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Top Table Saw Brands:Who is Who and How to Evaluate them

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If you’re looking for a new table saw for home DIY or professional use, then you’ll need to have a good idea of the top table saw brands that are available on the market.

While there are near countless options for you to purchase, not every brand or device comes with the same level of quality. As you will find in our reviews of table saws, you’ll need to evaluate each unit on its own merits, as well as the brand that stands behind it.

We’re going to take a look at five of the top table saw brands, each of which is known for consistent quality and craftsmanship.

Then, we’ll take a look at a checklist that you should use when evaluating any individual table saw model.


One of the most respected names in power tools, DeWALT is an American brand that has existed for almost 100 years.

Established in 1924, the company is now a part of the wider Stanley Black & Decker group. If you’re looking for quality without compromises, then this is one of the brands that you can put some trust into.

Models like the DeWALT DWE7490X and DWE745 have been highly praised by both consumers and professional reviewers, and we’ve even looked at these models in our comprehensive reviews.

With DeWALT, you can expect to find excellent features like dust collection systems, and rack and pinion rip fences that often outperform what the competition is offering.

Of course, no brand makes the perfect tool, so you’ll need to closely compare any DeWALT tool with alternative table saw brands, and make your final choice based on your needs and the features of the individual product.

DeWALT has the most comprehensive warranty coverage of any of the table saw brands that we’ve reviewed, with one year of free maintenance and a three year limited warranty on their power tools.


Makita is a brand that enjoys just as much prestige as DeWALT, and although they’re a Japanese company, they also have manufacturing plants in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Makita uses a good blend of solid steel, aluminum, and hardened plastics in the construction of their 10-inch table saws.

Unfortunately, we’re yet to see a high quality rack and pinion rip fence on a mid-range Makita saw, which puts DeWALT at a slight advantage in that area.

If you’ve been researching table saws, then you will know that the rip fence is one of the most important features on any saw, as it ensures accurate measurements and stability when ripping through a work piece.

Even so, Makita tools are still revered for their high quality and durability. Many professionals in the construction industry insist on Makita tools.


Bosch is one of the largest engineering companies in the world.

While they provide automotive and electrical components, they’re also a major power tool manufacturer. They have a strong reputation not only in Europe, but also in the United States and Australasia.

Bosch power tools can be closely compared to both Makita and DeWALT in terms of overall quality.

In our review of the Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch table saw, we found the product to be highly reliable with good features, an excellent soft start motor, and one of the best gravity rise stands available.

Assembly is excellent on Bosch units, with all fittings, nuts, bolts etc. being perfectly placed after unpacking.

Bosch manufactures a number of their power tools, including job site table saws, in Taiwan.

Ryobi / Craftsman

Although Ryobi and Craftsman are different brands, they both fall under the same OEM manufacturer, with units being manufactured in China.

Both brands have a long history of developing hard working and efficient power tools, but they have fallen behind in recent years when compared to top brands like DeWALT and Makita.

You can still trust both of these brands in terms of quality, but you will mostly be looking at units in the entry level and mid-range. This can mean that there will be some compromises made with the products, which will not be a problem as long as you do not expect them to perform as the best brands in the business do.

If you’re interested in taking a look at just how similar the Ryobi and Craftsman models are, then check out our comparison of the Craftsman Evolv and the Ryobi ZRRTS10G.


SKIL has been a powerful name in American power tools since the late 1930s.

The circular SKILSAW was perhaps the most important tool that redefined construction in the United States, and the brand is still well known today, producing a wide variety of hand power tools and larger power tools like table saws.

The brand name is now owned by the Bosch company, and is often used to offer tools at a slightly lower price point to comparable Bosch tools.

This means that if you were to take a SKIL tool in a head to head comparison with something from Bosch, DeWALT, or Makita, the SKIL will usually come out second best.

This is not to say that SKIL products aren’t worth your time, but instead means that they’re offered as more budget-friendly tools when compared to those from the top three brand names.

You can take a look at some of the differences in our DeWALT DW745 vs SKIL comparison article.

What You Should Look for When Comparing the top Table Saw Brands

Our comprehensive table saw reviews will give you in depth overviews of a number of table saws, ranging from the entry level Craftsman Evolv, up to quality mid-range devices from Makita, Bosch, and DeWALT.

Whenever you are reading a review, particularly if you are going to be comparing between models, there are a few key points that you will need to take note of.

Let’s take a look at each of these, and why they matter when you’re making a direct comparison.

  • Portability: If you’re going to be using your table saw on a job site, or even if you want to be able to easily carry it around your home for DIY work, then portability will be a major concern.

Some tables come with integrated stands, which can make them harder to transport, while others are standalone or come featuring quick release stands. You should also take note of the total weight of any potential table saw purpose, as this will greatly impact portability.

  • Rip Capacity: If you need to know how much a table saw can rip to the right of the blade while using the rip fence, then look for rip capacity in a review.

This will be quoted in inches, and anything above 16” is respectable for a smaller table saw. Most contractor table saws will be closer to 25” of rip capacity.

  • Rip Fence Quality: Accurate measurements and square ripping will depend on the quality of the rip fence.

Look for a unit that not only has a sturdy rip fence, but one that is easy to adjust without losing accuracy or alignment. For more details, you can read our article on how to choose the best rip fence.

  • Dust Collection: There are some table saws that don’t feature any kind of dust collection shroud, and if you’ve ever used one, then you will know what a pain it can be to perform cleanup after you’ve finished working.

can catch the majority of the dust that is ejected under the table, directing it to an outlet port that can be connected to a shop vacuum or a collection bag.

If you will be working regularly in a closed environment or on a job site, then you will want a dust collection system on your table saw.

  • Safety Features: Features like anti-kickback pawls, a riving knife, and a blade guard are pretty much standard on modern saws. Always look for basic safety features when you are looking for a new table saw.

You can read our detailed article on table saw safety here.

  • General Construction Quality: Perhaps more important than anything else, the overall construction quality will determine how well a table saw can stand up to regular usage.

If poor materials and craftsmanship are used, then you may be forced to upgrade before too long. If you’re making a serious investment in a table saw, then aim for the best construction quality that you can find within your budget.

  • Warranty: A warranty is a good indicator of how much faith a manufacturer has in their product. Most will offer at least a 12-month warranty, but then there are companies like DeWALT that offer extensive three year warranties on their larger power tools.
  • Accessories: Included accessories and the quality of those accessories can impact your purchasing decision. Top quality table saw should come with basic accessories like a miter gauge, push stick, and simple tools for adjusting the saw blade.

If you want to learn more about the basic table saw parts and accessories, you can check out our article here.

  • Customer Feedback: Customer feedback will tell you a lot about how people feel about the tool in real world scenarios. In addition to checking professional table saw reviews and comparisons, you should also look for customer testimonials on the world’s largest ecommerce websites.

These will be able to tell you what real working professionals think about any particular power tool, and you can find out a lot about pros, cons, issues, and usability from these reviews.

Use Your Knowledge to Identify the Best Table Saw Brands and Models

No matter how strong any particular brand is, there will always be exceptions when it comes to performance and quality.

Use brands as a starting point, but always look for in-depth reviews and consumer feedback so that you can gain a real perspective of how any table saw performs.

With research, you can make sure that every dollar you spend is spent wisely, and you’ll have a high quality functioning saw for many years to come.

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