unit, and in some cases, exceeds what you would expect at this price point.

For precise measurement, there is a magnifying lens, as you will find on most professional quality units in this price range.

Dust Collection

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Collection of dust is a letdown, depending on how you plan to use the unit.

Without an accessory for collection, or even a vacuum for the most efficient removal of sawdust, it is possible for dust to become trapped within the body, which can make it difficult to maintain the degree setting of the saw.

This could become a problem with long work sessions, and it means that regular cleaning will be essential.

Although this is a letdown and does take away from the otherwise high performance of the saw, it can easily be remedied with a vacuum hookup or additional dust collection bag.

Are there Adequate Safety Features?

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This unit incorporates all of the safety features that you would expect, including the powerful electronic brake (it can stop the saw from full revolutions to a full stop in seconds).

Because of the relatively high power of the motor, kickback is minimized, and there also anti-kickback pawls incorporated into the design.

The blade cover does a good job of preventing accidents without interfering with visibility of the cutting action. The Makita 2705 also integrates a riving knife.

Like any power tool, the device should not be used without safety goggles, and adequate lighting and ventilation.

Metals should not be used in the machine and it is important to inspect all material to ensure there are no nails or other objects embedded in the wood.

How Much Maintenance is Required?

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Maintenance includes general cleaning to remove chips and sawdust when necessary, and the moving parts should also be clean of any chips or other obstructions.

An air blower would be the best way to remove debris inside of the unit.

Lubrication is the most important maintenance of this power tool, and parts should be greased to ensure smooth operation and longevity.

Guide shafts, rails, sub table shaft, frame hinge, and the threaded blade elevation shaft should all be regularly checked for lubricant. Stiff or difficult movement is often a sign that grease needs to be reapplied to the moving parts.

The carbon brushes are marked with a limiter to indicate when they are wearing down, this is a straight line indicator directly on the brushes.

These should be replaced before they hit the limit mark, and it is necessary to use identical replacements. Consult the maintenance section within the provided manual before performing any work on the unit.

Construction Quality

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The aluminum components of this device are sturdy and well made.

The cast table area is definitely the highlight of the construction. Other features on this device let you know that you’re dealing with a serious working tool, including the power button, which feels both robust and of high quality.

The base of the unit is manufactured using a plastic material, although the quality is high and there is nothing in particular that feels ‘cheap’ on this unit.

Overall, for the price paid, it is a well-built unit, and the one year Makita warranty guarantees against manufacturing defects and poor workmanship or materials.

What Accessories Are Included Out of the Box?

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  • 32T Carbide Tipped Blade (A-94948)
  • Rip Fence (122740-1)
  • Miter Gauge (122838-4)
  • Push Stick (416772-1)
  • Wrench #5 (783203-8)
  • Wrench #19 (781038-1)
  • Socket Wrench (782024-5)

The unit includes standard documentation which includes all safety and operating advice. A digital copy of the instruction manual can be downloaded in PDF form at this link.

Are There Recommended Accessories for This Device?

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A vacuum or sawdust collection bag is an advisable accessory.

This will keep the workplace clean and the addition of the vacuum can help to prevent the buildup of debris inside the unit assembly.

For extending the table, Makita offers official part numbers, including an out feed extension (MAK-194087-3, and a left side feed extension (MAK-19486-5).

To use dado heads with the device, an additional part (MAK-317934-3) will be required. This is a replacement insert, as the insert supplied with the device will interfere with dado blade heads.

Other standard safety accessories (safety glasses, ventilator for some materials) should always be used.

What are Some Tips for New Owners?

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Some owners may want to increase portability with a table stand, and most standard designs could be adjusted for use with this saw.

Some users have had success with Bosch models, by attaching a sturdy piece of ply to the stand, and then bolting the Makita unit to the ply.

Alternatively, Makita offers the 2705 with an integrated stand. This model is the Makita 2705X1, which is identical in all features excluding the stand itself.

For some owners, the blade may not be parallel to the miter gauge after shipping. Adjusting this is quite an involved process, and if the setting is off significantly, it is advisable to contact Makita.

