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Six Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Grass Looking it’s Best

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Everybody wants a beautiful yard and there are a few things that you can do to help maximize your efforts. When your yard is looking it's best, the lush green color will help highlight your colorful flowers and bushes. It'll become a welcome home for wild birds and a peaceful escape on a warm evening.

But getting and maintaining a beautiful green lawn requires more than regular mowing and weeding. This article will give your six lawn care tips to help you have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood.

Lush green lawn along a brick path

General Lawn Maintenance Tips

Having quality tools to help keep your grass in top shape is important, but it's also critical to stay on top of your general lawn maintenance. This can be easily accomplished by developing regular habits to ensure your lawn is healthy and looks its best. Here are six lawn care tips:

Protect Grass from Burning

Grass is prone to burning in extremely hot temperatures. In order to prevent your grass from burning, if the temperature rises to or above 86°F, you can protect your grass by leaving it about 1 to 2-inches tall. The taller grass will protect it from the harsh sunlight and help prevent the soil from becoming too dry.


The ideal time to water your grass is early in the morning. Watering between 4 am and 8 am provides optimum results. If you own an automatic sprinkler system you won't even need to get up in the morning!

Although, be careful not to over water as this can cause irreversible damage and lead to mold. As a rule of thumb, use a maximum of 15 liters (3.3 gallons) of water per square meter (10.76 square feet).

Avoid Scalping Grass

Scalping refers to cutting the grass really short. This should be avoided in order to fend off diseases and weed infestation, which is more likely to happen in scalped lawns. If you choose to cut your grass short, you'll also force the grass to have a poor root system, which can increase its vulnerability to damage.

Mow When Grass is Dry

While there's no harm in mowing a damp or wet lawn, it will not give the same results as mowing on a dry lawn. Wet grass has the tendency to clump and clog your mower and make it easier for you to tear the grass by jamming your wheels with moist soil.

If you do choose to mow a wet lawn, you can use a silicone spray or oil on the underside of your mower. It may not totally eliminate the problem, but it will make a big difference.

Don't Mow in the Same Direction

Mowing in the same direction may seem as though you're giving your grass a nice, symmetrical finish, but actually you're risking damaging it. Mowing repeatedly in the same pattern can put the grass at risk for ruts and compacted soil, which can threaten the health of the grass and making it more susceptible to weeds.

Mow During the Cooler Part of the Day

Mowing your lawn during the cooler part of the day puts less stress on your grass. If you mow at a time when the temperature is high, your grass will lose more water and have a slower recovery. 

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