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Remington Chainsaw Overview –Entry Level and Mid-Range Chainsaws

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When you’re considering a chainsaw for your home, you need to take some time to think about what you’re going to be using your chainsaw for:

Will you primarily need to cut down small trees or prepare firewood?

Is most of your work light clearing?

Or maybe you simply need a chainsaw for tree pruning and you want something that still feels like it has a high level of quality?

If you fall into any of these categories, then Remington electric and gas chainsaws are worth a closer look. Although these saws won’t be able to compete with the largest gas powered saws, they are highly capable in the light to medium duty niche.

The following models might not be the most versatile chainsaws on the market, but they do offer excellent value and good performance for their respective purposes.

I do hope you  find the right fit for your own needs!

RM1425 Remington Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are convenient, lightweight, and they require minimal maintenance.

If you need a capable saw for hedge trimming, small tree and brush clearing, or even for hobby work, then this Remington electric chainsaw is worth a closer look.

The most notable thing about this chainsaw is the highly affordable price. For less than $50, you’ll be able to get a 14” saw with a low kickback design, push button oiler, and chain tension adjustment.

It runs an 8AMP electric motor, so you’ll have no special power requirements and will be able to operate it from a high quality outdoor extension cord. You’ll have the benefit of no emissions or odors when running it, and it runs quietly with the only sound coming when you are actually cutting through wood.

With a chainsaw this affordable, you might expect to get something that is nothing more than a toy. The good news is that with this small Remington, that’s simply not the case.

This chainsaw is branded as the ‘Limb n Trim’, which gives a good indication of what you’ll be able to use it for. While it can technically cut through tree trunks of up to 14”, the work would be long and slow.

Putting this chainsaw through intensive work may also wear down the motor and limit the overall lifetime of the unit.

Essentially if you have light duty needs and you have no problem with being limited by

Remington Chainsaw RM1425
Remington Chainsaw RM1425

the low power of this chainsaw, then you’re going to be satisfied with the results.

If you’re a first time chainsaw user and are only breaking up firewood and clearing your yard of limbs and dead trees, then this could be a great option for you.

It has been well reviewed by consumers, is well made, and at the price you’re not taking any real risk on the investment.

Remington electric chainsaw parts are not as numerous as gas powered chainsaw parts, but most users will typically only replace the chains throughout the lifetime of the chainsaw.

The   is an excellent replacement for this model, and keeping a spare is always a good idea.

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Remington RM4216 Rebel 16” Chainsaw

If you’ve looked at the Remington electric chainsaw and decided that the power wasn’t quite up to your needs, then you could jump up to a model like the RM4216.

This is a gas powered chainsaw and provides a significant increase in power when compared to the RM1425.

Engine displacement on this model is 42cc, which provides power enough for limb removal on larger trees, hedge clearing and maintenance, and even cutting trees of up to 25ft.

With a 16” blade, you get some versatility without compromising too much in terms of handling. Many of the consumer reviews for this chainsaw have pointed to its ease of use and good performance with basic domestic tasks.

Because it’s gas powered, it won’t have any trouble cutting through cords of firewood during the winter, or breaking up other pieces of lumber on your property.

Even cutting through living wood is not out of the question. And you could consider this chainsaw to be right around the mid range in terms of power.

While it’s not going to be able to compete with the higher end homeowner chainsaws, it can still come close and does provide good value for money.

Being a gas powered Remington chainsaw, there is more maintenance involved when compared to an electric chainsaw, and you will have to deal with noise and emissions from this tool.

You’ll also need to perform light maintenance like cleaning and blade adjustment, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary for a chainsaw in this class.

Being a gas powered chainsaw, home repairs are more feasible when compared with an electric chainsaw, so this could be considered as a long term investment, as long as you’re sure the power and bar guide will be enough for your needs.

Remington chainsaw parts like chains, bar oil, and fuel, are all readily available. And specific Remington chainsaw parts for internals can be obtained from the manufacturer once the chainsaw is outside of warranty.

For replacement blades, Oregon models fit, and are considered some of the best replacement parts in the industry.

If you want to compare this to a model in a similar price range but with some additional power and a larger bar guide, then take a look at the in depth review for the Poulan Pro PP5020AV.

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Remington RM5118R 18” Chainsaw

Need the power of a gas chainsaw but want something that offers a larger bar?

You’ll still find that your needs are covered in the Remington chainsaw range, and the RM5118R is a model that could work out to fit your cutting tasks perfectly.

This time, Remington offers a larger 51cc engine, with an 18” bar.

The chainsaw comes packaged with a heavy duty case, which is definitely a bonus if you’re going to be loading this onto a truck or storing it for long periods of time. Other standard features are similar to what you’ll find on other modern chainsaws, and include a low vibration handle, all metal chassis, assisted start, and low kickback design.

This chainsaw is only slightly more expensive than the smaller Rebel model, and could also be compared to the in terms of both price and performance.

It will do everything that the 16” model can do, with the advantage of having some extra power that can help with cutting down mid-sized trees or breaking up larger pieces of lumber and firewood.

This is definitely a versatile chainsaw for any homeowner, and would be a good addition to a wooded property or farmland where regular tree removal is required.

The only real downside to choosing the larger chainsaw is that it will consume more fuel and will be slightly harder to handle with its larger 18” bar.

However, if you have some experience and don’t mind the extra bar size, then it is easy to recommend making a slight jump in price for this model.

Compare it with the Poulan Pro chainsaws  and you will find that features and power are similar, and overall consumer feedback has been highly positive. Owners have praised the cutting ability, the good construction, and the addition of the hard case that helps to bring additional value to the package.

Remington chainsaw parts can be purchased from large online retailers, and this chainsaw is also compatible with  .

You’ll also find Oregon guide bars to be a good fit for this model, with the being a direct replacement on the RM5118R.

Here’s a nice video below which will help you get a better look and feel of what this chainsaw can do!

Remington Chainsaw range of models are a Good Choice When You Want Value Without Compromises in Quality

Compare either of the gas powered models to similarly priced competitors and you’ll find that as far as customer satisfaction and performance goes, there’s not much between them.

However, Remington Chainsaws can usually edge out the competition with a slightly lower price, and they add great accessories like the hard storage case. Remington chainsaw parts are readily available so you’re not going to have any trouble servicing your gas chainsaw.

When it comes to Remington electric chainsaws, the  is quite compelling, especially considering the super-low price point.

For just under $50, you’ll get a capable hedge trimmer, firewood cutter, and small limb remover, with nothing really to complain about in terms of overall design or entry level performance.

Although there aren’t as many Remington electric chainsaw parts as there are for gas chainsaws, you’ll still be able to replace the most common pieces like the chain and some of the main gears inside the unit.

When you’re shopping for a chainsaw, even when you are looking at in depth chainsaw reviews, leave some time to take a look at a few of the Remington models.

They offer excellent performance for the price, and offer some strong competition for the market leading chainsaw brands.

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