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Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Parts: Get To Know The Most Common Ones

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Whether you’re the owner of a Troy Bilt riding mower, a walk-behind push mower, or even if you’re considering buying one in the future, knowing about the most common Troy Bilt lawn mower parts will mean that you’re always ready when it comes to perform repairs or maintenance.

Troy Bilt lawn mowers are of excellent quality and are highly regarded around the world.

Despite the quality in design and components, some key elements can wear or fail over time, but having the right spares will mean that you’re able to extend the life of your mower, potentially for decades into the future.

Here are some of the most common Troy Bilt lawn mower parts, what they’re for, and some specific examples that you can buy today.

Replacement Blades for Push and Riding Lawn Mowers

No matter how good a lawn mower is, it will never be able to perform its job without high quality mower blades.

When you are buying Troy Bilt lawn mower replacement parts, a replacement or spare blade should be one of the first items that you get. Not only will you need a new blade when yours becomes significantly worn or damaged, but it’s a good idea to keep a spare blade (or more than one in the case of Troy Bilt riding lawn mower parts) so that you can easily swap out your old blade if anything goes wrong.

Quality blades can last for years in a lawn mower in the right conditions, however, it’s impossible to determine exactly how long a blade will last in your unique scenario.

Impacts with loose rocks or stones, tree roots, or even concrete paving, could all chip and bend a blade beyond serviceability.

Keeping a blade in good condition requires regular sharpening, which will need to occur at least once a year. Depending on how often you use your mower, you could even find yourself sharpening your mower blade every other month.

We’ve covered blade sharpening in an extensive guide, which you can take a look at here.

When blades become over sharpened, they will lose too much material which can compromise their structure and offset the balance of the blade.

This can cause uneven cutting, damage to other components of the lawn mower, and you will feel excessive vibrations when an unbalanced blade is spinning.

Blades are so affordable that most owners will be satisfied by the operating life they get from a blade, and you only need to take a look at a few options to see why keeping spares and always replacing a damaged blade is the best policy.

  • If you use a Troy Bilt mulching mower, then you’ll need a blade that is specially designed to create ‘air lift’ inside the mowing chamber. This allows grass to be repeatedly cut and distributed back on your lawn as fertilizer. This MTD Replacement Lawn Mower Blade will be suitable for any Troy Bilt lawn mower that uses a 21 inch blade.
  • If you need Troy Bilt riding lawn mower parts, then you’ll find that the mower uses more than one blade to achieve a large cutting area. For a 50 inch riding mower, you can take a look at these quality Stens 50” Deck Lawn Mower Blades. They’re suitable for Troy Bilt models like the Super Bronco, Big Red Horse, and Mustang XP.
  • If mulching is not a major concern for you, and you simply want a reliable mower blade that will be used with your grass catcher attachment, then you can take a look at the Maxpower 331538S Blade for 21 inch lawn mowers.

This is a high quality USA made blade that will fit almost every 21 inch mower from Troy Bilt and other manufacturers.

Buying a blade is not just an option for when your blade becomes damaged or worn beyond the point of sharpening. Keeping a spare blade can mean that even when your blade dulls during a mowing session, you’ll be able to swap it out with just a few minutes of downtime.

You can then sharpen the older blade later when it’s more convenient. Because mower blades are amongst the most affordable Troy Bilt lawn mower parts, there’s no good reason not to keep a sharpened spare for whenever you need it.

When buying a blade, keep in mind that you’ll need to get the right size for your mower. You can check the size of your mower blade by taking a look at your documentation, or on an older mower you could simply measure the existing blade from end to end.

If you’re unable to confirm the size of your blade, then you can contact Troy Bilt directly to get advice on a replacement.

Replacement Air Filters

Due to the fact that Troy Bilt lawn mowers are gas powered, they are also air cooled. This means that you’ll need a clean air filter any time that you are running your lawn mower.

Filters are readily available and inexpensive, whether you need push Troy Bilt lawn mower parts, or Troy Bilt riding lawn mower parts. With most models, you’ll need to choose between a cartridge style air filter or an oval style one, and this depends entirely on the type of filter that is used in your mower.

As with all specific parts requirements, you can consult your user manual to find the exact replacement type that you’re looking for.

If you’re familiar with small engines and power tools, then you will be able to easily identify the type by removing your existing filter.

  • This  Briggs & Stratton Cartridge Air Filter  is designed for engines used on models like the Troy Bilt TB240 and TB280. It’s a direct drop-in replacement, and you can purchase a pack of four filters in the sub-$20 price range. This means that you’ll have spares for a long time to come, and four filters will easily cover domestic usage for 4 – 5 years.
  • If your mower uses an oval style filter, then you can take a look at this 2 Pack of Oval Air Filters. These filters are the ideal Troy Bilt mowers parts for models like the TB110, TB115, TB200, and TB230.

If you have a larger Troy Bilt model like the TB370, you will find that it uses two different air filters, both the oval style and flat cartridge style. If this is the case for your mower, then buying a pack of each will still be budget-friendly.

We recommend replacing filters over cleaning them, as excessive cleaning and duty cycles can reduce the efficiency of an air filter, leading to reduced airflow or increased particles in the air intake.

Buying Control Cables and Handles When Looking for Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Replacement Parts

Two of the most commonly replaced Troy Bilt lawn mower parts are the control handle and the control cable. Thankfully, these parts are fairly standard amongst lawn mowers, and you’ll be able to get a good fit on a Troy Bilt lawn mower even when you purchase a generic cable.

The control handle is used for the braking mechanism and is an essential safety part for any lawn mower.

You can use the MTD 747-1161A-0637 Control Handle  on most Troy Bilt models.

The control cable is used for the throttle and running a faulty cable can be dangerous and could potentially damage your lawn mower. This official Troy Bilt lawn mower replacement parts Troy Bilt Replacement Lawn Mower Engine Control Cable   is compatible with virtually every walk-behind Troy Bilt model.

This particular part is produced from the official manufacturer, and comes in at a great price for a first-party replacement part.

Want to Learn More About Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Parts and Maintenance?

Now that you’re familiar with some of the essential Troy Bilt lawn mower parts, it’s a good time to take a look at our other buying guides which will provide excellent tips for maintenance, offer advice for parts for other manufacturers, and you can even take a look at some lists of the top Troy Bilt lawn mowers available today.

If you still haven’t decided about your next lawn mower, then you can head straight to our in-depth reviews where we perform extensive analysis of some of the best mowers currently on the market.

If you’ve considered moving from a gas powered lawn mower to an electric one, then our reviews could help you to find the right replacement where you won’t have to compromise on features or quality.

Always insist on high quality parts, and contact the manufacturer directly if you’re in doubt about a specific replacement.

Taking the time to learn about how your mower works, and replacing your own user-serviceable parts, will mean that you’ll never have to reply on a lawn mower technician, and you’ll be able to perform quick maintenance and repairs so that your mower is always ready to get the job done.

Interested In Other Lawn Mower Brands’ Parts?

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