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RV Generators: Which Are The Top 3 You Can Buy Today

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Owning an RV can give you the freedom to travel whenever you want, visiting some of the best camping spots that the country has to offer.

An RV gives you many of the conveniences that you would have at home, even when you’re out on the road or deep in the wilderness. Of course, if you want to get the most out of your RV, then you’ll need to have a reliable power source.

RV’s can take power directly from the engine and alternator, but this is not always the most cost effective or efficient way to do things.

Any RV enthusiast who has some experience, will tell you that a portable generator is the way to go. RV generators need to be powerful enough to run all of your key appliances, as well as any portable consumer electronics that you might be traveling with.

If you’re in the market for a generator today, then these are three highly capable Champion models that you’ll want to take a look at first.

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter RV Generator

Our first recommendation is one of the most affordable RV generators currently on the market. It is rated for 3100 watts, which will be plenty for modest power requirements.

On first look the Champion 3100 model is impressive for its compact size and pleasing modern design. The yellow and black outer shell makes it look the part, and the features help to reconfirm that this is a quality generator that means business.

The power rating is one of the first things that you’ll want to consider when looking at portable RV generators. The more power you have, the more devices you’ll be able to run simultaneously. It’s not just about the number of devices that can be powered, but also the size of the devices.

If you’re running something like a medium sized refrigerator or freezer, then you’ll want a generator that has over 2000 starting (surge) watts. If you are running other amenities like a water pump system, then you’ll need a power rating approaching 2500 – 3000 watts.

This RV generator is about as small as you would want to go for a mid-sized camper RV. It provides 3100 watts of running power and 2800 watts of starting power. As long as you’re not running a number of large appliances at the same time, then this will serve all of your power needs.

The relatively compact dimensions also mean a convenient weight, with this generator coming in at 80 lbs. Although it’s not the lightest generator on the market, it can be compared favorably with other RV generators that have similar power output.

The high quality inverter means clean regulated electricity, so this will be safe for all of your sensitive electronics, even computers and AV systems. When running it produces 58 dB of noise, which is campsite-friendly and lower than normal conversation.

Being a generator specifically targeted at the RV market, this model includes a dedicated 120V output that will connect directly to the hookup on your vehicle.

For moderate use, there’s not much better that you’ll find on the market today.

If you are interested to learn more, click the link below to go to the product page on Amazon.

Champion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter RV Generator

If you need something a little more powerful that the 3100 watt model, you can step up to the Champion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel RV inverter Generator. Not only does this model provide more power, but it has a unique feature not found on its smaller sibling.

Dual Fuel means that this generator can be run from gas or propane, with no conversion hardware necessary.

It has been designed specifically for the needs of campers, and having both fuel options will be convenient for most owners. Propane is typically something that is carried and stored on an RV, so it makes sense and is a welcome addition as an optional fuel source.

With higher power output you can expect to run more electronics simultaneously. This could be useful for example on a fishing trip, where you might need to run a large freezer for storing your catch.

If your RV is larger than average and has a complete AV system and other electronics like an electric stove or even a washing machine, then this model will be able to give you the power headroom that is needed.

The design is similar to the smaller RV generators model, and it’s still an attractive unit with the familiar yellow and black Champion color scheme. This RV generator uses a plastic shroud to cover the internals, which gives it a sleek and streamlined appearance. Overall, this is a heavy-duty generator that will be able to stand up to regular movement and even some bumps along the way.

All of your necessary outlets are taken care of, with a 120V RV hookup, as well as two standard 120V house-style outlets. This means that you could hook devices up to this directly, even if you’re not using the RV hookup.

Like the 3100 watt model, starting is performed with a built-in pull cord.

To learn more, just click the link below!

Champion 3800 Watt Dual Fuel RV Portable Generator

Let’s say you like the look of the previous two models, but you still want a bit of extra power.

That’s where the Champion 3800 watt model comes in. It offers all of the features of the 3400 Watt Dual Fuel, but with 400 watts of extra power.

This is for heavier users, and would allow for even larger appliances to be run simultaneously. This could be the ideal model if you’re running a water pump for a shower and faucets, or if you have appliances installed in your RV, such as a dishwasher, washing machine, and fridge / freezer. This model would also be ideal for cooking on an electric stove.

The aesthetic of this model is quite a departure from the first two models that we’ve looked at. The design remains attractive with the yellow and black color scheme, however, there is no plastic shroud covering the internals. It’s a more industrial design and is also longer lasting and overall more heavy duty.

A steel roll cage protects all of the components, and this unit features larger wheels than the previous two models. Another interesting feature on this model is the electronic start. A built-in battery means that you won’t have to deal with a pull cord starting system, and that will be greatly appreciated if you do travel a lot.

Power outlets are identical to the previous models, with a dedicated RV hookup, a 30A locking 120V connector, and two standard 120V household outlets.

Starting watts are particularly impressive on this model, with up to 4750 watts being provided when using gasoline as the fuel source. This exceeds the running watts and will make running large appliances a breeze. Even when run from propane, 4275 starting watts will be more than adequate in most scenarios.

Being larger and more powerful than the two smaller models, the 3800W produces 68 dB of noise when 23ft. away from the device. This will still be quiet enough for the regulations on the majority of RV camp sites.

If you want to learn more, click the link below.

Can You Use These RV Generators at Home?

You might be wondering; can I use an RV generator at home?

The simple answer, is yes.

The key difference between these generators and other standard portable gas generators, is the fact that they have dedicated RV hookups. It makes them more convenient because there will be no adaptors necessary.

So, even if you’re at home or even on a jobsite and you need portable electricity, you’ll be able to make use of any of these Champion generators.

The build quality on these models is exceptional and high quality components are used throughout all aspects of the construction. Minimal maintenance is required for each model, and basic servicing includes oil changes and filter changes.

For more significant repairs or maintenance, it’s always best to use an authorized service center, particularly while you are still within the warranty period. Champion offers a three year limited warranty on their RV generators, which is reflective of the quality of the product design and the components used.

If you need an RV generator, then any of these three models would be a great starting point. If your needs are more modest and you don’t need to run any large appliances, then you could also take a look at our comprehensive portable inverter generator reviews for other options.

Any gas powered generator would be suitable for an RV, but keep in mind that you may need to rely on a power adaptor for models that don’t have a dedicated and compatible RV hookup.

For more information about generators, including recommendations and parts / accessories advice, make sure you check out all of our generator buying guides.

From portable gas and propane to solar powered generators, you’ll be able to find the perfect model to fit your unique needs.

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