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Poulan Pro Lawn Mower 20 Inch 40V Battery Powered Model Review

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Poulan Pro is one of the most trusted names in outdoor power tools, and is often associated with the chainsaw market.

Even if the name is familiar to you, it might be a surprise to learn that the company markets electric lawn mowers. Aiming to bring design innovation and the quality that is associated with the Poulan Pro name, a model like the 21 Inch Poulan Pro Lawn Mower might be a great option for your next purchase.

It offers some great features that aren’t found or the lower end electric mowers, and runs without the need for a tethered power cable. Get right into this full Poulan Pro Lawn Mower  review to find out if this mower is for you.

Product Showcase

Poulan Pro PRLM21i, 58-Volt Cordless 21 in. 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower (Battery Included)
  • Powerful 58 volt Lithium ion battery provides continuous power until battery is fully depleted
  • Brushless motor provides increased power, performance, and efficiency; longer battery runtime; exceptional engine durability and life; and higher power-to-weight ratio
  • Durable 21 in. cutting deck designed for bagging/collecting or side discharging
  • Electric push button starting is simple and convenient
  • 11 in. high rear wheels provide excellent control and maneuverability on flat, hilly, and uneven terrain.

Is This The Lawn Mower for You?

An electric lawn mower is arguably the most convenient way to mow your lawn.

There’s less maintenance than with a gas powered mower, and there are no emissions or fueling requirements. Electric mowers like the Poulan Pro Lawn Mower fit right in with the modern age, especially when considering ‘plug and play’ devices.

Essentially, as long as a mower like the Poulan Pro has fresh battery packs, then you’ll be ready to mow.

There are some downsides like not being able to mow well in the rain, and an electric mower will never be quite as powerful as a high end gas powered lawnmower, however, these are not issues for the average user.

If you simply want a reliable lawn appliance to help maintain your outdoor areas, then the Poulan Pro fits right into a market segment that has been created for you.

Power Requirements Of The 21 Inch Poulan Pro Lawn Mower

With a gas powered lawn mower you always need to be sure that you’ve got fuel before you start cutting your lawn.

With a corded electric lawnmower, you need to work within the limitations of a power extension cable.

The difference with the Poulan Pro Lawn Mower is that you don’t need to be near a power outlet, and you’ll never have to use fuel.

Simply keep your batteries charged, and you’ll be ready to mow with around 40 – 60 minutes of running time, depending on conditions and the length of your grass.

Having the freedom to not worry about a power cable is a huge benefit of owning this mower.

You don’t need to check cable gauges or the rating of your outlets, and there’s no danger of accidentally running over your power cable.

A cordless version is overall much less cumbersome than a corded electric mower, and is the perfect solution that combines the best of gas and electric mowers.

Is the Poulan Pro Lawn Mower Simple to Use and Easy to Maneuver?

Although this is a fairly large mower with a 21 inch cutting path, it won’t feel like a bulky metal gas powered lawn mower.

Maneuverability is high because the weight is kept down to around 60 pounds with the batteries connected. Because lawnmowers run on wheels, you won’t feel all of that weight while using one, so this Poulan Pro lawn mower is definitely an easy mower to use.

Ease of use is an advantage of buying the Poulan Pro. If you’ve used a gas powered lawnmower or an electric mower, then you will find all of the controls to be similar and straightforward.

There’s nothing overly technical that you need to learn, and the most adjustment you will ever do is changing the height of the mower or removing the grass catch basket.

Controls like the power bar and the height adjustment lever are color differentiated, so you’ll quickly be able to figure out the functions from the very first time that you look at the mower.

Of course, there’s a full user manual included, where you can familiarize yourself with all of the individual parts, functions, and safety precautions.

How Much Maintenance Is Required For The Poulan Pro Lawn Mower?

With a gas powered lawn mower you would need to worry about spark plugs, keeping a fuel/oil mix, and maybe even replacing a piston or other mechanical part as the mower ages.

Maintenance requirements are high, and can require some mechanical knowledge, or a trip to an expensive service center.

In comparison, the Poulan Pro electric mower requires almost no maintenance beyond cleaning.

Blades can become dull over time, but this is easily addressed with sharpening. And keeping the inside cutting chamber clean is as simple as using a rag while the mower is powered down.

The Poulan Pro is similar to all electric mowers in the way that maintenance is minimal, which makes this an ideal mower for busy families that want a garden appliance that simply works when it is needed.

Are Special Features Incorporated Into The Design?

This lawn mower incorporates a folding handlebar system which makes it easier to store, and it also has a 2 in 1 cutting system.

You’ll be able to choose whether you want to mulch or collect your grass clippings. By collecting clippings into the bag, you’ll be able to use them for composting or organic disposal.

If you choose to mulch, then grass will be cut multiple times within the cutting chamber, leaving a spread of finely cut grass on your lawn as a type of natural fertilizer. You’ll literally be able to use your grass clippings to create a healthier lawn.

The dual battery design should also be considered a special feature, as it maximizes cutting time and makes it more likely that you’ll be able to mow your complete lawn in a single session.

Is It Good Enough To Mow A Full Sized Lawn?

