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Poulan Pro PRLM21i Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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The Poulan Pro PRLM21i cordless lawn mower is a great option if you're in the market for a battery powered mower that's designed to handle medium-sized lawns. Poulan Pro is one of the most trusted names in outdoor power tools, and it's often associated with the chainsaw market . . . but they manufacturer excellent lawn mowers too!

Poulan Pro aims to bring design innovation and high quality to their products, and with the PRLM21i 58 Volt battery operated lawn mower they definitely meet the challenge. This model offers some great features that aren't found on lower-end electric mowers, and since it's battery powered, it runs without the need of being tethered to a power cable. This article will help you decide if the Poulan Pro PRLM21i is the right lawn mower for you.

Product Showcase

Poulan Pro PRLM21i, 58-Volt Cordless 21 in. 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower (Battery Included)
  • Powerful 58 volt Lithium ion battery provides continuous power until battery is fully depleted
  • Brushless motor provides increased power, performance, and efficiency; longer battery runtime; exceptional engine durability and  life; and higher power-to-weight ratio
  • Durable 21 in. cutting deck designed for bagging/collecting or side discharging
  • Electric push button starting is simple and convenient
  • 11 in. high rear wheels provide excellent control and maneuverability on flat, hilly, and uneven terrain.


The Poulan Pro PRLM21i Electric Lawn mower is manufacturer by the well-known and respected Husqvarna company, who manufacturers and distributes other products under the familiar brand names such as Weed Eater, McCulloch, and Craftsman.


Model: Poulan Pro PRLM21i

Motor Rating: Brushless motor, 58 Volt

Power Source: 58V, 5.2Ah, lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Cutting Path: 21-inches

Clipping Management: Side discharge, rear catch bag, and mulching

Height Range: 0.98-inches to 3.14-inches

Weight: 65-pounds

Poulan Pro PRLM21i, 58-Volt Cordless 21 in. 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower (Battery Included)

Design of the Poulan Pro PRLM21i

The Poulan Pro PRLM21i is a great fit for medium sized yards. As a 3-in-1 mower, you'll have plenty of options for your grass clippings. You can use the side discharge, attach the catch bag, or mulch the clipping to add nutrition back into your lawn and soil. The mower comes with a catch bag and a side discharge attachment, but to mulch, you simply need to remove the grass bag and tightly close the back shield.

With a 21-inch steel cutting deck, you'll be able to make less passes in cutting your lawn. There are 5 grass height options allowing you to choose the length of cut. Whether you're mowing on flat or hilly ground, the 11-inch rear wheels provides excellent maneuverability and control.

When you've completed mowing, the handle folds down for storage, which allows the mower to use less space in a garage or shed.

The motor is started by pushing a button, and it's capable of delivering the power and performance of an average gas push lawn mower. A power meter is located next to the grip of the handle for easy viewing. At a glance, you'll be able to monitor your power usage.

Power Source

The PRLM21i is powered by a 58 Volt, 5.2Ah, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which is not only powerful, but long lasting. A fully charged battery can handle up to a half-acre of cutting.

The charger and battery are included with the mower, and you can purchase an extra battery if you choose. The charger plugs into a standard wall outlet, and a light displays on the battery to indicate the level of charge. 

When the mower is operating there's a battery meter near the handle that displays the battery's capacity. There are 5 different battery status levels, so you'll always know how much battery power is available. And, if there's an issue with your battery pack, the battery meter will alert you to the problem.

The Poulan Pro PRLM21i has 3 cutting modes to help manage the battery power as well as maximize the mowers performance. The user can change cutting modes even when the mower is operating. Here are the three options:

Auto Mode - The Poulan Pro PRLM21i automatically adjusts the cutting speed to the quantity of grass being cut. This is the default position.

Boost Mode - The mower operates at high speed to cut through high and tough spots.

ECO Mode - The mower operates at low speed where grass is low to maximize battery usage.

The battery pack should be cleaned and fully charged after each use. Once the battery pack has been fully charged (not to exceed 24 hours) it should be removed from the charger for storage.

Poulan Pro PRLM21i, 58-Volt Cordless 21 in. 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower (Battery Included)


To start the Poulan Pro PRLM21i, simply insert the battery pack until you hear it click into place, then press the power button and pull the motor control handle to the handle bar, the power button will begin flashing, press it again and the mower will start running. 