The process for owners who want to proceed with fine tuning is as follows:

Move the adjustment on from the underside of the table. Two bolts secure the block and the movement is from .010” to .012”.

Consumer Ratings & Price

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Ratings from consumers have been positive, with a 4.3/5 rating on the leading online shopping site. A leading United States power tool supplier also has a 4/5 average rating from consumer reviews.

As far as price goes, the unit is offered for a competitive figure of $527.99 USD from factory authorized resellers.

Due to different markets and seller price variations, online prices can be as high as $650 USD.

Always ensure that you are buying from a trusted reseller. Used tools may be damaged in some way, and will not be covered by the Makita 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Check below for the latest price and offers on Amazon.

Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw
List Price:$558.25
You Save:$4.36
Price Disclaimer

Shipping When Ordering Online

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When ordering online, always inspect the packaging before accepting the product.

When ordering from leading online retailers, you will have the option to return any damaged items.

Some customers have reported that the product arrived in a damaged box, but there was no detectable damage to the table saw itself.

Be aware that some customers have received a damaged saw, due to poor packaging of the unit itself. There is potential for damage if shippers do not handle the device carefully, which is both a failure of the carrier and of Makita’s design of the box itself.

In any case, both the warranty and shipping agreement will cover damage, so always insist on purchasing from a reputable online retailer.


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  • Made in the United States.
  • Powerful motor with quiet operation.
  • Sturdy aluminum table construction
  • Good alignment when not damaged in transit.
  • Excellent after sales support from Makita.
  • The electronic blade brake performs to a high standard and increases the overall safety of the unit.
  • Extendable table with options to further extend with accessories.
  • Smooth operation of moving parts when maintained and well lubricated.


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  • No ties in the internal storage, which means that accessories will move around in transit.
  • Some owners have reported poor packaging and handling of the device in-transit.
  • The lack of a sleeve bearing on the hand wheel can mean that the lowering/raising action can develop excess play over time.
  • Miter gauge slop reported by some owners.
  • The throat plate is one piece in the otherwise sturdy construction that is a letdown. The aluminum used is thin and held in place by a single screw. This could create problems for high precision cuts.
  • Buildup of debris can impact the operation of the saw.

Manufacturer Support & Warranty

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As mentioned, Makita provides their standard one-year warranty that protects owners against manufacturing process defects or material defects.

There are 30-day replacement refunds available (Makita’s own policy), and after that period the tool can be sent to any authorized Makita service center for warranty issues.

Makita is one of the most trusted name in power tools and accessories, and buyers should have confidence knowing that the support received for the 2705 will be of the highest standard.

The unit is manufactured in the United States.

Final Thoughts

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For the price point, this Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw review finds a power tool that is made to high standards, includes the accessories that you would expect, and provides enough versatility and cutting power for the jobs that are suitable for a 10-inch table saw.

However, the unit is not without fault. The storage cavity could have been improved with ties for accessories, and some of the hardware can develop (or in some cases be shipped with) a disappointing level of movement/play.

Overall, it is a high quality device that both professionals and home enthusiasts will be satisfied with, despite there being room for improvement with Makita’s next revision.


Specifications & Dimensions

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  • Arbor hole 15.88 mm (5/8″)
  • Blade diameter 255 mm (10″)
  • Maximum dado capacity 21 mm (13/16″)
  • No load speed (RPM) 4,800/min.
  • Total Weight 29kg (64lbs)

Riving Knife Specifications

  • Blade body thickness 1.8 mm (1/16″)
  • Riving knife thickness 2.3 mm (3/32″)
  • Blade diameter Max.255 mm (10″) – Min.250 mm (9-7/8″)
  • Kerf width 2.6 mm (3/32″)

Cutting Specifications

  • 90° 91 mm (3-9/16″)
  • 45° 63 mm

Dimensions of Table When Not Extended

  • 678 mm x 766 mm x 344 mm (26-3/4″ x 30-1/4″ x 13-1/2″)

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