Cutting capability is the most important aspect of any lawn mower. With the features, design, and convenience with this model all being high points, it’s important to put them in context with how well this mower can perform on a full sized lawn.

To put it simply, yes, this can cut a full sized lawn if your lawn area is between 2000 – 3000 square feet.

Even if it’s larger, you’ll still be able to get the whole thing done between battery charging sessions. The only time this mower will struggle is when cutting excessively long grass, or when the grass is not quite dry.

It is advised that you don’t use this mower directly on an overgrown lawn, which means keeping grass to about 3 inches in length before cutting it.

Performance is a strong point of this model, and it will take longer to bog down when compared to some smaller lawn mowers. This is thanks to the 40V power battery, and the dual blade design.

Check the video below to get a better idea of how the Poulan Pro looks like.

Are Accessories Included In The Package?

This mower comes packaged with two batteries, a charger, the mower itself, and the catch bag used for grass clippings.

Where Is This Electric Lawn Mower Made?

The unit is manufactured in China, and is sourced from GreenWorks, the company that is responsible for quality mowers like the 16 inch 25142 and the 25322 electric lawn mower model. You can find fully detailed reviews of these models in our Lawn Mower Reviews section.

Is There A Warranty Included?

Poulan Pro offers a comprehensive warranty with this lawn mower, covering both the mower itself and the battery in two policies.

The mower is covered by a 4-year warranty that will protect you against defects or failures that are a result of faulty design or manufacturing. For the battery and charger, a 2-year warranty is offered.

This is a competitive warranty, although it’s not quite as attractive as the warranty in our Ego Power+ Electric Lawn Mower Review.

However, the Poulan Pro is more affordable, so we still consider this warranty to be one of the better ones in the industry.

Click here to read the full warranty document on the manufacturer’s website.

Is It A Good Idea To Purchase This Mower Online?

Purchasing online is safe and is the ideal way to purchase when you go through a leading retailer.

Prices are often more competitive when you shop online, and you can even compare deals between different sellers.

This Poulan Pro Lawn Mower is packaged to be delivered directly to consumers, so that means that there’s sturdy packing materials and you’ll be able to order online with the confidence knowing that your mower won’t be damaged in transit.

Technical Specifications

Model:                                                                 Poulan Pro  21 Inch 58V Electric Lawn Mower

Motor Rating:                                                       58V

Cutting Path:                                                        21 inches

Special Functions:                                                 Mulching, grass catching.

Height Range for Mower Attachment:                      0.98 inches – 3.14 inches

Weight:                                                                41.7 pounds without battery pack.

Power Source:                                                       Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

What Do Owners Say About The Poulan Pro Electric Lawn Mower?

Reviews for the Poulan Pro Lawn Mower are positive, however, it should be noted that the number of reviews are not as impressive when compared to other models.

The reason for this is quite simple: this is a relatively new model, so it simply hasn’t had the time to make a huge impact on the market. Even when considering that, it still has an average review score of 4.5/5 stars from verified owners.

Owners like the design of the Poulan Pro, it is classic black with yellow accents, and looks like a real garden tool.

This is quite a stark difference to other mowers that use flashy ‘modern’ design schemes.

Owners also like how easy it is to use and maneuver, with some commenting that it’s the perfect mower for a smaller person who doesn’t want to struggle with a large and heavy gas mower. Owners have also praised the battery life, which is a great indication of the quality of this lawn mower.

How Much Does It Cost?

Price will always be an important factor when buying garden tools, and just because a mower is powerful doesn’t mean that you should have to make a huge investment.

This mower is competitively priced, with discounts usually applied when you purchase online. The price is fair and competitive with similar mowers, making this an even more compelling option.

Follow this link to get the latest price and offers on Amazon.

Our Final Thoughts On Our Electric 40V 20 Inch Poulan Pro Lawn Mower Review

It could be argued that the Poulan Pro is not a ‘proven’ lawn mower.

It hasn’t been on the market for long, and is yet to pick up traction when it comes to sales figures and customer feedback.

However, this should not be held against the mower, especially considering that early analysis and consumer feedback shows that this is a very capable mower that comes in at a good price point.

It ticks plenty of the right boxes in terms of performance, ease of use, and features, and the price is around the midrange, which means that it’s an ideal replacement for a gas powered lawn mower.

If you need something that can mow a lawn of 2000 – 3000 square feet, and you want a larger (20 inch) mower that uses a battery instead of a power cable, then the Poulan Pro Lawn Mower is worth considering, and offers great value and performance for the price.

If you own other 40V Poulan Pro tools, then the decision will be easy, because this uses the interchangeable battery system to give you more operating time and convenience with all of your devices.

Poulan Pro 20-inch Lawn Mower Summary Review

-Dual cutting blade design
-Two battery design to increase mileage
-2 in 1 mulching and grass catching
-Folding design for easy storage
-Plastic body with metal parts
-Great cutting performance for the majority of users
-Running time is good for the average sized lawn
-Sturdy construction and easy assembly
-Dual battery design works well (cutover is instantaneous)
-Easy to store with a folding handle
-Relatively light weight, and easy to move around with sturdy wheels

-Like most mowers we have reviewed, it doesn’t perform well with damp or long grass
-Only one charger
-Single battery charge is up to two hours

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