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WORX Chainsaw Buying Guide – Two Popular Models

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If you’ve already taken a look at our WORX WG303.1 chainsaw review, then you’ll know that we’ve had some great things to say about the brand and what it has to offer.

If you like the positive impressions of the 303.1, but it’s not quite the size that you’re looking for, then there are other WORX chainsaw models for you to consider.

In this quick comparison we’re going to take a look at two chainsaws that sit either side of the 303.1. The first is a smaller 14 inch model for light use, and then there’s the larger 18 inch model that offers more power and some better cutting capabilities.

These electric chainsaws could be perfect for your needs if you aren’t a demanding user, and as you’ll soon discover, they are offered at competitive prices that make them very compelling when compared to other electric and gas powered chain chainsaws.

WG305 WORX Electric Chainsaw

The WORX model number system can be slightly confusing at times, and although you might think the 305 is a large model chainsaw, it’s actually the smallest that WORX produces. This chainsaw features a 14 inch blade, runs off of an 8AMP motor, and weighs just 9 lbs. when it’s fully assembled.

While you might look at this model and consider it to be nothing more than a hobby tool, it’s actually quite a capable chainsaw, providing you only need to work within its limitations.

The first thing you’ll need to know is that this isn’t going to be a chainsaw that you’ll use to cut down trees on your property. While it will have no trouble with shrubbery or juvenile trees, it’s not going to be able to cut through large growth trees, even those with diameters that are suitable for the bar size.

With just 8AMP of power, this chainsaw will struggle with serious work, and should be considered only for hedge trimming, tree limb removal, and lightweight firewood cutting.

With that said, when you keep your expectations at a reasonable level, you’re likely to be impressed by this chainsaw. Being electric, you won’t need to worry about gas emissions, refueling, or even idling noise or rev noise while you are cutting through wood.

For domestic purposes, even in a suburban area, this is going to be a useful tool that will never disturb the neighbors. Maintenance is minimal, and besides cleaning, replacing the chain when necessary, and ensuring everything is lubricated; you won’t have to do much to keep this in good working condition.

It’s not just a great chainsaw for domestic users with basic pruning needs, but would also be suitable as a second chainsaw for someone who owns a larger gas model.

Sometimes it simply doesn’t make sense to bring out the big tools for light work, and considering that this WORX chainsaw is priced around the $50 mark, it doesn’t take much convincing to see that this could be perfect for those times when you don’t want to be wrestling with a powerful gas chainsaw.

Like all WORX chainsaws, this is well balanced and simple to operate, and as long as you’re within reach of a power outlet or high quality extension cable, you’re going to be able to get all of your light duty work done.

Below you can watch a quite thorough video review of this chainsaw.

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WORX Chainsaw WG 304.1

Despite what the model number might suggest, the WG 304.1 is a more powerful WORX chainsaw with a large 18 inch bar and chain.

It has a more powerful 15 AMP motor which allows for almost twice the cutting power of the 305, and despite being much more capable, it only weighs 11.2 lbs. when fully assembled.

Having a larger blade is going to be necessary if you will be breaking up logs or cutting through some medium sized trees on your property. And, yes, this chainsaw is capable of cutting through smaller trees, even if it is not quite as powerful as a mid-range gas powered chainsaw.

By offering extra power and a larger bar, this chainsaw fits into the market as an option for someone who needs the functionality of a gas powered chainsaw, but doesn’t want to commit to the extra maintenance that is required.

Just like the smaller model, the 304.1 is almost maintenance-free. There’s a self-tensioning system so that the blade is always kept tight enough for safe cutting, and the chainsaw only needs to be oiled and powered on for you to get the most out of it.

The most maintenance you will ever perform is sharpening the blade, or simply replacing it with a new one. Because this model draws a fair amount of power, you will need to make sure that you’re using at least a 15AMP outlet and a high quality 12-gauge extension cable.

If you decide to purchase this model, you’ll find that it does everything the 305 does, with the exception being that it can work faster and cut through harder and larger pieces of wood.

Cutting firewood, trimming and pruning, breaking up fallen trees, and cutting trees will all be possible. Owners of this chainsaw have reported no difficulties when cutting trees up to 48” in diameter, but you will need to be aware of the right technique to cut large trees safely.

For trees that are smaller in diameter than the length if the guide bar, you will have absolutely no trouble. Perhaps one of the best things about this chainsaw is that it can offer excellent cutting power while still remaining easy to use and handle.

The good balance and light weight make this chainsaw less intimidating than a gas powered chainsaw, so it could be a great starter chainsaw at your home or large property.

You’ll even be able to run this model from a generator, as long as it can produce power in excess of 1800 watts. Make sure that you’re using a generator that is rated at 2kVA or higher.

There’s no carry case included in the packaging, but you will receive a blade cover, as well as some bar oil for first time use. This chainsaw comes fully assembled so all you’ll need to do to get started is add the bar oil, and then plug it in to start working.

Check below the video to see the chainsaw in action!

Check below for the latest price and offers on Amazon.

Choosing the Right Accessories for WORX Electric Chainsaws

While you’re not going to have to worry about a fuel/oil mix, you’ll still need to make sure that you get quality accessories if you do decide to purchase a WORX chainsaw. To extend the lifetime of any chainsaw, it’s essential to make sure that the bar is lubricated at all times.

The best WORX chainsaw oil is made by Oregon, and the good news is that it’s highly affordable. You’ll be able to pick up a quart bottle for less than $10, or you could purchase a whole gallon of  for just over $25.

Oregon is a renowned chainsaw accessory manufacturer, and they even make some of the components that are used on WORX electric chainsaws and other top brands.

No matter how careful you are with your cutting technique and keeping dirt out of your chain, the teeth will eventually deteriorate. Cuts will become more difficult and at some stage you’ll need to replace the chain that was originally installed on your chainsaw.

For WORX chainsaws, Oregon produces direct replacements, such as this . You can also buy original WORX chainsaw chains, like this .

Keep in mind that if you do purchase a WORX chainsaw, you’ll get a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, so parts and service for defects and failures will usually be covered.

This longer than standard warranty period is one of the reasons that WORX received high praise in our original review for the WG303.

Is a WORX Electric Chainsaw a Good Choice?

WORX chainsaws are made to high quality standards, and they come with all of the inherent advantages of electric chainsaws. No emissions, low noise, and easy maintenance, all help to make these chainsaws easy to recommend.

Even the most powerful electric chainsaw is never going to be as capable as a high end gas powered chainsaw, but models like the 304.1 can compete in the mid  range. Even with the smaller 305, you’ll be getting high quality for all of your lightweight chainsaw duties.

If you’ve been looking for a new chainsaw and either of these WOX models fit your typical usage scenario, then they’re definitely recommended.

Ensuring you use quality accessories like Oregon and WORX chainsaw chains, and compatible WORX chainsaw oil, will mean that you’ll get long life and plenty of cutting potential from your investment.

If you’ve found this quick overview of WORX chainsaws to be helpful, then check out our other chainsaw buying guides and chainsaw parts articles. You can also head right to our chainsaw model comparison page to see some of the most popular chainsaws with comprehensive reviews available for each one.

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