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Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Parts: What You Should Know

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Troy Bilt lawn mowers are known for their excellent quality, but even the best mowers require regular maintenance. You can always take your mower in for professional service, but in most cases, the tasks aren't too difficult. If you have OEM or Troy Bilt replacement parts, you can do the work yourself and save a few dollars.

This article will cover the most common Troy Bilt replacement parts available so you can build a backup supply if you'd like to a few parts on hand for when the unexpected happens. Below you'll find a few of the most common Troy Bilt lawn mower parts and the role they play in your mower.

Troy Bilt Mower Replacement Blades

When your mower's blades are dull, you'll most likely notice that your lawn simply doesn't look it's best. It's common to notice the tips of the grass blades turning brown shortly after mowing. This happens because the grass is ripped and torn instead of being cleanly sliced. Even worse, the poor cut makes your lawn prone to disease.

You may even notice that your grass has an uneven cut.

But fortunately, dull blades can be sharpened. The process isn't too difficult to do yourself, or you can take your mower to a professional and have them do it for you. Although, if you don't want to deal with it at all, or if your blades have been sharpened to a point where they need to be replaced, you can purchase new ones.

Another concern besides the blades becoming dull, is they could dent or bend. If you run over loose rocks or run over concrete paving, or hit tree roots, you could damage the mowers blades beyond repair. When this happens, your only choice is to purchase a new set of blades.

Troy Bilt lawn mower replacement blades are very affordable and easy to install. Once you determine the correct blade that matches your mower model, you may want to consider keeping an extra one hand so you can easily swap them out if necessary.

If you have a Troy Bilt mulching mower, then you'll need a blade that's specially designed to create an "air lift" inside the mowing chamber. This allows the grass to be repeatedly cut before it is distributed back to your lawn as fertilizer. The MTD Replacement Lawn Mower Blade is suitable for any Troy Bilt lawn mower that uses a 21" blade.

MTD 942-0741A Replacement Mulching Blade 21-Inch Length

MTD 21" Replacement

Lawn Mower Blade

If you own a Troy Bilt Riding lawn mower, then you'll find the mower uses more than one blade in order to achieve a larger cutting area. For a 50" riding mower, you can check out these quality Stens 50" Deck Lawn Mower Blades. They're suitable for Troy Bilt models like the Super Bronco, Big Red Horse, and Mustang XP.

Stens 335 859 Blades 2 in 1 Mulching Blade 3 Piece

Stens 50" Riding 

Lawn Mower Blades

If mulching is not a major concern for you, and you simply want a reliable mower blade that can be used with your grass catcher attachment, then you can take a look at the Maxpower Replacement Blade for 21" Lawn Mowers. They're a high quality USA made blade that will fit nearly every Troy Bilt 21" mower. 

MaxPower 331538B Blade for 21" Cut MTD, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt Walkbehind Mowers Replaces 942-0641

MaxPower 21" 

Lawn Mower Blades

When buying a new blade, always check that it's the right size for your mower. You can check the size of your mower blade by taking a look at your owners manually, or for older mowers, you can simply measure the existing blade from end-to-end.

If you're still unsure, contact Troy Bilt directly at 1-800-828-5500 or they have a live chat box on their website.

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Air Filters

Since Troy Bilt lawn mowers are gas powered, they're also air-cooled, this means you'll need a clean air filter whenever you're running your mower.

Air filters are inexpensive and readily available. Most models either use a cartridge style air filter or an oval style. As with all specific parts, you should consult your user manual to find the exact replacement part number. But you should be able identify the type by simply removing the old filter.

This Briggs & Stratton Cartridge Air Filter is designed for engines used on models like the Troy Bilt TB240 and TB280. It's a direct drop-in replacement.

Briggs & Stratton 491588S Flat Air Filter Cartridge

Briggs & Stratton

Cartridge Air Filter

If your mower uses an oval style filter, then you can take a look at Briggs & Stratton 5432K Oval Air Filter. Keep in mind, it's always a best practice to consult your owners manual to ensure its the correct filter for your model.

Briggs & Stratton 5432K Air Filter

Briggs & Stratton

Oval Air Filter

If you own a larger Troy Bilt model, such as the TB370, you'll find it uses both the oval style and flat cartridge air filters.

You can clean the air filters, however we recommend replacing them instead. This is because excessive cleaning and duty cycles can reduce the air filter's efficiency and lead to reduced airflow, or increased particles in the air intake. In other words, they won't be as effective.

Troy Bilt Mower Control Cables and Handles

Two of the most commonly replaced Troy Bilt lawn mower parts are the control handle and the control cable. These parts are fairly standard among lawn mowers and you should be able to get a good fit on a Troy Bilt lawn mower even when you purchase a generic part.

The control handle is used for the braking mechanism and it's an essential safety part for any lawn mower. You can use the MTD Control Handle on most Troy Bilt models.

MTD 747-1161A-0637 Control Handle

MTD Control Handle

The control cable is used for the throttle. Running a faulty cable can be dangerous and could potentially damage your lawn mower. This official Troy Bilt lawn mower replacement part is compatible with virtually every walk-behind Troy Bilt model.

Troy Bilt Replacement Lawn Mower Engine Control Cable 946-1130 746-1130

Troy Bilt

Engine Control Cable

Importance of Maintenance

Keeping your Troy Bilt lawn mower in good working order will help provide years of use, but it'll also improve the quality of your lawn. Performing annual maintenance isn't difficult and you should be able to do it yourself, but many owners prefer to take their mower to a lawn care shop and have a professional take care of it for them.

Whatever you choose, it never hurts to have a few Troy Bilt Lawn Mower replacement parts on hand, especially blades. There's nothing more frustrating to damage a blade and not be able to finish mowing until it's replaced.

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