To stop the mower, you can either press the power button or release the motor control handle.

As mentioned above, the PRLM21i has 11-inch rear wheels which help the mower handle uneven and hilly terrain, and the Cutting Mode options allow the user to power the mower up or down to tackle different mowing challenges, or simply leave it in auto and let the mower adjust as needed.

This mower is not difficult to operate, and even with it's 21-inch cutting path, it doesn't have a bulky feel especially for weighing over 60-pounds. As a push mower, the PRLM21i is not self-propelled, so you'll be supplying the power. 


The Poulan Pro PRLM21i is a solid performing battery powered lawn mower. The 58V, 5.2Ah, lithium-ion rechargeable battery is able to cut up to a half acre on a full charge, and the brushless motor offers a higher power-to-weight ratio.

There's plenty of power and efficiency, and with the power meter you'll always know where you stand on battery power.

No lawn mower, especially battery powered ones, perform well on damp grass, and the PRLM21i is no exception. Mowing your lawn before it becomes overgrown will help prevent the mower from bogging down, it'll also keep your lawn healthy. We recommend mowing before your grass reaches 4-inches, and cutting to a height of about 2-1/2 inches. 

Poulan Pro PRLM21i, 58-Volt Cordless 21 in. 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower (Battery Included)


One of the main advantages to purchasing a battery powered lawn mower is the lack of maintenance. Gas powered mowers require much more maintenance, some of which many owners aren't comfortable performing themselves.

However, battery powered mowers like the Poulan Pro PRLM21i can operate for many years with very little maintenance. Much of the required maintenance are visual checks or cleaning that you'd automatically do anyway.

Each time you use your mower it's recommended to do the following:

  • Before each use and before storing your mower, you should check and tighten the bolts and nuts
  • Before using, check the cables to ensure they are not pinched
  • If you're using the grass catcher, clean and inspect it before each use and before storing the mower
  • Inspect the tires before use
  • After use, clean the mower and below the deck, using a scraper

The cutting blade should be checked for wear annually, and sharpened or replaced as needed. As you might expect, a mower performs better when the blade is in good condition. The mower will also require annual lubrication.

Keeping the tires in good condition is also important to the performance of the PRLM21i. When mowing, try to avoid stumps, stones, and other sharp objects that can potentially damage the tire. 

Poulan Pro PRLM21i, 58-Volt Cordless 21 in. 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower (Battery Included)

Warranty and Customer Support

Poulan Pro offers a 5-year warranty on the PRLM21i mower, and 3-years of coverage for the battery. The warranty does assume that the owner follow the recommended operational guidelines outlined in the owner manual.

The mower can be registered on the Poulan Pro website and, if you should have any issues you can speak to a customer service representative by calling 1-800-849-1297. You'll need to know the day you purchased the mower, model and serial number.

Their website has a fairly extensive knowledge center filled with articles and videos that help you both choose the right product and understand how to use it once purchased. There's also a service provider locater which is an easy way to find a service center near you.

Poulan Pro PRLM21i, 58-Volt Cordless 21 in. 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower (Battery Included)

Final Thoughts on the Poulan Pro PRLM21i

There's a lot to like about the Poulan Pro PRLM21i battery powered lawn mower. Since Poulan Pro is part of the Husqvarna family of products, it stands to benefit from their technology and quality control.

The powerful 58 Volt battery and large 21-inch cutting deck makes this mower a good choice for medium-sized lawns. Both experienced and first time lawn mower owners will appreciate the easy-to-operate design and minimal maintenance.

In the end, we doubt you'll be disappointed if you purchase the PRLM21i as it's a great mower with some nice features. However, if comparing this mower head-to-head against the EGO Power+ LM2000-S, we prefer the EGO. It offers nice conveniences such as a central lever to adjust the cutting height and better battery management.


  • The Cutting Mode feature (Auto, Boost, and ECO) helps the user tackle easy and tough areas in their lawn while optimizing battery life
  • The easily viewable Power Meter allows you to check the battery power at a glance
  • A fully charged battery can handle up to 1/2-acre or 60 minutes of cut time


  • When adjusting the cut height there is not a central lever. All four wheels will need to be individually adjusted
  • The battery can not be stored on the charger when not in use

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