Timberpro Chainsaw Model RangeIf you’re in the market for a chainsaw and you want to be able to get a package that includes almost everything you need to get started, then the various TimberPro chainsaw models would be a great starting point.

Although these models don’t enjoy the same brand recognition as companies like STIHL and Husqvarna, they are still known for high quality products, and they offer a lot of performance for a relatively low price.

Perhaps the best thing about these saws is that you get some great accessories along with top tier performance, and there are two key models that you’ll definitely want to have a close look at.

Both of the models here are 20” chainsaws that can compete closely with models like the Husqvarna 455 Rancher.

And in some ways, they may even be a better option, depending on what your needs are!

62cc 20” Gas Powered TimberPro Chainsaw

A 62cc chainsaw can provide plenty of power for domestic cutting, and will even be enough to get rid of some of the larger trees on your property.

With 20” of bar on this TimberPro chainsaw, you’ll be able to cut through trees with up to 40” diameter, provided you have the experience and skill to get the job done safely.

One thing that you can be sure of with this chainsaw, is that it definitely offers more than your average homeowner chainsaw.

The large bar and high engine capacity mean that it has plenty of torque and cutting power for getting through larger pieces of material and living wood. Unlike some smaller chainsaws that would only be good for light clearing work and firewood cutting, this chainsaw should be able to take care of anything that you throw at it.

If you live on a larger property with wooded areas, or if you regularly need to use a chainsaw on a farm or ranch for clearing mature trees, then this is a great option that still remains relatively affordable and comparable to models like the Husqvarna 450, Husqvarna 460, and Husqvarna 455.

The large guide bar length is well above the average of 16” that you will see on most homeowner chainsaws. While this makes the chainsaw capable of working through larger pieces of material, it could also mean that the chainsaw is less manageable if you don’t have a lot of experience with gas powered chainsaws.

The target market for this chainsaw is obviously experienced users, so if you need something smaller and easier to learn with, then you might prefer to go with a corded electric chainsaw or gas chainsaw with a 12 or 16-inch bar guide.

If a large chainsaw is exactly what you’ve been looking for, then you’re going to be quite impressed with what TimberPro is offering.

Purchasing this chainsaw won’t just give you an excellent high end chainsaw. You’ll also get a number of accessories that add to the value of the entire package.

In addition to the chainsaw itself and the 20” bar, you’ll get two chains, a canvas storage and carry bag, and a tool kit for maintaining the chainsaw and making adjustments.

This is much more than you will get with the average chainsaw, with most only coming with a simple bar/chain sheath. Even having a carry bag is usually seen as a bonus with other chainsaws, so the fact that you get a spare chain and some basic tools might be enough to sway you towards this particular model.

Customer reviews will tell you a lot about how good this chainsaw is. It currently has a 4.5/5 star rating on the largest ecommerce and consumer review site, with users praising the performance and value of the package.

Some consumers noted that they were initially worried about the price and the features that were on offer, with a number of reviews noting that the package seemed too good to be true. However, in testing and as noted in reviews, the accessories are all top quality, and the chainsaw can perform as well as comparable models from the leading chainsaw brands.

The chainsaw features everything you would expect like a low vibration handle, assisted start, hand guard, and an anti-kickback mechanism. Although TimberPro is not quite a top-tier brand, it definitely offers leading performance and will hold its own against similarly priced gas powered chainsaws.

All in all, if you’re looking for a capable gas chainsaw and you’re not intimidated by the large bar size, then the TimberPro chainsaw should definitely be on your list of models to consider. Being a gas chainsaw, it can go virtually anywhere that you need it to, and you’ll only need to make sure you have enough bar oil and fuel to keep it running for a full day’s work.

Check the video below to see this amazing chainsaw in action!

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TimberPro 58cc 20” Gas Chainsaw

Similar in looks, features, and performance, this TimberPro chainsaw is a slightly cut down version of the larger 62cc model.

With a slight drop in engine capacity, you’ll lose only a slight amount of horsepower (3.5 vs 3.6hp), and you’ll still get the benefit of having a 20” bar guide for intensive cutting tasks when removing trees or breaking up wood on large properties.

Everything that we’ve noted about the larger model can be carried over to the 58cc.

It provides plenty of power for homeowners on large properties, and it would easily outperform smaller gas and electric powered chainsaws.

Again, this is a chainsaw that hasn’t been designed for the absolute beginner. So you’re either going to need to get some help from an experienced user when you run this for the first time, or you could alternatively start to develop your chainsaw skills with a smaller model.

Competitive in price and performance with a number of Husqvarna models, the 58cc version of the chainsaw comes with the same accessory pack that you’ll find on the 62cc model.

This means you’ll have two chains (one to keep spare), a carry bag which can also be used for storage, and a small tool kit for adjustments of the chainsaw.

The kit also includes files for keeping the blade in good working order, so all you will need to get started is some fuel and bar oil, and a few trees or cords of wood to cut through. The kit even includes a fuel mix bottle, which is essentially just a bottle with indicators for getting a 50/50 oil to fuel mix.

While an accessory like this won’t win any awards for innovation, it still adds value to the overall package and makes this a compelling choice for competing chainsaws that simply come with the main unit, a bar guide, and a single chain.

The only real criticism that can be made towards this chainsaw is the fact that it’s so close in performance to the 62cc model. When they are both offered for a great price, it can make sense to simply go for the bigger model.

In this way you would have extra power when you need it, and for real world cutting performance and handling they are as close to each other as you would expect with just .1hp difference between the two models.

Is it Safe to Choose a TimberPro Chainsaw Over a Leading Brand?

If you’re concerned about quality and performance when compared to market leading brands, then you can rest assured that the TimberPro is just as much of a high end chainsaw as similarly priced models from Husqvarna, STIHL, and Poulan Pro.

The difference here is that you’ll get extra accessories with your purchase, and it’s even arguable that these chainsaws offer better value overall.

Consumer feedback for both models has been extremely positive and there have been no major issues with reliability or quality. Common issues like difficult starts in the cold, and a harder initial start are both present on the TimberPro chainsaws, but this is the case with most gas chainsaws.

The best advice would be to buy these chainsaws based on price. If you can pick one of these up for a similar price to a Husqvarna 455 or 460, then you’ll be getting an excellent deal.

It could be argued that Husqvarna features overall better build quality and components, but the reality of testing and consumer reviews would suggest that this makes little difference in real world situations.

TimberPro might not be the biggest chainsaw brand and may not receive the same kind of accolades as top tier models, but the two we’ve looked at today are definitely capable of delivering high performance in demanding scenarios.

If you need a capable chainsaw for your property where you will regularly be taking on heavy workloads, then either of these two chainsaws would represent great value and are worth the investment.

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