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Tanaka Chainsaw Overview:Discover Top 3 Models

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If you’re looking for quality chainsaws, then there are a few brand names that you will often see advertised and in chainsaw reviews.

Makita and Husqvarna are some of the industry’s most popular, and all of these companies make high quality products across various price ranges.

One brand that you might not see as much, but that is still worth your consideration, is Tanaka. The brand is focused on both commercial and domestic users, and offers quality that can rival some of the more mainstream brands.

Despite a slight dip in mainstream popularity in recent years, the company still makes some very compelling models.

Let’s take a look at three of the best Tanaka chainsaw models that they have, and what they could offer you.

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14

This is compact in appearance, and looks quite unique when compared to some of the other models from competing brands.

It has been designed for strong performance with a small footprint, and is ideal for pruning, small tree removal, or firewood sawing.

Many of the features that you will find on the leading brands are also present on this Tanaka chainsaw model, including a self-oiling bar and chain, quick chain tensioning, and low vibration handle for fatigue-free operation.

The small size lends well to climbing when performing pruning work, and this would be an excellent chainsaw for a commercial operator or large property owner who needs something that is smaller and more portable for specialty jobs.

The balance on this model is nothing short of excellent, mostly thanks to the small bar size.

Tanaka chainsaw TCS33EDTP
Tanaka chainsaw TCS33EDTP

It’s not the most powerful saw on the market, but it’s not aimed at the users who need extreme tree felling capabilities.

Arborists would find this to be an excellent workhorse, especially for regular pruning work. In fact, many of the consumer reviews come from professionals who have used this in the field, and they have praised the high RPM operation which is excellent for in-tree work when pruning, shaping, and clearing.

Even though it’s not the most ideal saw for larger tree felling, it won’t be impossible to use if you have the right skill and technique.

Users have reported cutting 20” diameter trees with this saw, and although this saw adds time to what it would take a larger model, the end result was still the same.

In short, it’s a professional grade climbing saw that excels in situations when a small and manageable saw is needed, while still performing respectably on some larger jobs.

Although it’s pricey for its size, the unique form factor means that there aren’t too many models that can directly compete with it. If you need a highly versatile saw then this is not your best option, but if compact and maneuverable are two of your primary concerns, this is a well-made high performance tool that you should at least take a look at.

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Tanaka TCS33EB/16

Tanaka chainsaw TCS33EB
Tanaka chainsaw TCS33EB

Slightly larger than the Tanaka chainsaw 14 inch model, this is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a high quality professional grade saw, but you need some extra flexibility when it comes to the size of the bar and chain.

With a 16 inch bar, this chainsaw is going to be less suited to climbing work, but will be better as an all-rounder that can be used for commercial arborist work, or for general cutting and clearing on a domestic property.

It uses a similar 1.6 horsepower two stroke engine to the one used in the TCS33EDTP/14, which means that you’re going to benefit from low emissions.

The fact that this saw is professional grade is immediately evident from the quality of construction. The saw housing is made entirely of metal, which is a significant improvement over some of the more popular mainstream saws that use large amounts of plastic in the housing.

Owner feedback for this saw has been positive, and it currently enjoys a 4.2 / 5 star rating on the largest online retailer.

Many of the features from the smaller model are carried over, including the side mounted tensioning adjustment, and the low vibration handle design.

Owners have had praise for how easy the saw is to start (often on the first pull), and how much power it has to offer when breaking up wood into manageable trunks. While you wouldn’t be able to use this saw to fell the largest trees, it will have no trouble breaking down fallen or dead trees on your property, or even smaller live trees.

If you’re an arborist working professionally, then you may find that this is one of the best ‘go-to’ saws for your general tasks, even while it doesn’t excel at climbing/pruning when you’re using the standard 16 inch bar.

The good news is that you can still fit the smaller 14 inch bar on this model, and Tanaka sometimes offers promotions where a 14 inch bar and chain is included in the package.

Tanaka uses Oregon branded chains, which are known throughout the industry for quality, longevity, and cutting performance.

This saw is a solid performer, and it comes in at a reasonably competitive price point. The added length makes it more versatile than the smaller and more specialized Tanaka saw, which could make it ideal for homeowners and professionals who want a high quality workhorse.

The construction quality is on par with the best saws out there, and there’s no denying that the whole thing feels professional grade.

The saw weighs just under 9 lb. without the bar and blade, positioning it close to other chainsaws in a similar price range.

If a 16 inch saw is what you’re looking for, this is one that you definitely need to consider.

Tanaka Chainsaw TCS40EA

Tanaka chainsaw TCS40EA packing
Tanaka chainsaw TCS40EA packing

The is larger than both of the other two saws that we’ve looked at today, yet it comes in at a similar price point when compared to the TCS33EB/16.

It is being marketed as a homeowner saw, rather than a pro saw, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to make any compromises.

Let’s take a look at what this model is all about, and whether it’s worth a closer look for your next purchase.

This saw is not only larger than the two previous models we’ve looked at, but it’s also more powerful.

It uses a larger 40 xx, 2.4 horsepower engine. Although this is a saw marketed to homeowners, it’s still uses commercial grade engine components, and Tanaka even offers a 7-year warranty for non-commercial applications.

Many of the design features from other Tanaka models are carried over. The now familiar chain brake, side chain tension adjuster, and low vibration design, are all included in this model.

The saw itself weighs 9.7 lb., but you could expect it to weigh up to 15 lb. when it is combined with the bar and blade.

This saw uses an 18-inch bar, making it the largest of the three models we’ve looked at, and therefore the most capable. While handling will be sacrificed for the increased size, you’ll have the benefit of being able to take down larger trees, and work with larger pieces of material when you are breaking up wood.

As with the other models we’ve looked at, Tanaka has chosen metal for the construction material, making this extremely sturdy for everyday use.

User feedback has allowed this saw to achieve a high star rating on the largest online retailer, making it just as well received as other Tanaka saws, and comparable in user feedback to saws made by other leading manufacturers.

Users have praised the overall quality of construction, the power, and the large bar size.

So are there compromises when purchasing this? Compared to the Tanaka TCS33EB/16, the only compromise is that the saw is larger and less portable.

This saw offers more power with all of the same features that you would get with the smaller, and you’ll also have the benefit of a longer bar and chain. If the slight increase in price will work within your budget, then this is a model that can easily compete with the bigger brands that receive much more exposure.

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Tanaka Chainsaw Models are a Great Choice for Professionals and Homeowners

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a chainsaw.

Quality, price, and performance, will all be important factors.

These three models each suit slightly different purchases and use case scenarios, but they are extremely competent within each of their respective niches.

If you’re looking for a new chainsaw and you’ve already seen some of our reviews from other major brands, then it’s worth taking some time to look at what Tanaka has to offer.

Competitive pricing means that these are easily comparable in the different price points, and you’ll also be able to take confidence knowing that each of these three Tanaka chainsaws have been warmly accepted by both professional and domestic users.

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